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Do you sometimes dream about Crunchyland?
Posted 9/8/08 , edited 9/8/08

lamoshit wrote:

the photo is just borderline spamming.

and if you're dreaming about this game you're probably playing too much

@well yeah i agree.. too much of it will make u dream about it.. i dont have any reson dreaming about it.. at all

aquastar421 wrote: the girl was random

@it is just an extra.. spamming

bunnyluvsu wrote:

umm to meh crunchyland is boringgggggggggg (srry to ppl who like it) i liek maplestory u can actully moveeeeeeeeeee and lvl up actully fighting the monster go to to download itttttttt

@i dream about maplestory..ahaha with my lvl 91 Priest, but im dreaming to start again, which i am going to do.

zadesu wrote:

i can understand if you dream bout the girl but dreaming bout CL is just weird...
it's too static a game to stimulate my unconscious mind.

@yeah.. theres no reason to dream about it since, theres no thrill in the game. but its not very boring.. its cool
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Posted 12/9/08 , edited 12/9/08
Honestly, I think you'd probably have to play too much to have dreams about Crunchyland... but then again, just now I woke up from a nightmare, in which all of my Shirt items were rejected, while everything else remained... weird huh? And then my mother punched some girl, and started to fight with my brother... man, my dreams are so random...

PS: Haha, that picture looks like lolicon bait.
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