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W i n d; a breath of heart.

*Characters/Allies;; [ More later ]

Chap 1, part 1
With a quick glance i closed my eyes back shut, not wanting to see what was approaching towards me. I said as i drew with my red crayon, i was drawing a picture of a rose. As of then i couldn't help but open my eyes i saw a shiny figure approaching toward me saying my name as if the voice was an echo. "Nana-chan...Nana-chan". I spoke to the mysterious lady wielding the shiny powerful sword "W-who are you? What do you want with me?!" I asked her while she came even closer to me. "Get up, you look like a fool just sitting there." She said to me without hesitation. I got up not knowing where she was taking me. "Hands off!" I yelled with all my might. She took me to a mysterious castle, it looked as if it was up in the clouds! I was gazing up at the clouds. She took my hand and flew to the castle entrance. "Please... tell me what your doing with me!" I asked the lady. "You want to become a hero don't you!? The lady shouted glancing at me. "A H-hero?! More then anything..." I said looking down at the clouds. "Your life was meaningless until now, Nana-chan!" The lady said with a smirk on her face. "She was quite beautiful actually, long bright red hair. And baby blue eyes." I said. As she lifting me to the castle ground. "W-were so high up!!" I shouted looking down while almost falling." "Be careful!" The lady shouted while grabbing my arm. "I-I'm fine now..." I said while standing straight as if nothing happened. "Well my job here is done, go meet the boss!" She says. "Okay!" I said running into the castle. A voice from nowhere says. "Hey, Nana-chan its been a while". "Where are you?" I say in confusion when looking at a fluffy white throne and a man sitting on it. "There you are!" I yell pointing at him. "It's not nice to point." The man says with a smirk on his face. "We all need your help, Nana-chan." The man says while his loyal subjects appear before me. "Hi! I'm Meena-chan, and you are?" "I'm Yuri-kun." Said another unfamiliar voice. "And last but not least, I'm Fiona-chan!" I-I'm... Nana-chan, Its nice to meet you all... I say blushing. "As of today- Nana-chan your quest will begin!" Says the man on the throne. "You'll be treated like royalty!" Meena-chan says with a cheerful looking smile on her face." "Royalty, huh?" I say. "With blondish long hair, and green eyes, that's Meena-chan. And Yuri-kun with black hair, and teal-ish eyes. And lastly Fiona-chan with long, long purple hair and eyes." A man says from a distance. "Hey!" "That's Toki-kun, my left hand man!" Says the man on the throne. "She's more beautiful then i imagined!" Says the man looking at me in every angle. "H-huh... your!" I say quite surprised. "I'm well known everywhere! Of course you would know about me." The man says. Green hair, and green eyes that's Toki-kun. Kind of cute actually. I think to myself. "Eh? What was that thought you just thought about me?" "Huh!?" I yell in confusion. "Can he read my thoughts!?" "Heh heh Toki-kun can read minds, did i forget to tell you?" The man on the throne says. "I-I'll just pretend like i never said he was cute!" I think to myself with a sweat drop on my face. "Before you said its been a long time! What do you mean by that?" I ask the man on the throne. "I've always looked after you from beyond the clouds Nana-chan." The man replies smiling at me. "My names Fukia-kun." "FUKIA!" Now i think I've heard of that name somewhere". I tell Fukia-kun while pointing my finger against my lip looking up as if i was deep in thought. "Yes! I remember everything now... All of you were in my dreams! Meena-chan... Yuri-kun!... Fiona-chan! And Toki-kun lived in my hometown!" I yell to everyone surprised. "You drew pictures of us, Nana-chan! And we became real in your dreams and in life!" Meena-chan shouts cheerfully. "You drew this rose right before you came here, remember Nana-chan?" Meena-chan tells Nana-chan while getting out a notepad, on it was a picture of a rose. "This... this is my notepad! And the rose i was drawing from before!" "Yes, the guy in the white fluffy throne, Fukia-kun! Has a little crush on you..." Meena-chan whispers to me with a quick wink. "Wha? Really?" I whisper back to Meena-chan. "Huh? What are you whispering to Nana-chan, Meena-chan?" Fukia-kun asks us with a grin on his face. "Just stuff!" I reply quickly while Fukia-kun walks near us. "E-eh? Be prepared to tell him the truth Nana-chan!" Meena-chan tells me while walking away backwards. "The t-truth? I don't know the truth!" I yell nervously waving my arms around aimlessly. "Tell me Nana-chan... or else." Fukia-kun explains in a low tone. "How scary." I think to myself laughing. "You think I'm not being serious right now?" Fukia-kun explains. "Heh... Nana-chan for your own good just tell him, whats the worst that can happen?" Meena-chan explains with a sweat drop. "I-It's a secret so let me tell you in your ear." Nana-chan whispers to Fukia-kun. "Secret?" Fukia-kun mumbles with a smirk on his face while he comes closer to Nana-chans face. "Okay... well... its like..." Nana-chan tries to explain when all of a sudden Fukia-kun nibbles on Nana-chans ear. I stand there in silence for a moment, then start to freak out. "What was that?! What was that for!?" I yell hiding behind Meena-chan in confusion. Meena-chan laughs. "W-what's so funny Meena-chan?!" I ask. "He bit your ear, that's whats funny." Meena-chan explains still laughing. "T-that's... that's not cool... who does that!?" I explain still hiding behind Meena-chan. "What am i your barrier? Fukia-kun isn't such a scary person you know..." Meena-chan explains starring at me. "Why are you so worked up...?" Fukia-kun asks. "You bit my ear!!" Meena-chan shouts to Fukia-kun. "What? Have you never had your ear bitten before?" Fukia-kun asks slightly laughing. "Your still blushing, Nana-chan." Yuri explains laughing. "I'm not! Its just that i put on too much blush... that's all..." I explain. "I don't even wear blush..." I think to myself. "Your wear blush, Nana-chan?" Meena-chan asks. "I think its it looks adorable on you! But don't you think your still a little too young for makeup?" Fiona-chan explains smiling. "Stop!" I yell rather annoyed. "Of course i was blushing! Who wouldn't blush when somebody they don't even know nibbles on your ear?!" "I guess that's the way Fukia-kun greets people." Meena-chan explains while everyone else starts to laugh. "E-eh...Oh great, I'm sure going to like it here..." I say to myself with a grin on my face, a happy grin though. "A month from now we will be having 2 new hero's coming here, that Lehla-chan will be bringing those two here, if Nana-chan doesn't accomplish her goal that is." Fukia-kun explains looking at Nana-chan. L-Lehla-chan? That red headed lady right? And what's this about a goal? And two new hero's replacing me? That doesn't seem fair... i just got here." I explain defending my reason. "You have time to complete your goal... if you can that is." Fukia-kun explains. "You keep blabbering about a goal... what goal?" I ask. "You'll figure it out sooner or later." Fukia-kun says with a smirk. "Eh, Fukia-kun. I just remembered a little something when is Tsukuzome-chan coming? I miss her! And plus i cant wait for you guys to get-- Meena-chan explains interrupted. "Meena-chan! That's enough, that's what the special meeting is about, now everybody i have something to announce so lets go to the meeting room at once." Fukia-kun explains walking to the meeting room. "Wait, Meena-chan!!" I shout to Meena-chan. "Nana-chan... you cant come with us... who's this Tsukuzome-chan?" "I'm not supposed to tell you!" Meena-chan shouts with a annoyed look on her face. "Oh, come on pretty please?" I ask Meena-chan without hesitation jumping in front of her, wanting some answers. "Nana-chan! Don't do that! Your so noisy..." Meena-chan complains to Nana-chan. "Your making a scene screaming like that! Whisper it in my ear okay?" "Ugh... fine! Fukia-kun... is... engaged. Meena-chan whispers to Nana-chan slowly as if she couldn't understand. "Okay, understand? No matter what DO NOT tell Fukia-kun i told you this private information! Now i really must be on my way...They already left me!" Meena-chan explains running after the gang. "E-engaged...?" I stood there frozen with a questionable look on my face.

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