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Really Cute Facts On Max Changmin!!! XOXOXO ^_^

1. He doesn’t like people to sit next to him when he is reading.

2. Because he likes to exercise very much, he is fast in jogging so you can’t catch him. If you jog with him you’ll get very tired.

3. Don’t let him drink milk. If he gets taller again then it’ll be very scary. (Me: LMAO! ^_^)

4. He has strong concentrations/focuses, so don’t touch him when he is focusing on something, even if you disturb him he won’t have reaction.

5. He likes to eat very much so don’t disturb him while he’s eating.

6. He won’t let people know if he is sick so we need to pay more attention to him and look at his attitude and condition to check his health.

7. He doesn’t like fans to wait for him outside their hotel and doesn’t like fans to pull his hair and clothes. He’ll get mad if fans ignore this rule.

8. Average people eat 3 or 4 meals a day but he’ll eat whenever he sees food in front of him so don’t put food around him.

9. He gets the flu easily so bring medicine along with you when you meet him.

10. He has thick hair so don’t give him small combs for presents.
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Posted 12/26/07 , edited 12/27/07
LOL!!! Really cute facts on Changmin!! Some of them are funny!! Love them all!!
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