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28 / M / Philippines... bu...
Posted 8/2/08 , edited 8/3/08
it was getting so good!!!!!!!!
the last paragraph after the three stars was getting in the mood!!

I was holding tightly on to my chair when I was reading this chapter....
IF only Mari didn't took Risa it could have been more interesting as they finally going to talk about!!!
and Mari just ruined the moment!!!

This couldn't be happening...

I said to myself as I finished reading this chapter....
man! now I cant wait for the next chapter!
hehehe ^^
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33 / Malaysia
Posted 8/4/08 , edited 8/4/08
Chapter 7

Mari held my wrist the entire time we walked down the hall. I think she felt like I'd run back to Ai the first chance I had.

How'd she know?

Watching her warily, I wondered what all this was about as we got into the elevator. Pushing the glowing dial in for the lobby, she finally turned to me and released her grip.

"Sorry, I just couldn't say anything while we were walking past their rooms. We're having a meeting outside at the pool area." she replied, as if this was supposed to make any sense to me.

My eyebrows raised up questioningly. "Why are we having a meeting?" I asked, curious to what had happened, and why she had singled me out from Ai.

She stared at me then, one eyebrow cocked as if shame on me for not knowing.

"Our team from earlier will be there. We're going to discuss my plan to get back at Yossie's group. I mentioned this after the sand castle fight." she explained.

Thinking back to that moment, it seemed so long ago. I had already pushed it aside, my current concern revolving around Ai.

"This won't take long, will it?" I asked, not wanting to offend her, but all I really wanted to do was to hit the button for the 8th floor and return to my room.

"Depends." she replied, before turning away from me and watching the remaining digital numbers drop.

Upon hitting the ground floor, large metal doors finally slid open, revealing the spacious lobby. The front desk clerk greeted us with a friendly welcome as we crossed the large room and exited through glass doors that lead to the outside pool area.

A multitude of soft colored submerged pool lights gently lit up the area. The moon added a silvery glow, and overall the atmosphere was very relaxing.

Eri and Reina were stretched out on tanning chairs, watching Koharu splash around in the pool. Junjun, Linlin, and Konkon were all seated around a picnic table, their expressions warm from a joke they were sharing.

At the sound of the glass doors opening, they all spared a glance in our direction. Mari waved for them to gather around the picnic table as I claimed the empty spot next to Konkon.

The three girls smiled at me, which I returned in kind. Splashing could suddenly be heard as Koharu pulled herself out of the pool. What came next was complaints from the current Morning Musume leader as Koharu flicked water at Reina. Grinning, I watched the other three stand next to us, with Reina sticking Eri between her and Koharu, who she watched warily.

Pulling a folded napkin from her pocket, Mari laid the white material flat against the picnic table, and began to describe the markings she had drawn on it.

"This map looks a bit cheap..." Eri commented, her eyes scanning the crude drawings.

"Mm, it looks like you did it in crayon. Did you try to order the kiddie meal again?" Reina added, although there was a teasing grin on her face.

Mari swatted at them dismissively. "I'll have you know this took countless hours to make. A lot of effort was poured into th-" she began, but was cut off by Konkon.

"I saw you making this 10 minutes ago. I was wondering why you were scribbling on a napkin..." she commented, a wry smile pulling at her mouth.

Letting out an exasperated sigh, Mari ignored the allegations about her cheap map making, and continued on to explain what the crayon meant.

"Each block represents one of their rooms. I went ahead and wrote the room number inside of each. Now here we-" she started, but was once again interrupted.

"Those stick figures look like they have a gun. Are we supposed to shoot Yossie's team?" Junjun asked, her face serious as the rest of us looked at Mari with various expressions.

Koharu broke the moment by going on about how she'd definitely shoot them all with a water gun. It was clearly no problem for her. She wanted to do it, bad.

"No no, that's not it, it's-" Mari tried to say, but Reina interjected this time.

"It kind of looks like a knife... You want us to stab Yossie's team?" the leader asked incredulously.

"Argh, that's not it either. It's supposed to be a marker." Mari finally managed to say.

"Marker?" we all replied.

"Mm, it's to draw on their faces. But really now. Guns, knives... Just what kind of movies have you girls been watching?" she questioned, a teasing grin ghosting along her features.

We all looked away sheepishly, except for Koharu, who was still adamant about that water gun.

The plan went like this. We each received a plastic key card from Mari, who had suspiciously acquired it from the night manager. Afterward, we would wait until 1am to sneak into their bedrooms and doodle all over their faces. It was simple, yet effective. They would wake up in the morning to mustaches and other crazy concoctions. Glancing at the room number on my card, I was in charge of Yossie and Miki's room. I was pleased with this, because the two of them had been the greatest cause for the amount of sand in my hair earlier.

As the meeting finished up, Koharu suddenly snatched my card. "We should swap~" she said, pulling back out of my reach as I tried to grab it back.

"I don't want to, give it back." I asked, figuring she must have gotten a pair of light sleepers and didn't want to be caught.

"No way, I'm taking yours." she shot back, before darting off around the pool.

Chasing her, I wondered if it would be worth knocking her into the pool. I didn't really want to fish for my card though. As I rounded the corner, I began to slip on the wet surface from Koharu splashing around water earlier. I tried to catch myself but my foot clipped one of those foam straws that you play with in the pool. Crashing forward, my head hit the concrete with a loud crack.

Darkness quickly swallowed my vision.


Pain was the first thing that I was aware of as I began to stir. My knees felt as if they have been rubbed raw, and my forehead seared with sharp throbbing. Opening my eyes slowly, I peered around the dark room, confused as to where I was, and why I was here.

"Ah, you're awake. You hit your head pretty hard there, Gaki-san." A familiar voice commented, my eyes instinctively following it.

Yossie was sitting in a chair next to my bed, her smile warm, but her dark eyes expressing concern. I was actually surprised by her presence here. She must have picked up on my questioning look.

"You're wondering about Ai-chan, I bet. She had been sitting here with you the entire time. You've been unconscious for hours, so I told her to go find something to eat. She was beginning to look exhausted." the ex leader explained, her voice reassuring.

Her confidence calmed my rising fear as I realized what had happened. That was a quality that had always been uniquely her's. There was just something about her that always made you feel safe, as if there was nothing to worry about because she was there with you. Yossie had been an amazing leader.

I tried to nod in response, but found that it caused my head to throb more. Wincing, I just simply watched her.

"Do you remember our last trip here together, Gaki-san? It was four yeas ago, back in 2007. We were split up into teams to be dropped off at a random location on the island, and then had to find our way back home." She questioned, her smile turning into a fond one.

"Oh yeah, you and I were on teams for that, but you just wanted to sleep the whole time." I teased, my voice quiet but my smile making up for it.

"I remember something like that..." Yossie mused to herself, a small grin appearing.

"We almost won, but Ai-can and Mitsui beat us with the taxi." I added.

"Yeah, what was with that? Not letting us in their taxi..." she replied in an indigent tone with exaggerated hand motions.

"We wouldn't have won otherwise," Ai said suddenly as she appeared behind Yossie with a glass of water and crackers.

Glancing over at her, I could see the worry contained behind the light smile she wore.

"Nurse Ai-chan here will patch you up, Gaki-san. Take it easy and we'll all see you tomorrow." Yossie said, winking at me before bidding us good night and leaving the room.

Setting the glass and crackers on the desk next to my bed, she reclaimed her spot in the chair.

"How are you feeling?" she asked quietly.

I felt like my head was going to explode, but I didn't want to tell her that.

"I'm alright."

She didn't seem to buy this though, as she gazed at me from her chair.

"You shouldn't say that. You keep wincing, and your eyes are crinkled up from the pain." she replied softly, before shifting herself out of the chair and onto my bed.

Cupping my face, she asked me where it hurt the most. I suddenly found it hard to breathe though as her face hovered over mine.

"My forehead. It feels like it's going split open." I said weakly.

Leaning in, she gently kissed the gauze bandage that was wrapped around my forehead.

"Anywhere else?" she asked quietly against the bandage.

I could feel her warm breath through the bandage, and couldn't stop the shiver that coursed through my body.

Seeing where this was going, I could have easily taken advantage of it. The only remaining spot that hurt a lot was the side of my chin, just below my lower lip. The skin had been scrapped up, and it stung a lot. No bandage had been applied to it though, and I was hesitant to suggest it.

"Ah, just the side of my chin, but it's ok really."

Apparently it didn't matter to her, as she held my gaze for a moment before planting a soft kiss to the wounded area. Her mouth was dangerously close to mine at this point, and I inhaled sharply.

Pulling back, she expression had turned to that of fear, as she thought she had hurt me.

"Are you ok? I didn't hurt you did I?" she rushed out, the thumb of one hand gently rubbing around the wounded area now.

"No, not at all. I just..." I tried to say, but stopped.

I just what? Found what she did to be incredibly hot? I just wanted to tilt her face up an inch and kiss her myself? These questions taunted me as I looked back at her, the fear she felt now being reflected in my own eyes.

This had become now or never. If I couldn't tell her now, then when would I ever be able to? The only problem though, was that I couldn't think of the right words. I wasn't sure how to actually say it...

Struggling to sit up, I allowed her to help me so that I was now face to face with her. She had withdrawn her hands, but was watching me with concern.

Motioning for her to come closer with my hand, I moved my mouth towards her ear as if to share a secret

"Have you ever wanted something, but felt like you couldn't and shouldn't have it?" I whispered, my words tickling her ear.

Finding resolve within myself, I continued.

"But I don't care anymore," I breathed, causing her to shiver against me.

Slowly, I pulled my head back until we were facing one another. Her expression could have meant a magnitude of things, but the one that stood out the most was her acceptance. She knew, and felt the same way, of this I was now sure.

Closing the distance between us, I finally kissed her. It was short and simple, somewhat awkward, but left us both breathless. Before I could decide on whether to kiss her again or not, she was the one to kiss me. This time there was much more ferocity behind it, and I found myself clinging to her, my hands gripping the back of her shirt tightly. Everything that had ever been pent up and denied between us during the years suddenly poured out into this kiss. By the time we broke apart, I was breathing heavily, with my face buried into the crook of her neck.

As I went to pull my head back, she turned hers towards me, causing a skull collision. Wincing, I gave a yelp of pain as I fell back to my pillows.

"Ah! I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed, her face flushed from the kiss and embarrassment.

While it hurt, I couldn't help but to smile at the panic stricken look she wore.

"It's ok, honestly. I think it's a sign that I need to get to bed anyway. You're getting me all worked up," I teased, which caused her face to turn an even darker shade of red.

Leaning in to kiss the spot she had bumped, she held my face affectionately with her hand for a moment before moving away.

"Good night, Gaki-san. I see we'll have plenty to talk about tomorrow." she said, a warm smile on her face as she went to her bed.

"Mm, years worth, Ai-chan."

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28 / M / Philippines... bu...
Posted 8/4/08 , edited 8/4/08
kiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! finally finally finally finally!!!!!
I'm so freaking happy!!! wooooooooooooooot!! hehe XD

they finally *chuuu~*!!! I've been waiting for this event to happen!! hehe ^^
the story is getting much much much better now!!

"Good night, Gaki-san. I see we'll have plenty to talk about tomorrow." she said, a warm smile on her face as she went to her bed.

"Mm, years worth, Ai-chan."

I can't for the next chapter now!!! kiyaaaaaaaaaa~

lol I laught at Koharu in this

"Those stick figures look like they have a gun. Are we supposed to shoot Yossie's team?" Junjun asked, her face serious as the rest of us looked at Mari with various expressions.

Koharu broke the moment by going on about how she'd definitely shoot them all with a water gun. It was clearly no problem for her. She wanted to do it, bad.

exactly what the real Koharu would do! hehe ^_^

anyway, I cant really wait for the next chapter!!!
btw sorry for my girlish scream there hehe XD
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24 / F / My house...Duh!
Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/7/08
OH!!!MY!!!GAHHHH!!!TakaGaki and TanaKamei pairing!KAWAII!I love those pairing.I wonder why some people find them weird?...
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33 / F / Stockholm
Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/12/08
hahaha gaki as a pimp?? Damn...that was hot *cough*
post more fics Rori!!
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33 / Malaysia
Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/12/08

Julili wrote:

hahaha gaki as a pimp?? Damn...that was hot *cough*
post more fics Rori!!

hahaha...I love u & Killua reaction....btw, I already talk with Ruhe (FanFic owner) and she told me....

I haven't been in the mood to write at all this past week. I've also been dealing with some RL stuff which has put an even bigger damper on wanting to write. I'll hopefully have an update posted before long though.

Thats mean, we need to wait until she solve her prob (I don know what RL mean... )

In the mean time....I post another short FanFic to just to make sure this tread alive.....following story is not related to twisted together, wish everyone like it :w00t:


"Cut!" A crew member said.

The 5 girls stopped dancing as the song started to fade out.

"Ok,thats it for today!" the director said.

"Otsukaresama deshita!" the girls chorused.

The girls started to exit the the room, and headed for their dressing room.

"ahh! at last! a break from intense dancing!" Reina threw herself in the couch after changing.

"Tanaka-senpai..." Yuuka was standing in front of the exhausted Reina.

"Hm?" Reina replied as she started to close her eyes.

" was my dancing?" The younger was fidgeting.

"uhm..your dancing.." Reina shifted as she was trying to get comfy in the couch.

Yuuka was standing there looking at her sleeping Senpai.

"Hey Reina..." Takahashi the leader of Momusu tapped Reina on the shoulders as she leaned to look at her

Reina on the other hand woke up and sat up so fast, that Ai didn't have the chance to stay out of the way...

"AH! ITAI!!!!" Reina was now back on the couch lying down as she was rubbing her forehead.

"Ouch.." the leader of Momusu stated.

"ahh! Tanaka-senpai! daijoubu?!" the little Yuuka kneeled and tried to comfort her Senpai.

"hey! what happened?.." The tallest of them all, Maimi walked in the scene.

"Whats with the screaming?" Saki followed Maimi.

"uh..nothing really.." Ai smiled as she glanced at Reina who was being comforted by her Kouhai.

"ah...ok then we'll get going.." the both went out of the room as they were laughing about a joke.

Ai walked towards Reina and Yuuka.

" okay now?.." Ai sat on the couchs arm.

"Uhh...yea.." Reina sat up and was now arms length

near Ai.

"Im sorry for waking you up.." Ai fixed Reina bangs.

The Kouhai was there watching every move of her senpais.

She was speechless as she saw the way Ai looked at Reina and how Reina blushed as she was being cared by Ai.

She didn't exactly know what was happening between them. But she was sure that her little crush on Reina
had no space in the scene right now.

"Uh,...i think i'll have to go now.." Yuuka stood and ran to the door.

As soon as the door closed Reina wrapped her arms around Ais neck and pulled her closer.

Ai almost fell over Reina, but was able to stop as she held on the amrs of the couch.

Reina smiled, "So..what did you wake me up for?"

"oh yea..Yuuka-chan was asking you something about how her dance was...and you were there ignoring her.." Ai flicked Reina's still hurtin forehead.

"what?! i was tired!.." Reina took her arms off Ai's neck as she touch her forehead.

" know that girl has a little crush on you, did you not?" Ai was there standing.

"well..i do..but you perfectly know that.." Reina now pulled Ai into the couch.

"That..?" Ai was now half lying down on the couch.

"That you're the only one i want.." Reina skimmed her lips on Ai's.

Ai shudder at the light contact.

"I have no time for little crushes..." Reina fondled with Ai's belt.

Ai started to sweat even more.

She couldnt take it anymore.

She pushed her Kouhai off her.

Reina just smirked and stood.

"Like i're the only one i want.." Reina

whispered to Ais ear and left.

Ai was left there smiling as she packed up and headed to Reina's place.

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28 / M / Philippines... bu...
Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/12/08
oh i see... I hope Ruhe will be able to fix her problems ^_^

btw Roro, did you write this
"Crush" fanfic?
lol it is naughty also I think Reina would do that

As soon as the door closed Reina wrapped her arms around Ais neck and pulled her closer.

Ai almost fell over Reina, but was able to stop as she held on the amrs of the couch.

Reina smiled, "So..what did you wake me up for?"

wrapping her arms around Aichan hehe XD
I still like Aichan x Gakisan combination hehe ^^
because Reina is much younger than Aichan....
but its still pretty good hehe ^_^
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23 / F / Sydney, Australia
Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/12/08
I could not stay in my chair while reading this fanfic
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31 / M / Malaysia
Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/12/08
hmmm its already 5.00 am ,i haven't sleep yet.
i tried to read the story...but damn!!
as i started to read and scrolled down the page,my eyelid also began to scroll down.....

okay,i'll read it tomorrow..

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24 / F / My house...Duh!
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/13/08
Ooh,ReinAi couple?I like them too but it's a bit awkward for me though.*scrunches up eyebrow*Nah,I might like them more than KameMame/GakiKame(Risa and Eri).For some reason,I can't find myself liking GakiKame.
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23 / F / Sydney, Australia
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/13/08
KameMame - haven't heard that before funny. I like TakaGaki =]
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33 / F / Stockholm
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/13/08
Reina and Ai?? Nope, don't liking the pairing....
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33 / Malaysia
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/13/08
gee...i don know TakaGaki have a huge fan here aww...cut the crap....moar TakaGaki

Goodnight Kiss

Here i was, sitting on the top most bed of the double decked bed.
I always wondered why you have a double deck bed.
Why? i ask myself....
"OY! Gaki!" I heard a voice that popped my thinking bubble.
i looked below.
The bottle was pointed at me, i looked around with a confused look on my face.
"EH?" i was confused, i haven't been listening to the rules of their silly game.
"weren't u listening?" i heard a much deeper voice yanked me out of my sanctuary.
" kind of sleepy,," I faked a yawn, wishing i would fool them.
"ugh, the usual truth or dare..." Sayu rolled her eyes.
"Oh," I realized, why i was here.
"!" Koha saved me from too much trouble understanding the happenings.

It was Reina's birthday,she wanted to celebrate it on the weekend,
and prolly we wont have time on weekdays.
Of course all of the current MM members are invited and other H!P members who are

available on that day and are old enough.
Though only a few made it, i scanned the room with my eyes once more.

Reina was sitting on the floor laughing as Kamei said something really stupid.
i didn't catch it, there was noise pollution everywhere.

There was Koharu on the bed below mine, talking to Mittsi, hmm. they've been close lately..i wonder.
Then i saw Miki talking to Aya..i wonder how Yossie is...I looked at the opposite
side of the room, there was Yossie talking with Rika, they were giggling about
something, though i caught Yossie giving Miki a quick glance. haaa~ i miss them.
I dont know, but everything was kind of blurry. there was just too much people, how
the hell did so much people fit in this one room?!

Anyway I saw Sayu absorbed in this game, she was saying the characters names and
talking to it as if it could talk back she was happily playing with Ai's younger sister.
speaking of Ai, where is she? i squinted my eyes as i tried to look for the current
leader of MM. i wanted to ask the people around me, but i guess it'll be a waste of
saliva to try to penetrate the noise in here. i stood up in the bed and started to scan
the room more thoroughly.after a few minutes i gave up, i sighed.
i laid down the bed, looked at the ceiling... At least it was much more peaceful than the
place. it had a plain purple color. purple.. i rolled my eyes and closed them as i tried
to relax and penetrate the sound from annoying me.
i felt a movement on the bed, i heard heavy breathing. fingertips lingering on my legs
up to my torso, it made me freeze, my breathing stopped. i tried to open my eyes,
but i couldn't, as if my eyelids were glued together. Was it you? yes it was you, i felt
ur hand on mine, it was slender and soft and warm. It was you, im 100 % sure.
I wanted to see you, touch you... but i couldn't, my body was stuck, i
couldn't speak, it was like i was dead on the outside, but oh so alive on the inside,
emotions bursting like fireworks, everywhere the colorful lights.... i could feel your
breath on my face. you graze ur lips on my cheeks you-

"MOU~Gaki!!.." a hand slapped me on my arse, waking me up on the good part of my dream.
i tried to go back to my lovely dream, but another slap came totally breaking me away from my rest.
"WAT is IT?!" I screamed in frustration, silence fell on the entire room. i opened my eyes to find every abled body staring at me.
I heard a small giggle and looked at the person who did, turned out to be Aichan.
I furrowed my brows but eventually a smile made its way to my face as she helped
herself up the bed. "hey..." she sat on the other edge of the bed, far away from me.
"hey..i've been searching for you..." I looked at her, she avoided my gaze.
"Oh..." She stared out into the crowd playing spin the bottle, the bottle they just emptied.
a long moment passed by, a silent one. i kept glancing to her. Now she sat close
beside me watching Reina and the others playing spin the bottle. I could see, almost
half of them are tipsy. I shuddered, "Waai! Gaki-san! truth or dare?!" Kame broke my
train of thoughts. "EH?!" i gave them a Reaction Queen reaction.
truth or dare? hmm, i should say dare. i wouldn't want them asking me 'things' i
wouldn't wanna answer. I made up my mind , "Dare.." i winced as i saw a stupid grin on Reina's petite face.
My hands started to sweat as Reina whispered something to Shige.
Sayu giggled as she smirked with her flushed cheeks.

I felt my eyes twitch, "KISS THE PERSON BESIDE YOU!!" amazingly Sayu still managed to say that out loud in english.
"Ok..." i smirked, but soon replaced by a stiff smile as i looked at the person beside me, right... it was Ai.
Not that i didnt wanna kiss her, actually i'd want her to kiss me, i want to kiss her.
Ai gave me a small shy smile, i could see her cheeks tainted in light pink.
"Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!" Everyone chanted and gathered around the bed, some ready to take a picture/video.
I felt a grin spreading to my lips, i couldn't help but feel the butterflies fluttering on my stomach.
ii looked at everyone, they were anticipating. as if this was some kind of movie.
i shrugged and looked back at Ai, still have that smile on her face.

wait. smile. what did that mean? did she want it?was she just being kind not to reject me?....She wants it. i could see it in her eyes. the intense emotions that was swimming in her eyes as they look at me. Soon i found myself in close perimeter, i gave her one last look and dive in for a small kiss. It was over in an instance. I went back to my space on the bed and everyone settled down still giggling and whispering things.
i rolled my eyes, i took my phone and typed a message , "Hey.." i sent it to her.
"Hi?" she replied. " are you?" i still wondered why i was still bothering to message her and i could just sit next to her ans talk to her.

But as i looked into her eyes, my insides was feeling mushy and squishy. i felt sick.
i let the whole time pass without talking to her, looking at her.
i laughed to myself, how pathetic of me.
such a coward, why cant i just approach her. shes my best friend! Gawd.

I wanted to talk to her, i wanted to touch her, i wanted to lay beside her, hear her heartbeat on my ear. Kiss her and hold her close to me. But i couldn't do it.

Soon it was time to go home, some didn't wanna sleepover at Reina's. Well, some are just knocked out. I guess Reina doesn't mind. I saw her sprawled across the room.
I felt Ai move, she went down the bed and carried her sister in her arms. She didn't look at me. she didn't smile at me.

"Happy Birthday Reina..." i saw her say to Reina and kissed her cheeks. i felt jealous.
I did kiss Ai, but she didn't kiss me. Lame. I wanted to move to run to her and tell her...

She left, out the door, out the gate. out the city.Gone.

I regret, once again. for not telling anything. "You wanted a goodnight kiss from her huh?" i felt a small tug on my leg that was hanging on the edge of the bed.
i looked below me, Sayu was there giggling at me . She was out of her mind.
"Me? a kiss from Ai.. no way. thats just..wrong.." i felt a pang of pain as i reminded myself that it was wrong. Another tug, "I understand..." Sayu was on the verge of crying. "isn't it sad?...such a coward...i understand Gaki-san.." She choked on her every word. I smiled at the bunny as she cried silently and soon drifted off to droolworld. " Sleep well, Sayu,,," I came down from the bed and pulled a blanket over her body.

"I miss you're Goodnight Kiss..." I said to myself in the crowded silent room. Everything was dead around and eventually i myself gave in and retreated to the bed, where I've been waiting and wanting, for your loving Goodnight Kiss.
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28 / M / Philippines... bu...
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/14/08
I wanna read this but I'm a bit tired and just got home its 1:30am in here!!!!
anyway, I'll read this after I got some nice good sleep hehe XD
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24 / F / My house...Duh!
Posted 8/14/08 , edited 8/14/08

Julili wrote:

Reina and Ai?? Nope, don't liking the pairing....

Yeah,no for me too but if I were forced to choose between ReinAi and KameMame,I'll choose ReinAi.But TakaGaki wins~
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