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Posted 11/23/07 , edited 1/8/08
Facts about Micky Yoochun! ^_^

1.Micky's ability to make girls faint just by smiling

2.Micky doesn't like wearing contacts

3.Micky's hat collection (over 200 hats)

4.Micky's inability to dance

5.Micky's thick pretty lips (Me: OMG don't you just wanna kiss him!!! XOXOXO ^_^)

6.Micky's famous quote, "Sucks! This Stupid!" in the SM training lessons

7.Micky was scouted and didn't need to audition

8.Micky has such love for his family

9.Micky still cries when he thinks about how he couldn't say "I love you" to his family when leaving the airport from America

10.Micky still has a bit of innocence in him when he admitted he still likes Astro boy and Micky Mouse (Me: OMG me too about Mickey Mouse! ^_^)

11.Micky canceled his American citizenship and stated he will go to the Korean Army when the time comes and remain a Korean citizen

12.Micky was sick and in hospital, the remaining four of TVXQ had to perform a song on stage, but Changmin was nervous so Yunho grabbed Changmin by the arm, looked straight into his eyes and said, "I believe in you."

13.Micky was sick and before the performance, TVXQ said, "FIGHTING!" but Yunho put his hand in last and said, "This is Micky's hand"

14.Micky heard Yunho crying in the middle of the night and went to see what happened because he cared for him

15.Micky found out he was crying because he could see a ghost and he started crying too because he was even more scared

16.Micky's fobby English

17.Micky cannot stand the smell of Japanese soy-bean paste "natto"

18.Micky slipped in a Tri-Angle perf at a concert

19.Micky's ability to clap with his feet when standing up

20.Yoochun's sexy red Ferrari

21.Yoochun's piggy pajama's

22. Easily crying

23.Yoochun's little sexy wink

24.Yoochun's greasiness

25.Yoochun got 1st place for most good looking

26.Yoochun's smile is so freaking sexy

27.Micky's PERFECT heart shaping thingy with his hands

28.Yoochun's little mambo dance

29.Yoochun's blue underwear

30.Yoochun's Micky Mouse boxers

31.Yoochun's cute fobbish way of saying "water"

32.Yoochun's lovely headphones~

33.Yoochun acting like a kindergartener

34.Yoochun and Junsu going(went) to the same high school

35.Yoochun looking so much like Harry Potter (Me: Hm...I don't see it?)

36.The same shirt Yoochun(RIVAL) and Yunho(HOTMAIL) wore

37.Yoochun's lovely shades in the Photobook

38.Yoochun's sexy Adam's apple

39.Yoochun's fuzzy scarf in the Magic Castle outfits

40.Yoochun's fuzzy jacket which makes him look like a Eskimo

41.Yoochun's face expression that makes him look constipated

42.Micky saying "Everyone~ I think I've fallen in love. With all of my fans" before performing Whatever They Say at a Ting concert

43.Yoochun's gangster self back in Virginia

44.Yoochun kisses at the camera screen

45.Yoochun acts like a little kid

46.Micky saying Aegiyah in a sexy way

47.Yoochun is Christian
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Posted 1/11/08 , edited 1/12/08
omg!!!!soo cute!!!!!yunho makes a great leader...he gives support to his mate...yunho n yoochun soo funny..crying bcoz they thought they saw a ghost!!!
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"20.Yoochun's sexy red Ferrari"


I want to ride in it! I Love Ferrari's + Yoochun! <3

Yoochun, hwaiting! :D

He is so my ideal husband~
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Posted 1/22/08 , edited 1/23/08
#4......i think hes pretty good.....

and omg. does he really have a red Ferrari? cos thats like uber crazy! XD

micky~~~~~ We shall meet one day! (and fall madly in love!) lol
Posted 3/10/08 , edited 3/10/08
wt does "Aegiyah" mean?
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