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Posted 11/23/07 , edited 11/24/07
Jung Yunho (U-Know) --- Most afraid of ghost!

Jaejoong: There's this one time when Yunho saw a ghost and he cried really loud.

Yunho: No...the truth is like this...I was walking and I was in a bad mood...then I saw a girl holding a doll (Me: Some people said that he said it was a baby!?!), and she doesn't look like those kinda ghost on tv...

Micky : I was all the while beside him and I cried as well, although I didn't see the ghost..

LOL...he tried to say that he isn't afraid at all. But in fact, he really was. ~Tee Hee~ He's shoooo sweet and really CUTE!!!


Yunho is a very bad boy to girls. ~Tee Hee~ He would tease them until they cry.

Yunho's mom and dad are student leaders in school. They would always run for
student election until they realize that they suited one another.

Yunho once caught watching porn and he told them that it's an assignment.

Yunho once fell in love with a girl that never really loved him. She became his girlfriend but later on she broke up with him. Yunho convinced his friends to give her a surprise. She was touched and got back with him but Yunho later realized that she could never learn to really love him. Thus, he set her free.

Yunho is a great fan of the girl in Sassy Girl.

Yunho sleeps diagonally.

20 Things That Yunho Likes:

1. Yunho likes children

2. Yunho likes the sky

3. Yunho likes traveling (mountain climbing)

4. Yunho likes to watch movies

5. Yunho likes carbonated drinks

6. Yunho likes comics (Slam Dunk etc.)

7. Yunho likes fruits (strawberry & watermelon)

8. Yunho likes fresh flowers (rose)

9. Yunho likes reading

10. Yunho likes fried egg with a kind of mixed rice

11. Yunho likes dancing

12. Yunho likes walking by the lake

13. Yunho likes to buy sport shoes

14. Yunho likes blue, white, black and green (colors)

15. Yunho likes to watch drama

16. Yunho likes animals (puppies & panda)

17. Yunho likes to ride on bikes (esp. green ones)

18. Yunho likes basketball

19. Yunho likes to write novels in rainy days

20. Yunho likes to sing
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Posted 11/30/07 , edited 12/1/07
PORN???!!!! I had NO IDEA....but thats ok if its an assignment...over all he's AWSOME!!
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Posted 1/8/08 , edited 1/8/08
poor yunho....for that girl who broke his heart you'll regret it... i guess she realize yunho's wort now but too late ..HE'S mine!!!!!!!!! *evil laugh*.................
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