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Posted 7/31/08 , edited 8/1/08
Just found this on the net...take from it what u like

I think all of you misunderstood
I meant in Jun style he only mentioned America fans also request them to have a concert in america and
for 15Mar.Jun style translations now in the link only got Japanes report later she will upload English. you could check it out
I can hearing Japanese I have heard jun style record from Aibaland.Jun did not mention fans from LV he only mentioned USA fans want Arashi come to USA go to this site
first the bloger give us a short report.
Jun kun read several mails today.
Including the one from France.
Jun kun also mentioned that he gets many mails from America and other Countries which are asking ARASHI to visit and perform.
He said he will devote himself everyday in order to achieve it.
He also read a mail from a High School Boy who ask Jun kun to consultation his worries of love.
"Hanayori Dango Final" shooting is almost over.
Jun kun said "There are 2 new programs starting in April"
He asked to participate "Abnormal no ARASHI"
Also send in a song that cheers you up with your episode

And in 08Mar.Jun style ,JUN mentioned about LV here is tranlation link

credit to belive
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