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About the manga:

Obviously, it different from the romance manga that goes by the same name. If you haven't read it and you like horror/mysterypsychological stuff, I highly recommend. It also gives you a whole new image of bunnies.

Well, have fun discussing!


I'll start it off with a question: Who do you think the "wolf" is?
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First, i thought it was Mitsuki. After seeing the wolf appearances, it looks like a guy. Maybe there's actually someone else, but Yuu's face implied that he knows the wolf.. I'm getting dizzy here >.<

It would be quite funny if this situation below happened.

" You're..." (Yuu, end of chapter 13)

" Who are you?" (Yuu, beginning of chapter 14)

Based on that, i think it's a new random guy.

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I don't why but I can't help but suspect Mitsuki. I mean, she coincidentally got dragged into the game but, if it was just a coincidence, then why was her picture in that book? Maybe she's an accomplice. It's weird because the last time I saw the figure of the wolf, I thought it had the body figure of a girl, but now it has the figure of a guy.
Another suspect is Rei. She is a hypnotist so she could have hypnotized them to imagine her dead body.
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ok, in the latest it reveals that the wolf is Mitsuki. and she killed everybody because they lied? what the?
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