Do Not Post Duplicates [Read Before Posting]
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Posted 8/1/08 , edited 8/1/08
This is written to replace the forum indexes, in a sense. We are thinking of instating archive maintainers. So if you'd like to volunteer, PM Me.

In a Nutshell.

- Do not post another topic if it already exists as created by someone. If the topic can be reasonably discussed in another thread, don't create a new thread ex. Do not post another favorite anime thread, or an adaptation thread, or say there is a band thread - don't post another thread about where they are playing.
- Run a forum search for common terms before posting a new thread. Example: For leukemia, you'll want to search for blood cancer and cancer.
- Do not post a thread in more than one forum
- Do not post a thread more than once.
- If you want to recreate an old thread of above 60 pages and over 8 months old, PM a mod about it.
- PLEASE GODS PLEASE! Report duplicates.

Preventing Duplicates.

I need to post a permanent warning on something that has grown to be a big problem in the forums. Duplicate threads. First off, duplicates are bad for forums. They clog up the forums, split discussion and make navigation a total nightmare. That is why the mod staff has made duplicate illegal. The idea in the CrunchyRoll forums is that - If it is reasonable to discuss one topic in the original thread, it does not warrant the creation of a second thread. For example, a thread about Band A in general will cover "Which band member do you like best?" (For newbies, thread = forum topic) Sub-threading is not tolerated in Crunchyroll.

There is a couple simple ways to prevent posting a duplicate. The first one is so simple it's almost brainless - search the forums.

The search box is at the topic right corner of the website. Please use it. This will require several attempts to do, and you should use a broad and specific search terms. There is a small error in the hang time of the forum search. This is being worked on. But in the mean time, searching several times works just fine.

The second way is to use Google. Note: Google searches are not live. Meaning that they are not always up to date. Use with care.
Here's how to use Google,

Edited From Mauz15,
The method I use to find threads is by going to Google:
*Type a keyword for the thread you want to find
*Next, type site:

Type: favorite book site:

Report Duplicates.

Please file reports if you find a duplicate. A link in the report is nice, but we just want to clean up the forums. So if you know a thread is a duplicate, give us a report. Help us keep the forums clean.

Recreating Old Pages.

To prevent pages from getting too congested and just old, the mods will allow the recreation of old threads but with a bit of first hand procedure. Give us a copy of the link of the thread you want to create, a manuscript of the thread first post you plan to make, and double check to make sure the topic is over 60 pages and 8 months old. = ) then you should get mod approval.

Other Duplicates Notes.

Do not post a thread in more than one forums. You can keep a car thread to the car section, and not spread it into the general section too. Also, don't spam the forum thread, big duh there.
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Posted 8/1/08 , edited 8/1/08
I was going to leave this open, but it's already getting spammed. Closed. Still read it please.
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