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Posted 8/1/08 , edited 8/1/08
Okay,in a pathetic attempt to make this group more active,I decided to make a game


It's a guessing game with a twist

Each day you start off with 10 points
The objective here is to stump your opponent within the course of the day (24 hours)
The pictures must be of any character of an anime/game/manga
No movies for now...

If you can't guess say pass,then minus 1 point from your remaining score.
but if you do guess it right (with clarification from the poster if not certain)
then you may minus 1 point from your opponents score!

The user with the highest score standing in 24 hours wins

For example:

I'll start!

Hour 1

crush_dance: 10 points

Awaiting next contestant...

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