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If You Are To Serve People in the Cafe Please Enter Here!
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Name: Stacey
Nickname: Stacejj
Gender: Female
Im here to serve people in the cafe
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Name : Fuuku
Nickname : Fuu
Gender : Female

I'm here pleased to serve u all^^
nice 2 meet u
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23 / F / ryt there beside...
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Name: Riku Shimizu
Nickname: Riku, Riku-chan..but anyone can call me anything they want ^_~
Gender: Female (and proud)

Nice to meet you all! ^^Im happy to serve you and make you comfortable especially if you nedd somethin =) hehe
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im here to sever ever one here nice to meet u
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25 / F / somewhere over th...
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Name~ Kiri Amano
Nickname~ Kiri, Ki-chan, whatever nickname u feel like calling me at the moment ^^
Gender~ female

nice to meet everyone!!! tell me if u need anything, k?
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26 / F / Nansai Osaka, Jap...
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Name - Hikari Kaon
Nickname - Hikari , Kari , Chibi-chan
Gender - female
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