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Posted 8/1/08 , edited 8/6/08
Guess what im bored lol heres something i made when I was listening to the song [eternal snow]

Kimi wo suki ninatta Dorekurai tatsu kaNa?

(How long has it been since I fell in love with you?)

"Shii-chan?" "Hai?" "Im...moving.." "" "My parents wants me to continue my dream of becoming a doctor..and I need better education." "D-demo.." "Gomen ne." He whispered pulling me into a hug. With that he let go and walked away.

Kimochi Fukurande yuku bakari de

(My feelings only in crease)

I woke up with a startle. "A dream about the is the 3rd time this week." I mumbled. Hi, Im Hikaru Hoshi, which means bright star! But everyone calls me Shii-chan. I have been having dreams about the past for awhile now. But...they were over 7 years ago. I closed my eyes tightly. As my neko came cuddling into my lap. "Ohayoh, Shii-chan." She purred. "Ohayoh, Kiko-chan." I said smiling gently petting her. Kiko-chan, my er, gaurdian angel. "Shiii-san!" A voice downstairs called."Coming Onii-chan!" I shouted to him geting dressed. My Onii-chan, and my only family member left, Katsu, which means victory. I tied up my white hair into a mid way pony tail and slid down the staircase on the rail. "Whats up Onii-chan?" I asked walking into the kitchen looking for food. "No school today, due to snow." He said siping his hot chocolate. "Hontou?" I asked making some hot chocolate & grabbing marshmellows. I sat down next to him taking a sip of the hot chocolate watching the news.

Kimi wa Kono omoi kidzuiteiru no kana?

(Will you notice them?)

"There has been a cancel of school for the whole week, due to the ice and snow...Now for the weather news..There will be hail, snow, and rain during this whole week."

Ichido mo kotoba ni wa Shitenai kedo

Even though I've never once put them into words?

"Sugoi! No school for a week!" I shouted happily almost spilling my hot chocolate on Katsu. "Ack! Shii-chan watch where your putting that hot chocolate." He shouted slightly jumping up which almost caused his hot chocolate to spill on me. "Me? What about you?! >=O!" I shouted playfully. We both smiled then bursted out laughing. "Want to go play in the snow later Onii-chan?" I asked after I calmed down & was looking outside. "Sure." He answered with a smile. I finished my hot chocolate & ran upstairs to change into some warm clothes. "Hm.." I said looking through my closet. "Where's my winter stuff!?" I mumbled digging into the big pile of clothes. "Maybe it's in the basement." Kiko suggested licking her paw. "GREAT IDEA KIKO-CHAN!" I shouted grabing her running down to the basement. As I opened the door to the basement a cold breeze passed. I shivered. "When was it so cold the in basement Kiko-chan?" I asked her slowly going downstairs. My eyes widen when we came towards the basement. The whole place was covered in snow. Everywhere you looked there was a igloo which looked like someone lived in it. "Kiko..when did we have a snow covered basement.."I asked her staring at the place like 'wth..'

Yuki no youni Tada shizukani

Like the snow, they just

~I'll finished this later~ xO
Posted 8/2/08 , edited 8/2/08
yu better finish it later. ;]
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