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This is MY guide. If someone copies it and claims he/she wrote it, they didn't. I posted this on CR and ONLY on CR. All of this information posted here is what I have derived from playing the game. Please, don't steal it. I have spent a lot of time compiling pictures and writing this up.


== 聖なるかな-The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2 ==

聖なるかな [Narukana] is an RPG with VN elements between missions to tell the story/plot.

Setoki Nozomu, and his childhood friends Nozomi and Satsuki, and their friend Zetsu are living a normal school life. However, on occasion, Nozomu gets strange dreams that show him a totally different word. One day, monsters from another world attack Nozomu's school. Outside, he sees Satsuki, wearing armour fighting the monsters. Also, he finds Zetsu was placed in this world to kill him! But he discovers that both he and Nozomi have special powers as well, but right after that, he collapses, as a massive earthquake shakes the school grounds. When he wakes up.... he finds...

Since 聖なるかな is all in Japanese, I'll explain the general gameplay mechanics for the missions.


== Battle ==

== Missions ==

== Timing System ==

== Final Battle ==

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wow i wanna play it but my dad annoying me and it too much text so i don't really read it XD
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Nice guide 5/5
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