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M / In a random place...
Posted 8/1/08 , edited 12/4/08
Well heres my new wolf.

His name is Tempest and just as it says he is tempted to do what ever he wants, he likes being alone and prefers to kill rather than save, his motto is "Its kill or be killed, but make sure your doing the killing".
Status: Outcast.
Traits: Unkown.
Problems: Anger and lust for blood.
Posted 8/1/08 , edited 9/14/08
name:zein (dis said like zane)]/blue]
type:zein is a royal wolf who`s clan is dead his brother nd uncle killed dem cuz of jealousy, his uncle had controled his bro bt now he has been returned 2 normal nd de 2 bro`s spend lots of time together
ability:his royal bloodline gives him many abilitys along wit superior stregnth nd speed den other wolves he`s a prodigy in battel nd his bloodline is de strongest his clan had seen in over 1000 years which was de founder of de clan zein is a bit of a rouge wolf he kills entire packs easily wen angry he has de amazing abilty 2 control all elements through a technique he matered ask if u wnt no else can do it u need de bloodline he has de abilty 2 mix elements also casn forge iron nd sword under ground nd can move dem around as he wishes his bloodline also gives him amazing eye he can create illiosions,read minds,stop ur heart wit eye contact,he has de ability 2 c into de future which is an abilty nt seen since de founder of de clan.also other abilitys u`ll c if u ever annoy me
Role in pack: he is leadin de akuma clan which will fight along side of moons pack 4 now

zein in human form

my brother
type:u gt it all from mine
abilty`s are de same as mine bt he is weaker he can`t use elements like me nd can`t c de future though
role in paclk:he plans 2 earn de trust of de pack
Posted 8/1/08 , edited 8/26/08
Position: Trackers
Power: able to control the weather with wind and water elements.
Role:tracks down the enemy and controls the weather

Posted 8/2/08 , edited 7/6/09
Position: leader of the fighters
Type:space an water wolf
Ability: bended water and can levite items, eye and blue marks on fur glow bright blue when useing power, posion does not effect me, and has a bouch that i cary that has a type of water that can heal any type of wound or posion. she can also use the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga a very power full move some of u now about if u ever watched the Ginga Denzetsu Weed and is the last suviver of the legendary Gin clan (Gin:silver)

this is is the Battouga

My pups



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68 / F / here
Posted 8/2/08 , edited 8/2/08

Ability:crate clouds, fog and rain>
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23 / F / Stranded by the sea.
Posted 8/3/08 , edited 8/3/08

type:lightning & thunder
ability:being able to control thunder and lightning
Posted 8/4/08 , edited 8/5/08
Type:Wind & Sky
Ability: guardian of the sky and master of air elements
Posted 8/5/08 , edited 9/13/08

name: White fang
position: hunter
power: She is strong. She kills her enemies instantly and never leaves any of them to live. She gets ambushed everyday, because other wolfs want to know who is stronger. Of course she always wins. Her body can make a shield around herself, what will nullify all attacks. Her blood is black and it becomes a weapon when the enemies cuts her, so that blood comes out. The black blood can harder as strong and sharp as diamonds and steal. She gets easily pissed, so ya need to look out for your life, when ya piss her off. Her wounds heal almost right away, after the enemy has cute her. She can control all elements, fire, earth, wind and water. Her special element are wood and lightening. She is a fearsome enemy. She also can turn into half human and lead her enemies to their death. Or if she wants, she can have some fun with humans as well. She likes to play and fight. Her eyes and ears can hear and see everything in the dark or from far away distances. She helps people in need and has lots of human friends because of that. She is very fast runner and she is faster than any other wolf could be! Her claws and fangs are sharp. She can take many different forms and she is immune to all poisons. In her final form she can fly.

Look out! here she comes...
Role: hunting down enemies and the ones who annoy me....
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24 / F / somewhere in the...
Posted 8/6/08 , edited 8/6/08

Name: Trivix
poition: healer
Ability: can heal, can sense the prescence of anything from far away, runs fastly, has the ability to make ppl sleep
Role: heals anyone who is injured
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24 / F / Wake Forest, NC
Posted 8/6/08 , edited 8/6/08
Name: Sancho
Position: Tracker
Ability: Can switch from normal vision to thermal heat vision and has 3 times normal wolf hearing.
Role: Head night hunter.

Posted 8/6/08 , edited 8/7/08
Name: Fray
Position: Tracker
Ability: She can feel vibrations of prey through the ground and can sense changes in energy and weather, as well as see the future. She is also Sancho's mate.
Role: Works alongside Sancho and is the consultant to decisions made in the pack.

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25 / F / drinking in my te...
Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/7/08

Name: Light
Position: Fighter
Ability: Can control its prey with its mind and has amazing skills in combat. Charges electricity when a thunderstorn hits Causing paralysis
Role: Protect the pack
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26 / M
Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/7/08

Name: Raylvan
Position: Traker
Ability: All the senses of a regular wolve times 10 and has night and heat vision. once he has the prey's sent, he can hunt them down within a flash. (can also fly)
Role: trak and hunt down prey and evil
Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/7/08
Power: can control ice and water. can frezze anything by lookin at it.
Control:ice and water
Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/7/08
ability:to willingly produce poison from mouth and claws, also to change color of the fur
Role:to be a coolie until danger to the pack occurs
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