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Posted 8/1/08 , edited 8/2/08
Why is SPAM and CHAINLETTERS so bad?
And we are talking about the email, not the tinned meat.

First, studies have been done that show SPAM has an actual economic impact. How you might ask?

According to Ferris Research Inc., a San Francisco consulting group, spam will cost U.S. organizations more than $10 billion this year. The figure includes lost productivity and the additional equipment, software and manpower needed to combat the problem.

Each and every message sent uses up bandwidth, slowing down mail servers and delaying legitimate messages. Internet Service Provides have to continually invest time and money into developing new and improved spam filters. Each time the filters improve, spammers find a new hole in the fence.

SPAM reduces productivity and takes up time. Each message that has to be reviewed by an employee for validity is time not being spent on the company. Digging through spam messages keeps employees from focusing on the emails you want them to see, either internal or from valued customers.

Spam filters can also erroneously move legitimate emails into spam or "bulk" mail folders. These messages can be missed, thus not responded to in a timely manner, if ever.

Spam can bring in viruses, spyware and trojan horses. A virus can bring down a company and cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. The worldwide cost of the Code Red virus unleashed in July and August of 2001 cost upwards of $2.6 billion dollars (6 years ago).
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Posted 8/31/08 , edited 9/1/08
Although I think the tinned meat is evil.
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Yeah, that tinned meat thing is evil.
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