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Posted 8/1/08 , edited 8/5/08
What type of person r u? Are you funni, moody, artistic, athletic,etc..?? Introduce yourself and meet new ppl 2

(Example:This one is about me)

Name: Haeley(like the comit)
Nickname: Hales
Age: 16
Type of person u r: artistic, happy(almost always), friendly, and prowd 2 be me, sometimes i try a little too hard(a.k.a. I can sometimes be a'll be my downfall one of these
Type of ppl that u like: ones that r true 2 themselves nd 2 others, ppl that love life, happy, and nice 2 others
Fav. Games~ FF(all)
Fav. Anime~ Naruto, FF-X/ FF-X2, KIBA, nd many others
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28 / M / 요기 있어
Posted 8/1/08 , edited 8/2/08
Name: Matt
Person i am: musicly inclined, artistic, carefree, friendly, outgoing, generous
People i like: outgoing, nice, friendly, i pretty much like ya if i can get along with ya
Fav. Games: super smash bros(all), sonic the hedgehog(all), rock band and others
Fav. Anime: Naruto shipp, Steel Angel Kurumi, Air Gear, and more
Fav. Movies: Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Hancock, I Am Legend, Batman:The Dark Knight, and more
feel free to add me cause ill accept it, you can talk to me about anything really
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26 / M / Greece
Posted 8/1/08 , edited 8/17/08
Name.. Dimitris
Nickname.. Serafeim or Tay(its like Ty or Ti?..its the 1st digimon's season agumon's partner name..dunno if i wrote it right but that's how i do and i dont care 'bout what you say :]..)..
Person i am.. artistic, carefree, lonely, sometimes shy :P, outgoing, friendly, i like helpin others..(think that's all..? really dunno..ask my friends for more..)
People i like..well almost every one..(but really you wont stay with me much 'cause you wont be able to stand my loneliness for sure..but that's how i am and i like it..)
Fav.Games..Phantasy Star Universe, F.F.(all of em..)..
Fav.Anime..Ergo Proxy, Death Note, Claymore, Air Gear, Ken'ichi, Elfen lied..that's em..
Fav.Movies..Stay Alive, F.F. Advent Children, Death Note(all of em..)..
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27 / F / E-E-ENGLAND!
Posted 8/3/08 , edited 8/3/08
Name: Zoe
Nickname: Zo or Zog (Does'nt Matter )
Age: 16
Person i am: Hyper, Funni, Artistic, Friendly, can get along with everyone and always try my best to help others in need
People i like: People who are carefree, caring, friendly and people i can just get along with
Fav Games: Urmmm Kingdom Herts 1&2, Naruto, Enternal Sonata and any other RPG games
Fav Anime:
Naruto, D. Gray-man, Fruits Basket, Bleach and many, many more!!!
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31 / M / Jersey Shore
Posted 8/4/08 , edited 8/4/08
Name: Christian
Nickname: Chris
Age: 20
Person I Am: carefree, kid at heart, friendly towards others..unless you tick me off, outgoing
People I Like: I like everyone
Fave. Games: Racing, Fighting, Shooting, Chrono Trigger on SNES, Contra on nes, Street fighter on sega saturn..and others
[b]Fav. Anime: Naruto Shippu, ..too many to list
[b]Fav. Movie: Too many to name
Im actually Matt's real older brother..
Posted 8/4/08 , edited 8/4/08
Name: Brenda
Nickname: Bre or Bre-chan
Age: 15
Person I am: friendly, carefree, impatient, funny, dangerous (if I get angry..)
People I like: People that are truelly themselves, funny, people that likes to talk..
Fav Games: All Final Fantasys, Guitar Hero and Gran Turismo..
Fav Animes: Yu-Gi.Oh (the first one), Gintama, Death Note, Hellsing, Gantz and others....
Fav Movies: Requiem for a Dream, Man on Fire, American Gangster, Batman, Scary Movie (all of them)...
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