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25 / F / in a box on Haraj...
Posted 8/1/08 , edited 8/2/08
ok. you can do as many as u want.

tom Kaulitz
1. play with his hair
2. touch his hand
3. talk to him
4. touch other stuff
5. toung his lip ring
6. some other thing (you know wat i mean)
7. beat him up
8. make up
9. make him "teach" me gitaur
10. do it all over again

Georg listing
1. play with his hair
2. thouch his hand
3. touch other stuff
4 play with his musules
5 some other things
6 talk to him
7 wrestle
8 beat him up
9 make out
10 do it all over again
Posted 8/4/08 , edited 8/4/08
bill kaulitz with him(to know him better)
2.have fun both with water
4.touch him
5.kiss him
6. travel all over
7.kiss him again
8.look at him
9.kiss kiss kiss him
10.die with him
Posted 9/2/08 , edited 9/2/08
seems like their pretty far out. their all awesome and cool but i only see them as musicians.
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Posted 12/3/08 , edited 12/4/08
are you obsess? ,maybe just interview them...that's it
Posted 4/20/09 , edited 4/20/09
Bill Kaulitz!!!
1. Talk to him loads!!!
2. Do his hair and make up!!!
3. Be close to him!!!!
4. Get him to do my hair and make up!!!
5. HUGG HIM!!!
6. Ask him questions about himself!!!
7. Probably tell him about me, (if he wanted me to)!!!
8. Sing with him!!!
9. Dance with him!!!
10. SPEND MY LIFE WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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