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well I have created 5 villians but there already dead
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Kirby007 wrote:

well I have created 5 villians but there already dead

they're dead already???
wow... that's fast... but you can create another one and not use other series' villians...
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kinn33 wrote:

Kirby007 wrote:

well I have created 5 villians but there already dead

they're dead already???
wow... that's fast... but you can create another one and not use other series' villians...

ya u r right
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No more episode 6 ??
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Episode 6: Dragon vs Snake

Where we last left are green skinned hero he was being attacked by a jelouse and Pissed Den-o Gun form

Ryutaros: Don't worry this'll only hurt alot!

Den-o belt: FULL CHARGE

Nuroton thinking: So this is how I die getting killed by my ex's little brother possesed by a insane little dragon guy..... I never met Jason David Frank!!!!!

?????: ROPE ARM!!!!!!!

Just then a giant hook on a rope grabbed onto Den-o's leg causing him to go unbalance and fall shooting in a different direction

Nuroton: What the...?

Looks up and how dose he see Riderman!!!!

Riderman: Are you okay Nuroton?

Nuroton: I'm fine Sensei. (Nuroton refers to all the older riders as Sensei)

Riderman: Good purple dragon be gone return to the world or you will have to face Me!

Den-o: Fine!


Ryotaro: What happened? Nuroton-san?

Nuroton: Thank god thats over [looks at watch] oh s!#( D!!

at the airport

D: well took you damn long enough to get here

Nuroton: this is D he's my closest friend & 2nd in command of my group

Nuroton: yeah sorry I got tied up

Hojo: On what?

Nuroton: this is hojo my 2nd closest friend and medic of the group

Al: yeah what happen did Godzilla come smash on you?

this is Al Simmons he's my ex-rival and heavy man of the group.

Dr. Hobo: don'ts bes Stupid Al there Ain't nos such things as godzilla

Nuroton: this is Dr. Hobo........ he's the demoman and a drunk.

Nuroton: yeahhhhhh. Kratos!

Kratos: Nuroton it's good to see you again.

Nuroton: this is Kratos. he's the phyco-path of the group and the God of War

Crypto: Zuban get my bags

Zuban 2: Ban Ban!

Nuroton: This is Crypto the other Phyco-path of the group and is the only one who can wiled Zuban 2


Mojo: what shall are next monster be?

?????: Why don't you stop useing pathetic beings like that and fight him yourselfs

Zim: who are you:

????: I am General Anubis last remaining member of Shocker Eygpt branch!

Odin: Anubis!?

Anubis: thats right I here you are looking for a new leader.....

back at the shrine

Al: so what happen to your old man.

Nuroton: He's moved to a condo a few months ago

Crypto: And your sister-in-law

Nuroton: Moved out to Tokyo left Sota with me this summer.

Dr. Hobo: Wheres the beer?

Alarms beep

Nuroton: looks like your beers going to wait Doc.

The Golanger attack the city

Nuroton: you guys again.

Hojo: so your were right they are back!

D: lets suit up then.

D: henshin... D-venger!

Hojo: henshin....Dynamo!

Spawn: Screams in pain. Spawn..

and a battle waged against the Golanger & Nurotons friends meanwhile Nuroton is lead into a trap by a familar face.

????: hello there lizard its been awhile

Nuroton: Inpossible!! you should have no memory that you were a rider!

????: you really think that abit of time erase can stop Asakura I don't think so.. Henshin!

Nuroton: No it can't be Kamen rider Ohja!

Ohja: I do have to give thanks without you I would have never gotten this back.

Nuroton time to not henshin is up he puts on his belt takes out ND sphere and types in 8265

Nuroton: Henshin!

Nuroton transformed into King ND but this time was wearing a heavy looking armor.

King ND: The dragon of destruction! ND tank rider!

the battle raged on as Ohja fought Tank rider in a sword/gun off

Ohja: Time to end this.

Advent reader: Final vent

Tank Rider pulls out all his cannons ands open fires on Ouja. but ouja manage to survive

Ouja: that was fun hope we get to do it again.....See yeah.

Tank rider: WAIT!

The Golanger retreated

D-venger: somethings wrong here the Golangers nevered attack like this before could it be a new leader!?

to be countinued:

next episode: A vengeful son
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Err dont you think you have too many characters?
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zafz wrote:

Err dont you think you have too many characters?

that's what i said be4. this is more like tokusatsu taisen than a kamen rider story.
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Episode 7: A vengeful son

Outside of Nuroton shrine he lays flowers on a grave and then salutes that grave

Grave markings: Here lies Gol Acheron: A rival, a mentor, A man in control of his own destiny.

Nuroton then walks down to his lab to see his friend arguing.

Al: Exaclly what are we dealing with Nuroton.

Crypto: yeah why is it all of a sudden a bunch of Werido's in costumes start attacking the place.

Nuroton: The ones who attack the city today was the Golanger

Hojo: Golangers? don't they work full Gol?

Dr. Hobo: No No Gol dead you said it yourself Nuroton when you help those vigallent 4 fellas back at that ninja village a year ago (Vigalent 4 is another fan fic I may or may not get around doing)

Nuroton: yeah but there bring him back.

D: My question is why would the Golangers attack people that hasn't been there thing before.

Nuroton:I don't know.-phone starts to ring- Will talk later guys I have to get the phone.

Nuroton pick up the phone.

???: Nuroton!?

Nuroton: Sis!? what happen!?

Chiharu: It's your father he's been.... he's been!

Nuroton rushes to the hospital.

Nuroton: Dad?-sees his dad on a on a bed with tubes all over him- DAD!

Father: Nuroton....... is that you

Nuroton: I'm here Dad. who done this to you.

Father: It was a spider a big spider with a maniac laugh.

Nuroton: what?

at the Golangers base:

Mojo: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING ANUBIS!!!! attacking innocent people is not are thing to do. we mostly just scare them or something.

Anubis: SHUT UP! I am leader now and if you want your pathetic Gol back you will do exactly as I say! now This Nuroton Darkblade is a problem from what I've heard so i've found myself some help to destroy him. first we attack his Heart!!

Back at the shrine:

Hojo: Nuroton hasen't left the hospital in 3 days you think he's okay

Kratos: Nuroton is a strong soilder. he will be fine

alarm goes off

D: come on guys the Golanger are attacking again he better get one of them and interagate him. for answers

back at the hospital:

Nurse: sir you'll need to wait outside we need to check up on him.


Docter walks in: Your father is going to be alright Detective.

Nuroton walks out while walking he senses a present thats just started comeing from the hospital and all the way to his fathers room! he then runs back there and sees the nurse & the docter dead and there a man ready to kill his father.

Nuroton: HENSHIN!

Nuroton and the stranger fall from the window strate to the pavment the stranger then ran for it But Nuroton was hot on his trail. the stranger then stopped in the middle of the forest. revealing himself as Ryo Itoya!

King ND: Ryo Itoya! no I read your file your dead!

Ryo: thats what I thought to until Anubis brought me back from the dead that is.

King ND: Anubis? who's that

Ryo: The man that promised me Megumi-san. in exchange for me to kill your father. such a pity seeing a rider like you in such dispair such sarrow. how pathetic.-transforms into the spider fangire-

Ryo attack Nuroton several times mocking him while doing it Nuroton weapons are useless against fangire.

Ryo: Your pathetic you can't even defeat a monster like me mabe now I can go after that niece of yours. Hmm two brides for the price of two souls. dose annoying laugh.

King ND: you mock me! you attack the people I love! I don't know who this Anubis is but he is So-Fucking dead you hear me!

Types in code on his sphere 33284

Sphere: DEATH

King ND:..........Henshin.......

King ND form changes his chest transforms into 4 eyed dragon. his arms grow blades on the sides & his robotic arm turns into a black claw. his feat get claws half his whole armor turns black His cape turns ito a giant devil wing and his faceplate becomes a half hollw-like mask wit one of his horns inlargeing.

Ryo: what?

King ND: The dragon of death ND death rider!

Ryo: big deal you got a new form.

Ryo attack but death rider is to fast for him & to powerful for him to take down.

Death rider: You fool you think you can deafeat me now. -grabs him by the throut- let me show you the sins that you have caused form your eternal soul!

everything turns black next thin Ryo is freaking out pulling on his hair screaming tries to attack Nuroton but is cut in half by him

Ryo: -crawling trying to get away form Nuroton- Yuri-san....... Yuri-san........ help me........ I'm scarred..........

Death rider: here let me end your pain..

Death rider then beheads Ryo. everything is silent.

Father: hello son.

Nuroton: Hey Dad how you felling

Father: Much better. I think I'll be moving back in the shrine. If thats okay.

Nuroton: Thats fine Dad.... Thats Fine.

to be continued....

next episode: Day of ressurection.

Character profile:

Nuroton Darkblade/Kamen rider King ND: main hero said to be the successer of the 11 riders

D: Digimon FBI agent set to start project 12

Hojo: Nuroton's friend & Grevious ex-general

Al Simmons/Spawn: Nuroton dead buddy reincarneted as Gene Carbon.

Dr. Hobo: Spawns partner.

Crypto: Nuroton's birth father's old friend

Kratos: The God of War

Robo bros: three robots that are the support team

Sota: Nuroton's nephew

Jebbs: Nuroton'd butler

Krinkle: Nuroton's repair man


Gol: Nuroton's rival and villian of the vigalent 4

Mojo: second in command.

Zim: loud mouth

Odin: Right hand man

Durge: Demo-man

Richard: Lord of the dance.

Mr. Wooden alligator: Toy alligator with a foul mouth

Demidevamon: Gol's shoulder parriot.


Anubis: Man shrouded in mysteries

General greivous: True leader of the previous organization.

Agent Kuso: Murderer of Sifas Darkblade.


Higurashi family: Nuroton's step family

Koragg: Nuroton's Birth brother.

Inuyasha's group: Nuroton original group.

Kamen rider Ichigo-Black RX: Nuroton's prediseccors.

Vigalent 4: 4 ninja's from the leaf village.
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Episode 8: Day of Resurection


D: We seemed to have lost him on the Golangers last attack so far we can't find him anywhere in Japan.

Ninjet: We must look for him he's are Brother!

D: No we must stay on target and see how far Mojo & the others are close to resurecting Gol

HoverKnight: You dare think a mission is more importent the one with thy own symbol. Unacceptible

Hojo: Now calm down everyone what should we do Nuroton?

Nuroton: You guy's go find are big Silver Car/Gorilla.

D: What are you Going to do?

Nuroton: I'll find the Golangers and there bastard leader.

D and the others take there leave in Big Strike to find Artilrilla

Nuroton walks outside to see his father looking at Gol's grave.

Father: is this his?

Nuroton: yes

Father: why would you make a grave for your sworn enemy son?

Nuroton: to be honist Dad he was never my enemy. He was just a man corrupeted by vengence. Much like me.

Father: then why do you want to stop him from being resurrected?

Nuroton: This man has suffered enough I want him to have eternal peace. -Starts to walk away-

Father: where are you going.

Nuroton: theres only one place they would Go to revive him.

Odin: the lair of the 10 dragons.

Zim: why are we here?!

Odin: this is where Gol-sama made his debut. a perfect place to bring are leader back.


Durge: Mojo I need to talk to you. I don't trust this Anubis Guy he's starting to get on my nerve.

Mojo: I know theres somthing fishy about that guy I can't figure out what.

Durge we better go the ritural is starting.







Demidevamon: THE HAND OF SATAN!!

Odin: AND FINALLY THE FACE PLATE OF DEATH!!-BANG-face plate got shot out of hands and fell to the floor- What!?

King ND: Hey guys you haveing a party and didn't invite me?

Odin: Darkblade!?!?? GET HIM!!

King ND then fight the Golangers defeating them with ease.

King: ND you guys got rusty you know that.

Anubis: then how about fighting me Rider!

King ND: what?-gets suckered punched-. Danm that hurt-relocates jaw- so you must be Anubis.

Anubis: Thats right I am also your death- throughs a mini-bomb inside the ritural circle-.

Odin: No what are you doing!!

Everything blows up knocking out Nuroton & the Golangers.

5 hours later

Anubis: Wake up Nuroton. Isaid wake up!-punches him in the face-

Nuroton: WHO!? WHAT!? where am I!?

????: Well I see are guest is awake

Nuroton: who the hell are you?!

????: I am King Hamdo your new leader and Welcome to Hellywood!!!!!

To be continued...........
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Episode 8.5: Artilrilla a jungle warior!?!?

D: okay the boss left to go fight the bigest group of anti-heroes I've ever seen while we get stuck looking for a giant robotic Gorilla!

Krinkle: Oh come on now D Artilrilla is a member of the team.

D: Gyrus Krinkle... I've should have know Nuroton got you to be his helping hand with the big strike.

Krinkle: Thats right I finally got off that asteriod base of mine and moved here in fact without me we wouldn't have the tech we have today.

Hojo: Krinkle?

D: He was a ex-convic Nuroton knew back in '03 he's abit on the mad guienes side though

Al: can we trust him.

D: yeah I think we can..

The team boards the Big Strike a massive RV tank that can travel any distance.

Computer voice: Loading Hoverknight & Ninjet. All team member board quickly.

D in command seat: Big Strike Hashin!

Computer voice: GO!

The Big Strike is shot into a ring that will transport it to it's destination.

Somewhere in the jungle.....

Mari: I'm going to get some food Onee-san

Reiji: Okay.

Mari skipping along the trail until she saw something.

Mari: oh.. what is this thing it big and metaly.

????: uhhhhhhh

Mari: Ah please don't hurt me I didn't mean to disturb you.

Artilrilla: Where is....... Who am I?-Looks at Mari- you there who am I?

Mari: I don't know I just found you.

Artilrilla; hm whats this?-sees righting on his arm most of it scratched off- ARTI---- Arti?

Mari: that must be your name Arti

Arti: Me name is Arti? Me like name.

Mari: come on you must be hungry I'll take you back to my house.

Come back to the house with Artilrilla with her.

Mari: I'm back I brought a new friend is it okay if he comes to my room.

Reiji: Okay....

Arti: So Mari lives with person called Onee-chan where is Mari parents?

Mari: I don't have any... Do you have any family Arti?

Arti: Me don't know.

Mari: You don't have a family!? Thats terrible. I know why don't you live here with me Arti. we can have lots of fun together!

Arti: Me like the way Mari thinks.

And so Arti now lives with the little girl Mari have alot of fun and so on and so forth.


Hojo: you sure Artilrilla is somewhere around here.

D: Yeah his tracing beacon died some where around this area. so he has to be around.

Hojo: Team dead did you find anything!?

Dr. Hobo: He ain't in's the liqurds stores

Al: Frank get your ass back here!

Hojo: how bout you team PO

Cyrpto: Nothing you think finding a Giant robotic Gorillia would be that hard to find.

Kratos: Keep searching Cyrpto.

D: Hows are eye in the sky Ninjet.

Ninjet: I searched everywhere in this city and still no Brother.

Hoverknight:-ding dong- Excuse me Kind pesent but did you happen to see this Robotic Sappian?

Krinkle: Guy's I hat to be a buzz kill in are search but I am picking up a large power rading somewhere in a jungle not far from here.

Ninjet: That must be Him! Brother quick lets go.

Hoverknight: Excelsior!

D: wait wait wait! oh..... everybody regroup we'll meet back at the big strike. and Hurry!

Back at the jungle Mari is riding on top of Arti. Until Arti is attack by a unknow enemy.

Arti: who's there! show yourself!

????: This is pathetic I can't believe the boss is leting us take you on. while he takes care of buisness with those other fools.

????: yeah this is going to be quick and clean.

????: Come on let me kill him already!!!

Arti: Show yourself!

Dante, Alexander, Straitjacket

????: And I am Coldheart. We are the body gaurds of Anubis.

Arti: Mari get somewhere safe. So yous think yous can bang up around My's place. Me in fighting mood any way.

The bodygaurds and Arti get into a fight but is overwelmed by the 4 phsyco's.

Dante: Hm and to think you call yourself a warior. Kill him!

????: THUNDER BREAK!!!!!!!

Dante: What? oh no It's the Furon!

Coldheart: Hm just him we can take him on....

????: AGONY AXE!!!!!!!

Cold heart: The Hellspawn impossible.

Straitjacket: Oh god those guys are here there going to kill us not before I kill them! -laugh crazy-!

D: Okay we don't know who we're dealing with hear but give them all they got.

Ninjet: oh... BROTHER!!!


Hoverknight: Mari? Brother what happend to you?!

Arti: Brother?....... I do have a -shuts down-

Hoverknight: O brother thy shall avenge ye.

Ninjet: lets go you bastards!!!!

Mari: Arti! Arti are you alright please you got to get up and fight.

The ND members get in a big fight with the bodyguards. only for the bodyguards to lose and resort to paln b get a giant plant monster.

D: aw crap! Robo's get in there and take that thing down.

Mari: Come on Arti get up those guy's need you please get up!

Mari is then grabbed by the monster and then swallowed by it.

Mari: ARTI!!!!!!!

Arti: .........Mari!......ARAGGGGHHHH

Arti: You bastards done it now You made me mad YOU WON'T LIKE ME WHEN ME IS MAD!!!!!!!

D: guy's new objective save that girl! Krinkle lanch the robo's special weapons.

Krinkle: Okay

Ninjet: Gem blade!

Hoverknight: Lance Pleshar

Artilrilla: King Cannon.

The robos the start fighting the monster with the help of the other members Arti then enter the monster stomach and started blasting away in it Try to find his friend. The monster was destroyed and Mari was safe in Arti's arms. the bodyguards escaped though.

Mari: So I guess this means you have to go.

Arti: don't worry Me be back.

Mari: You promise Arti:

Arti: Me Promise.

Ninjet: Bro come on lets get out of here.-board the big strike- so what with this Arti thing?

Arti: Me think its better name then Artilrilla.

Hoverknight: I agree we to should come back and be re-named.

All three start laughing.

D: Nuroton.. come in we Got Artilrilla back.......Nuroton.....Nuroton come in!

To-be continued.
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Episode 9: Nuroton captured

Nuroton: What the hell is going on here who the hell are you people

Anubis: Silence! you are in Hellywood Nuroton a world that has become a mere wastland due to the shortage of water. before you is King Hamdo the ruler of Hellywood.

Hamdo: Yes I am your new leader if you do what I say you won't have to die.

Nuroton: Okay first off you Hamster isn't it? GO F!*# YOURSELF you crazy bastard. & second as soon as I break out of here I'm going to kill you and anyone else in this god forsaken place.

Anubis: would you? you have no Idea that the military of this place are children.

Nuroton: What?!

Hamdo: thats right the many of my soliders are child soliders would you dare kill them haveing inoccent blood on your hand. Take him away.

Nuroton is taken to a cell where he see's some familar faces.

Durge: well well well if it isn't the guy I've been waiting to punch.

????: Leave him alone Durge he is not are problem.

Nuroton: Who are you?

????: It's me Odin.

Nuroton: Odin!? so thats what you look like under the mask

Odin: why Darkblade? Why did you want to stop are master Resurrection!?

Nuroton: I wanted to give him peace. Gol was a tormented soul & I had to free him that pain. so why did you guys relesed all those monster to attack citizens.

We set 3 of the monsters to distract you from us we were getting the gear that was left when Gol-sama died.

Nuroton: 3? what about The fangire, the rider & The 4 psyco's that were sent to kill my family, me & my friends.

Anubis: Fool! that was me!

Nuroton: Anubis!

Anubis: thats right. It was I who killed those people and framed Mantis samurai, it was I who released the mamoth monster and disguse myself as Odin to trick you & It was I who resurrected the Spider fangire to kill your beloved father. The rider on the other hand was not my doing.

Nuroton: you bastard you set all this up just to get me and sell to that furitcake leader of yours.

Anubis:HAHAHAHAH leader?! Hamdo is an ass a mere fool who believes he can do anything. no I only teamed up with him so I can get his super weapon. and once I have it I shall rule the world!

Nuroton: you'll never get away with this!

Anubis: Oh but I already have. goodbye Darkblade.

several day later Hamdo unleashed his army on a defensless village it was more of a slaughter then a war.

Richard: It's over we're all done for.

Nuroton: have patinece warlock someone will come.

Durge: will you shut up already no ones coming the only time someone comes they die!

alarms going off!

Nuroton: you were saying.-hearing over the radio system-.

Solider: someone help the some kind of monster on board he already wounded several of the little ones but killed alot of the older...what the ARGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!

Nuroton: told you. -force pushes the cell door.

Mojo: don't tell me you could have done that the entire time!

Nuroton: I would but then we be out numbered on are escape.
you guys get any other hostages out of here. I'm going to get my belt and raise some hell.

Nuroton ran to the armery because that the best place where his blet would be henshined and found Hamdo & Anubish woundering whats going on.

King ND: your time is up Anubis.

Anubis: I don't think so Darkblade. by now my body gaurds have destroyed the Golangers. and be on there way to kill you.

just then a big bang blew a whole in the wall 4 bodies then came out dead.

Anubis in shock:.........No...... Straight Jacket.....Alexander......Elizabeth.......Coldheart..... WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!!!!

????: oh I wounder who. Oh yeah thats right it was me!!!!!!

Nuroton & Anubis look shocked seeing the one person who could have done this they were shocked to see a long lost adversary.
They where staring at Gol Acheron!

next episode: GOL IS BACK BABY!!
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Gol: Back form the dead assholes.

Anubis: No.... impossible I killed you!

King ND: can't be you

Gol: Believe it Darkblade I'm back boney and bluerer then ever.

Anubis: Well this fight won't take long for me to escape.

Gol: Escape who said I was going after Darkblade first.

King ND: What?

Gol: Thats right first I'm going to kill Hamdo six way till next september then I'm going after you Anubis for what you did to my comrades.

Hamdo: no no NO NO STAY AWAY FROM ME!!! -starts running off as Gol chases him-

King ND:........... well that was unexpected.

King ND & Anubis continued there duel as the fight took outside the flying fortress.

Anubis: you can't win Darkblade.

King ND: Thats what you think-pulls out sphere- haven't used a new form for 2 and a half episodes. so here we go!-types in 2935

Sphere: AXEL

King ND: Henshin uhh again!

King ND body was ingulfed in flames as his sword turned into Bond of flame his cape became a angel like wing and his helmet grew Red spikey hair.

Axel rider: The Dragon of dreams ND Axel rider! Got it memorized?.

Axel rider charges at Anubis with great speed & Fury. The battle comes to a conclusion with Axel rider stand triumphed.

Axel rider: well I see you ran out of you Freaky spider-man tricks. this ends now...........what the... AHHGHHGHHG.

Axel rider de-henshined into Nuroton as he fell to the ground with his head about to spilt opened.

Anubis: Hm I guess I over estimated this kamen rider no matter there are more of them.

Nuroton: what....What do you mean....

Anubis begins to teleport.

Nuroton: Wait

Nuroton was to late to stop Anubis.

Nuroton: What the hell was that about another Kamen rider besides me that can jump through worlds the hell did I see just now.

As Nuroton help other prisinors escaped he found a completely messed up body of Hamdo knowing that Gol did what he did and ran off with the other Golangers. as Nuroton starts throwing boomtubes at one world to the next he began to think.

Nuroton: What the hell was Anubis talking about was he trying to use me for something was does he want with other riders. I haven't seen Hango or Shigeru since they fixed my bike. Kazami still wonders the world like a ghost. Yuki got married to the Interpol chick. Keisuke moved back to spain. Kazuya went to america to work at NASA. Amazon went back into the jungles. Hiroshi became a pilot and traveled the world. Ichimonji went back to south america. The Last time I say Ryo was back in 04. and Kotoro dissapered sometime ago. and whats with Gol's return I saw Anubis destroy his gear. And whats with this rider that appers in my dream day by day now I'm starting to have black outs of this guy!?

As Nuroton used his last boomtube he landed somewhere that wasn't trying to shoot him.

Nuroton: Oh no.... out of all the places I had to land why did it half to be here.

Nuroton knows this world it is a world he would never forget.

Nuroton: Halkeginia......

to be contiued..

Next episode: The return of a ghost.
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Ep 11: Return of a ghost.

Nuroton: Halkegina. One of the few world I viseted when everyone thought I was dead here I gained the power of my tank mode and here I murdered someone inocennt. well I can't just stand around here talking to myself I got to find Sota & Jebbs.

Nuroton started asking questions if anyones seen a boy about 15 with a walking bucket of bolts and a white bird bastered. meanwhile on the other side of the world.

Mojo: Gol-sama I am glad that you returned all of us are.

Gol: I can see that tell me what exactly happened when I was gone.

Mr. Wooden alligator: well you see when you were down in hell we all kinda seperated. we all came back to resurrect you.

Gol: All of you? then tell me where is that so called Lord Spicer and 01.

Odin: we have yet made contact with 01. Spicer on the other hand left the team for good.

Gol: What has been Darkblade been up to?

Mojo: Nuroton is now free from The demon Plezuz and started his own team current numbers of members 14

Gol: and from what I can sense he is here! and someone else power I haven't felt in a long time. come on we move out. first priority kill Anubis then we go after Darkblade.

Golangers: YES GOL-SAMA!

Meanwhile again. Nuroton had found Sota & Jebbs.

Sota: Uncle!? what are you doing here!? man you look tereible.

Nuroton: well what can you say. I got kidnapped, stayed in a cell with a bunch of guys out to kill me, Some nut job escaped, and now I'm here in this place.

Jebbs: My My Sir! you were kidnapped. it's a no wonder why your here you'd never come here at your own will in case it was an emergency.

Nuroton: Shut up and let me borrow your codec mine got destroyed. -Nuroton calls D-

D: Jebbs what is it?

Nuroton: D?

D: Nuroton!? oh my god what the hell happend to you are you alright.

Nuroton: Yeah I'm fine look I need you to bring the team here that Anubis guy is here. He's got something up his seleve something about the Riders. get here ASAP.

D: Okay Nuroton well get going as soon as everthing back at 100%

Nuroton: D....

D: what is it?

Nuroton: Gol's back.

D:...... Are you serious?!

Nuroton: Yeah.

D: becarfull Nuroton.

Nuroton: don't worry I will.

Nuroton then shuts off his codec only to be suprised by someone.

????: So after all this time you still use that technology of yours.

Nuroton: ?...... Brother!!

Koragg: Ha ha ha how you doing Brother!

Nuroton: eh not so well doing the whole useual good guy routeing. how are you.

Koragg: I'm fine I've been staying here this whole time.

Nuroton and Koragg started talking to each other about stuff when the talk is cut short as someone with great power attack them.

Nuroton: Oh god WHAT NOW!?

?????: It's been a long time Kamen rider.......

Nuroton: Who are you!?

????: I have no name not anymore. thanks to you.

Koragg: what are you talking about show yourself.

????: I just came back from hell to take care of someone who escaped. but before I do that I shall take down the one man that killed me cause my little sister so much pain!

The figure figure arises from the smoke reveling himself The one man Kamen riders fear. the one man that makes Taiga look like a knockoff. the Darkblade brothers Sota & Jebbs. where staring at a ledgendary anti-hero.. Shadow Moon.

To be continued....

Next episode Shadow Moon vs the Darkblade brothers.
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Ep 12: Shadow Moon vs The Darkblade Brothers!

Nuroton: Shadow Moon!?

Koragg: You know this being?

Nuroton: Yeah he was Kotaro-sensei brother. & Kamen rider Black enemy.

Koragg: what dose he want with you!?

Nuroton: I don't know.

Shadow Moon: Whats the mater Darkblade fight me.

Nuroton: Look like I got no choice. Bro mind helping me out?

Koragg: It's not honorable for a 2 on one fight.

Nuroton: I fought a clone of this guy and he was hard for me to beat.

Koragg: Fine then.-pulls out a phone like wand the speaks magic words and transforms into the Knight wolf- Born within Darkness, Clad in Darkness... I am the Dark Magic Knight Koragg!

Nuroton then henshin into King ND and both of the fight Shadow Moon.

Sota: Man this is going to be intense

Jebbs: Agreed.

Sota & Jebbs then see th Golangers.

Jebbs: No It can't be Master was telling the Truth Gol has returned!

Gol: Who are you guys?

Sota Sieg & Jebbs: HE DOSEN'T EVEN KNOW WHO WE ARE!!!!??

Mojo: Thats Darkblade Nephew, robot, & Bird guy.

Gol: Oh. well then shall we deal with Kamen rider from here?

Sota: You're Going to have to get threw me first. Sieg!

Sieg: Yes.-enter Sota's body giving him the look you all Know- HENSHIN-


Sieg: Kōrin, man o jishite.....

Jebbs: This is a bad Idea! they out numerous baddly!

Sieg: You worry to much Butler.

The duo get in a fight with the Golangers only for Gol to get away. Meanwhile the battle aganst Shadow Moon is going badly.

Shadow Moon: Soon Darkblade SOON! You will fall to the crimes at what you have done to me.

King ND: WHAT DID I DO TO YOU!?-Shadow moon attacks him-

Koragg: He is as in your universe "attack fist answers question later.

out of no where a certain boneing demon screams a name

Gol: DARKBLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!

King ND: Gol!? your here to!?

Gol: Thats right today is the day I excate my revenge!

Koragg: No impossible you where suppose to be dead!

Gol: Aw Koragg my once right hand man I got a score to settle with you to after all you did take my eye.

Shadow Moon: ACHERON!!!!!

Gol: WTF!?-looks at Shadow Moon- HOLY SHITBALLS IT SHADOW MOON.

Shadow Moon: Thats right by order of Hell itself I came here to take you back.


Soon after both of them got in a fight. Meanwhile.

Sieg: My God they just keep coming

Jebbs: Yes they do!

Sieg: Then we most use are ultimate weapon aganst them-all of a suden Seig link with Sota begins to fail.- no not now. not right now.

Just then the Golanger get a message from Gol off there communicators.


Odin: come on let us leave this fools and go to are leader.-the Golanger left to help there leader-

Nuroton and Koragg then de-henshin

Nuroton: Man that was confussing what did he mean by you taking his eye.

Koragg: I need my magic back so I took his right eye for my sheild.

Nuroton: OHHHHH...

just the a knight comes up with a small squad of knights.

????: Nuroton Darkblade.

Nuroton: Yeah thats me.

????: By order of the Queen you are under arrest.

Nuroton: WHAT!?

to be continued.....

Next episode: Nuroton wanted!? and the return of Anubis.
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Ep 13: Nuroton wantend!? The return of Anubis.


Durge: Yes boss.-get sliced in half- crap.

Mojo: My lord we lost Richard & Zim

Gol: WHAT!?

Mojo: he's apperantly using some kind teleport ability on us we better-telported-

Gol: MOJO!

as the Golanger teleport one by one against Shadow Moon all hope seem lost for Gol. with his nakama gone Gol makes a hasty retreat. meanwhile a a box is being delvered to the kingdom....someone is in it.


Gurad: SHUT UP ALREADY!!!! The queen would like to speak to you.

Nuroton is then pulled out of the box only to be greeted by Queen Henrietta.

Henrietta: Mr. Darkblade.

Nuroton: Your majesty.

Henrietta: it's been a long time since you last where in our country what makes you come now and cause so much destruction.

Nuroton: Look here queeny I have had a very long week I was tortured, gaged, electracuted, nearly drowned, punch so many times I'm still seeing spots and futher more I have 2 guys who came back from the dead who want to kill me one who has a vengence on me for years now and the other I just met today plus a crimanaly insane conspirtor named Anubis came to this verse and I am going to kill him so many times not even the not even the guy who writes the storys is going to reconize him.

Henrietta: Did you say Anubis?

Nuroton: yeah stupid son-of-a-bitch wheres a costume thinking he's the Egyptian god of death.

Henrietta: This Anubis you speak of I know him he is Joseph brother.

Nuroton: and he is.

Henrietta: He is the king Gallia.

Nuroton: Oh so now I got him to kill huh. well if you let me go I can-

Henrietta: I'm sorry Nuroton Striking someone from another country will bring war that is why I have you arrested so we would let back to where ever you came from.

Nuroton: You listen here if you say this King is the brother of the asshole that tortered me and murder thousand of other people with a egostic asswipe of a villian then They could be thinking of killing eveyone here plus more as I sit here arguing with you. I for one am not a citizen of this country nor this kingdom so I have every right to kill what ever is in my way king or not. Got that cupcake.

Guard: how dare you address the Queen like that you misrable little- Nuroton headbutts the Guard-

Henrietta: I am sorry Nuroton this is something not even you can do.

Nuroton: then you leave me no choice-looks at window then runs to it and jumps out falling hundreds of feet only to survive by breaking a guards back-come on Nuroton you got to keep moving stay 12 step ahead of the guy try to catch you.

Guard: I want all knights to find him make sure not to keep a village uncheck! it looks like we have our selves a manhunt.

Nuroton: Shit shit shit why did the guy I want to kill have to be the brother of a king a possible corrupted king now I got everyone save my brother, Nephew, & butler after me. I got to get to Gallia find out what Anubis true plan is kill him before anything bad happens. that plus I have to deal with The robotic sycopath from hell and the other pissed of Mutant out to kill me jesus I hope D gets here in time.


Gol: hmmmm it seems Shadow moon is after me I better head in this direction to keep him from taking me back to hell

And now at Gallia:

Joseph: My brother it is nice to see that you are home.

Anubis: Yes indeed it is is are plans already.

Joseph: Yes they are soon we shall tear down Tristain and its so called Dark knight of the wolf. And we shall rule it anew.

Anubis: Why stop there when this whole world shall belong to us after my greatest plan.

Joseph: Yes our brother the first king was a fool it's a good thing I killed him by the end of the week we shall rule the world.

Anubis: And I shall have the power of God himself and the Kamen riders world will be mine!!!

Crap thing don't look to good for our hero with 3 unsepecting intruders heading in the same direction will it end in chaos. Will Nuroton make it in time to figure out everything that is going on and what is Anubis plan? tune into the next episode to find out.

Next time:
Anubis's plan Death to Kamen rider King ND!!
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