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Ep 14: Anubis's plan Death to Kamen rider King ND!!

Somewhere in the world void.

D: lets hurry who know what happen to Nuroton by now.

Crypto: why the hell is it taking us so long for us to get to this world

D: It wasn't on Nuroton GPS he apperently did something there he's not proud of and never wanted to go back there.

Crypto: Then how do we know he's there.

Gyrus: I manage to find the old map Nuroton used when he was in hiding back in 03. thanks to me we should be there within the hour.

D: lets just hope we're not too late.

Meanwhile in Halkegina wanted posters and a manhunt squad are currently looking for the lizard of wonders.

Guard: I'm sorry your magisty we have yet found Nuroton Darkblade yet.

Henrietta: Carry on. If you know anything Sir Koragg please tell us.

Koragg: I am sorry not even I know where he is at this moment he could be standing here invisible for all we know it all I know is if someone like Anubis caused troble for my brother and his commrads then we must figure a way to stop Anubis and His brother.

Henrietta: you know we can't do that Koragg we can't just start a war we'll probably lose.

Koragg: Then you left me no choice I will follow my brother into the bowls of hell.

Henrietta: If you walk away you will lose the title of your knighthood.

Koragg: you may take away my title as "Halkegina greatest knight and scorcerrer but you shall never take away my title as the Dark magic knight!

Koragg storms off to meet with his commrads

Koragg: I must know are you three still with me.

Jiro: of corse partner why wouldn't we after all you still owe us for all the troble.

Ramon: yeah onee-san we're with you all the way

Riki: yeeeees.


Guard: have you seen this guy.

???: No

Guard: okay then.

???: You can come up now Mr. Detective

Nuroton: Thanks for not ratting me out Siesta.

Siesta: I should of for what you done those many years ago.

Nuroton: Nows not the time.

Siesta: How dare you walk into my house and ask me for my help for what you did to me for what you did to my brother. Nobiko.

Nuroton: You know I never ment to kill him the power I had was to unstable at the time.

Siesta: I don't care because of you Nobiko looks like a monster now because of you.

Nuroton: what do you mean.

Siesta: 2 days ago before you return I had someone at my door He was tall and look like a machine he had a red sword with him when he spoke to me he said sister I was shocked to know on what this man was I ask him his name he said it was..

Nuroton: Shadow Moon..... no impossible your brother was.

Siesta: Yes My brother Nobuko was the man called Shadow Moon.

Nuroton: how did he know I was here?

Siesta: a man in a black cloak came yesterday and said that if I wanted revenge You would be coming here anytime so Nobiko went after you.


Siesta: No he went after you himself I hated you for what you done but I can't except revenge. and niether can you.

Nuroton: This isn't revenge my vengence died a long time ago this is to save millions of lives.

Siesta: Fine if you need to get to Gallia there is a 2 day walk where the guards wouldn't even see you

Nuroton: I'll make it in one you better get going I feel a awful thing coming this way.

Siesta: Nuroton..... Good luck.

Nuroton: Thanks I'll try to get your brother back.

Nuroton mind: goddamn it this week just keeps getting worse by the second I have to get to Anubis I kill him then I'm going to kill his brother.

Nuroton ran for 10 hrs through trees and bushes until he made his destination. he sat and watch as Joseph king of Gallia mad a anouncment to his soliders.


Sheffield: My My Joseph you sure know how to put on a show.

Joseph: Tell me Sheffield are you monster you sumon ready?

Shheffield: Very much so but what are we going to do about that knight of theres.

Bidashal: you leave him to me..

Nuroton then goes around the castle to find that the best way is is the armory shamfully someone else is there.


Guard: I don't know.

Gol kills him while Gol goes on a rage quest Nuroton looks for Anubis sense his energy and was terreified to see what he finds.

Nuroton: My god........ this can't be right what are they doing.......

Anubis: whats the matter speechless.

Nuroton: ANUBIS you bastard what did you do to them.


Nuroton was terrified to find the one group of people Anubis had kidnapped to make himself the most powerful being know. Nuroton was terrified to see his mentors.... The Showa riders.

next episode: Nuroton rage!!!! farwell Anubis!!!
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Ep 15: Nuroton rage!!! Farwell Anubis!!!

Somewhere in Tristain a portal rips open and the big strike come strait through.

D: Sota..... Jebbs.... Nuroton...

Sota: D where have you been some terrible stuff has happen

D: like what -see wanted poster of Nuroton- Christ almighty what else happen here.

Jebbs: My long range scanner had picked up serveral enemy's coming this way.

D: evacuate the town.

Koragg: It's a bit late for that

D: Koragg....

Koragg: It looks like we will have to fend for ourselfs in this fight.

D: alright Then BOYS prepare for battle!!

meanwhile in the castle.

Nuroton: What the hell is this what did you do to the riders.

Anubis: simple I kidnap your beloved mentors and hook them up to these machines I stole while in hellywood. so that I can tranfer there power into me to become what you have failed to be.

Nuroton: And that is...

Anubis: God.

Nuroton: What.

Anubis: Yes it was said that the first 11 riders where gods of the Toeiverse and I also knew that there succsessor had all there power shamfully when I saw you fight all I saw was a pathetice attempt of a rider.

Nuroton: Thats because that power of the 11 riders where locked down in my brain.

Anubis: well thats a shame but still I must kill you for the Glory of my country

Nuroton: This isn't for your country this is for some satanic game your brother and you play.

Anubis: wow you really are a detective.

Anubis is then zapped with the energy of the 11 riders and starts to glow and become big.

Anubis: yes this power the absolute POWER!!!

Nuroton: aww crap.

Nuroton: evaded every puch and stop Anubis sent at him but he could not henshin due to the fight with Shadow moon earlyer.

Anubis: admit it Nuroton you can't win against God.

out of nowhere a entity appear and saved Nuroton it was Shadow moon!!!!

Nuroton: Shadow moon.

Shadow moon: yes its me Nuroton I came here to help you out agasainst this man.

Nuroton: why did you come here.

Shadow moon: its because hell sent me to go after Gol and bring him back but I also wanted to come back to tell you that I don't hate you for what happen so many years ago.

Nuroton: Then why did you attack me.

Shadow moon: Something came over me that man in the black cloak did something to me. Nuroton please do something for me tell my baby sister I love her with all my heart tell here that for me. Let this be the last message from Shadow moon

Shadow moon charged at his enemy with all his force but in a matter of minutes Shadow moon mask is destroyed and he suffered the loss of his right arm.

Anubis: you pathetic foul you really think you can defeat me!!!! I AM GOD!!!!!

Shadow moon: Nuroton you are not a prisoner of fate you can defeat him NUROTON...........Farewell............

Nuroton: NOBIKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shadow moon is the crush and incinerated by Anubis. This loss cause Nuroton to henshin into Tank rider.

Anubis: you really think that form could kill me.

Tank rider: Anubis for all the lifes you played for all the lifes you took you will die here.

Tank rider shoots a stream of energy at Anubis but Anubis blocks it with a energy blast of his own but he is then distracted by something that was just thrown into his back he turns his head to find Gol! due to this distraction Nuroton realeased all of his power at Anubis causing the roof of the castle to be blown away

Anubis: No this can't be I am God.

Tank rider: Shut up already.

Anubis is then incenerated by the blast all that was left was his helmet. as the other riders were free Nuroton pick up the Satan saber.

Nuroton: Nobiko I'm sorry for what happen to you.

Hongo: Nuroton you don't have to be sorry he said that this was his last battle and its best for him to finally rest in peace.

Nuroton: your right Sensei come on we still have his brother to deal with.

as the riders all left the castle Gol walks over and picks up the satan saber.

Gol: Shadow moon................

to be continued.....

Next episode

Destruction of a kingdom!!! 12 riders join the fight!!!
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Ep 16: Destriction of a kingdom!!! 12 riders join the fight!!!

The fight between ND team & Koraggs team is going real bitter with serveral hundereds of monster and soliders attacking ND team and Koragg being over powered by by two magical users the fight seem's to be at a lost.

Joseph: Soon this land shall be mine

???: WAIT!!!

Joseph: what?

Out of the darkness stood 12 men all ready to take on the army before being over powered by the soilder this happen.

Hongo: Rider.......HENSHIN!

Ichimoji: HENSHIN!

Kazami: Henshin.....V3!

Yuki:-puts on helmet

Keisuke: Dai henshin!

Yamamoto: A-MA-ZON!

Shigeru: Henshin....STRONGER!

Tsukuba: Sky......HENSHIN!

Kazuya: Henshin!

Murasame: Hen.....SHIN!

Kotoro: HENSHIN!

Nuroton: HENSHIN!

as that happen the 12 men jumped and a flash of light happen and cut the black clouds that was around the battle field.

Joseph: Who....WHO ARE YOU!!!













Joseph: Kamen rider's here no my brother was suposs to drain your energy

King ND: your brother is dead!

Joseph: No......

Ichigo: Joseph your reign of terror comes to a end today

Nigo: thats right!!

Joseph: you bastards you killed him for that you will pay!!!

King ND: Sensei's lets go

Showa riders: OH!!


As several monster attack the rider a big battle begins

V3 fought 2 monster and was saved by Skyrider

Amazon was ruthless on his batch of bad guys

Stronger: CHARGE AND UP!! he started attacking all his monster with quick speed

Riderman & Super-1 combined the powers to fight a hord of them and and executed a combo finisher



shooting thunder on the mace

Riderman & Super-1: THUNDER SMACKDOWN

ZX Duplacated himself to fool the enemy while Amazon uses his finisher

Amazon: DAI SAI SETSA!-cuts off monster arm-

ZX: ZX CHOP-cuts monster in half

Skyrider & V3: SKY V3 BOMB DIVE!!- spikes V3 into the grounds causeing a giant crater-

X: Ridol Rope-grabs enemy with rope- X THROW-throughs enemy going heading for Stronger

Strogner: CHO-DEN-PUNCH-punches enemy he explodes-

Ichigo & Nigo: RIDER JUMP!!! RIDER DOUBLE KICK!!!! -Kicks giant monster- he blows up taking half the monster with him-

and finally RX & ND where taking on a general monster changing form while doing it.

Black RX: REVLOCANE!!! -Stabs enemy-

King ND: ND SABER SLASH!!!- runs at full speed slashing the enemy

Joseph: No no no no no this is impossible

King ND: do you see the true power of Kamen riders now!!

Joseph: Sheffield!! summon are strongest monster!!

Sheffeld: yes your majesty!!

She then puts all the dead monster back together to form a incredeble hideous monster not even the riders could beat.

Koragg: I have you now witch!

Sheffeld: you can't kill me you are nothing but a pathetic knight who beleives in honor.

Koragg: no I am not a knight I am of the Darkblade clan! Family stiyle Mellinum slash Wolf version

slices Sheffeld in half

Sheffeld: you........ bastard...

Koragg: Farewell witch my you now walk in the underworld forever.

King ND: Damn this guy ain't going down. D!!!

D: yeah

King ND: I need our secret weapon!

D: alright Silverion saber operation aprove.


Jebbs: Yes-system change!!!-

Jebbs then turned into a giant arm while his head turned into a handle

D: Unleash Substance X-421

Spawn: You got it!

The big strike shoots a giant glowning blade. but before Nuroton can reach the blade Bidashal destroys it.

King ND: NO!!! well I'm screwed

Black RX: Everyone!!

Ichigo: Yosh!!

Showa riders:-all got in a circle- RIDER POWER!!!!!!!

The riders power change into a giant blade Nuroton conected with it.

King ND & Jebbs: SILVERION......SABER!!!!!

King ND the charged at the monster with full force.

King ND: abomination of this world... HIKARI NI NARE -wheeaboo talk for turn into light-

as the monster was destroyed Nuroton detach Jebbs and charged at Joseph.

Bidashal: things are getting to crazy here I'm out of here.

Just as he turns around he is stabbed by Gol with the Satan saber

Gol: well sucks to be you right now

Gol kills him then disappers as Nuroton and Koragg charges at Joseph Nuroton shares his feelings with him


As Joseph flees Koragg tells his brother to let him go he's good as dead anyway.

Nuroton: What are you going to do now brother.

Koragg: I will do what i always do stay here and keep an eye on the place. I am but a soilder

Nuroton: Take care of yourself K.

Koragg: you to brother.

as Nuroton mets up with his commrads he is shamfully interupted by the queen:

Henrietta: Nuroton.....

Nuroton: christ almight WHAT!!!

Hentidetta: thank you with out you and your friends we would all be dead by now.

Nuroton: yeah well okay.

Hongo: Nuroton.

Nuroton: yeah

Hongo: we will stay here and rebuild don't worry about us we will be okay.

As Nuroton is about to leave he is stop by Siesta.

Siesta: Nuroton what happen to Nobiko

Nuroton: I am sorry Anubis killed him but he told me something before he died. he said that he loved you very much and that he will always be with you.

Siesta: he said that

Nuroton: yeah

Siesta: thank you

As Nuroton is aboard the big strike

Sota: well Nuroton what now

Nuroton: I'm going to do what I had planed wendsday morning I am going to sleep in.

D: what about Gol!?

Nuroton: well worry about him late-

Computer: message incoming

???: Nuroton are you there? I need your help!

Nuroton: Greg!? everyone strap in we got to go help someone!

D: who was that?

Nuroton: an old friend.

as the ND team leaves some where on the other side of the country.

Gol: the Golangers are once again split up but I must not worry for now I will go into hiding and I know just the place.

to be continued..........

Joseph: paint paint.

????: man you messed up big time Joey

Joseph: You how dare you come to me after what you did after what happen to Anu--

Joseph is then stabbed by a uknown man in a black cloak

????: that was a real shame I actually hope you would succecced oh well there's still pleanty of other guy who want to kill Nuroton Darkblade. bye now.

Thats the end of the first story arc hope whoever is still reading this like my story stay tune for the 2nd arc
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okay since the next story arc is more on what happen to Gol I'm going to tell you what Nuroton had to do next. The message That was sent to him was from Greg the chimera form the Resistincevers (the game series resistince) Greg is a chimera with human thoughts Nuroton helped him at first and now He needs his help again. 2 years have past in Gregs verse the Chimera have all but pretty much taken over the world. Nuroton has to go there with his team and save him. in the process Greg is shot in the lower sholder and his cooling pack is damage. all the while Sieg link with Sota is fading away (Due to the fact he returns in the Cho Den-o series) and Sota is feeling usless. The team goes in saves greg have to get him to a doctor that know how to make a good cooling suit. mean while driveing threw the verse stream Nuroton sence Gol power and decide to take Jebbs and go to the world he is at all the while his suit is being repaired & Modified. Gol's current location was in a quiet little city called Tomoeda and apparently the time the've been in The resistincevers its been 1 year since they last saw Gol. What could Gol be doing in this cute little universe and why would of all people like a crazed demon like Gol be there. tune into ep 17.
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Ep 17: Warriors of Justice.. The Golanger!?

Somewhere in an ally.

Nuroton & Jebbs: AHHHHHH!!

Nuroton: Geez D you think you could have done better on the landing

D: Your own damn fault you know your not suposse to jump out of the Big Strike while where in hyper speed.

Nuroton: Yeah Yeah how's Greg.

Hojo: I have him in the meat locker right now it's the only Cold place I could put him until we meet this doctor.

D: you sure This Washu guy could help.

Nuroton: not a guy a gal trust me She helped me with my Genetic Material I trust her. Just make sure She dosn't disect him.

D: Got it.

Nuroton: talk to you later.

As Nuroton and Jebbs walk out the Ally the find themselves in Tomoeda a somewhat nice little city.

Jebbs: Exactly why would Gol come here?

Nuroton: I'm with you. Why would Gol come here of all places Jebbs Scan the area for monster

Jebbs:-----------scan complete----- there were some monster present here about a year ago

Nuroton: how many

Jebbs: 52 maybe more.

Nuroton: Whats there status now.

Jebbs: All dead.

Nuroton: scan for any other life forms in the area

Jebbs: 2 robotic life 3 magic useres 4 kamen riders 1 cybernetic 1 monkey 2 alien being & 1 man from hell.

Nuroton: So Gol Got the Golanger back together. who's the Magical useres.

Jebbs: Name: Sakura Kinomoto age: 10. 2nd one: unkown. 3rd one Richard. age: ???

Nuroton: Kinomoto.... that names sounds familar. alright what about the kamen riders

Jebbs: You sir. Kamen rider Odin. a now dead one and.....

???: ME!!

just then a pipe is thrown at Nuroton head he looks up to see none other then Takeshi Asakura aka Kamen rider Ohja.

Nuroton: YOU!!

Asakura: You know its a real pain to find you you know that.

Nuroton: Shut up you bastard. I wanna know who gave you the Ohja deck back when I had it in my vault locked up.

Asakura: You know what I'm feeling a little vexed right now-pulls out deck-HENSHIN.

Nuroton: JEBBS!! ID SUIT!!

Jebbs: yes sir.

Jebbs then threw a suit case that opened up and Nuroton's ID suit attached to Nuroton ready to fight Ohja.

Ohja: Thats not the suit you fought me with where is King ND.

Nuroton: He took a vacation to The mountains.

The King ND suit was damage during the resistanceverse and Sota needed to make repaires on it.

As the 2 tear threw town the both of them are stoped by 4 of the most unlikelyness of villians

????: Wait.

Nuroton: what the f-

????: You are introuble now Kamen rider I am Voltar. and these are my partners Dr. Frogg, Red Menace & Doomaggedon and together we are the LEAGE OF SUPER EVIL.

Nuroton: Oh why did it have to be them of all people. Jebbs!! why didn't they come up on the scaner.

Jebbs: You told me to delete them form the villians file.

The leage of super evil is 4 moronic bad guy who suck at there job

Nuroton: great I got a Kamen rider & L.O.S.E. to deal with what elese can go wrong.

???: wait there you are going to have to deal with us.

Nuroton: Ah crap:

MANIAC MONKEY.. MOJO JOJOJO!!!-does Go-on red pose-

IRKEN INVADER..ZIM!!!-does Go-on Blue pose-

GOLDEN PHOINEX...ODIN!!!-does Go-on Yellow pose-

INMORTAL WIZARD.. RICHARD!!!-dose Go-on Green pose-

INMORTAL HUNTER..DURGE!!!-dose Go-on Black pose-

PHSYCO ALIEN...ZORAK!!!-dose Go-on Gold pose-

BIG BAD ALLIGATOR...GIGAGATOR!!!-dose Go-on Silver pose-

Lonely gunsman.. Grey...-dose Black Condor pose-

AND I AM THE LEADER GOL!!!-dose Shinkenred pose-


DARKNESS SENTAI GOLANGER!!! big explosion in the background.

Voltar: Oh crap we got to run!!

Dr. Frogg: why is it when they appear we have to run for it?

Voltar: Because they killed that one Kamen rider that big one.

Dr. Frogg: oh yeah RUN FOR IT!!

as L.O.S.E. run for the hills.

Ohja: This doesn't seem fair looks like I better go.

Nuroton: WAIT!!

Ohja passes through the mirrors.

The Golanger come down to take care of anyone that got hurt.

Gigagator: Hey old man you alright.

Old man: thank you kindly son..

Little kid: Good thing Durge-kun was here

Durge: Yeah yeah why don't you run home kid before my partner here eats you.

Richard: its true I like babies.

Mojo: Zero One whats the status.

Zero One: a small building got destroyed but on top of that no humans where hurt.

Mojo: Good.

Odin: I go clean up the damage. Zorak! Zim!

Zim: COMING!!!

Nuroton.......................................kay what did I miss.

Grey: You in the suit are you alright....

Nuroton: No I am not alright I'm confussed.

As soon as Gol heard that voice a rage broke out in side him.

Gol: You......... why did you find me.

Grey: Gol are you..

Gol: STAY BACK This is unfinished buissness.

Nuroton: Fine lets see what you got old man.

As Gol and Nuroton battled it out. Nuroton of course had the upper hand.

Nuroton: Man Gol you sure have gotten slow- just then Nuroton had a twing in his heart then a something came into his mind it was the other rider again- No not now Not again.

Unbeknowenst to our hero Gol had charged in his rage and stabbed Nuroton........

to be continued........

Next episode:

Gol's past
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Ep: 18 Gol's Past

Nuroton: You Stab a guy while he's haveing a freaking heart attack?!

Gol: What...... Why WHY? ARE YOU HERE!?

Nuroton: I came looking for you I want to know what the hell happened. why are you back?

Gol: That is none of your concerns Darkblade.

Nuroton: Then get it over with Kill me I mortal now.

Gol: No..... I promised some one I wouldn't take revenge anymore..

Gol then walk off with Nuroton in more confussion then he has ever been in before


Nuroton: I'm fine Jebbs he just got me in my cybernetics come on lets find a place to stay.

Somewhere far away

Voltar: Who was that guy anyway

Ohja: His name was Nuroton Darkblade AKA Kamen rider King ND.

Voltar: Why should we listen to you.

Ohja: Because My boss wants you guys for something......

Hours later Nuroton checked into a hotel and decide to call a meeting with The team.

Nuroton: Are we on? Good.

D: what is it Nuroton?

Nuroton: Nothing Just wanting to have a meeting of what I found out also hows Greg.

D: Why don't you ask him yourself.

Greg: Hey Nuroton. thanks again for Helping me get out of that hell whole you Doctor friend and mechanic sure improved my pack I can finally stand up strate again.

Nuroton: Good to hear.

D: Alright what did you find.

Nuroton: Well The Golangers are here but they seem different. For some reason or another they have a new guy in their team. And they seem to be out of character like Kamen rider Ryuki HBV out of character.

D: It must be a rouse to trick these people or threaten them.

Nuroton: Not to me Gol had me at a killing point but decided not to.

D: Possible Coverup.

Nuroton: I don't know I know when I sense bullshit and he was not bringing it.

D: well what are you going to do.

Nuroton: I am going to interview and question a girl called Sakura Kinomoto.

D: Kinomoto as in Fujitaka Kinomoto.

Nuroton: You know him.

D: Kinda he's a profesor of archology damn nice one two.

Nuroton: Thought I heard that name before okay I call you later.

D: Becarful.

Nuroton: Aren't I always.

The next day Nuroton found the Kinomoto residents. knocked on the door and a tall man appear before him.

????: Yeah who are you.

Nuroton: Good afternoon I am Detective Nuroton Higurashi are You Fujitaka Kinomoto.

????: No I'm his son Toya.

Nuroton: huh could have fooled me is Sakura home I wish to speak with her may I come in.

Toya: Hmmm you look rather suspisous why are you hear exactly.

Nuroton: I'm here to ask about Gol Acheron And when I looked him up he is somehow related to the Kinomoto resident.

Toya: Alright. Sakura there someone here for you.

Nuroton: Nuroton then sits on the sofa and wait unti a little girl with brown hare and Green eyes comes down and greets him.

Sakura: Who are you?

Nuroton: I am Detective Nuroton Higurashi I am here to ask about a man called Gol.

Sakura: Sure what would you like to know about Gol-kun.

Nuroton: -chuckles- Gol-kun. I mean I like to know on what you know about him and here he came from exactly.

Sakura: Well I don't know much about him but my dad said him and Gol are good friends and that he is my Godfather.

Nuroton: -spits out tea- GODFATHER GOL!?. I mean he's your Godfather.

Sakura: Yeah he's very nice to me and my friends he takes care of me when Dad or onee-san come home late. And he play wonderful music on his saxmaphone. His friends are also nice to espically Grey.

Nuroton: anything else you can tell me like oh lets say does he happen to have fought monsters.

Sakura:......well I shouldn't say but you are a preson of the law so. -leans over and whispers to him- Gol-kun has alter-ego where he helped protect the city from monsters with his friends called the Golangers.

Nuroton: Tell me happen to know where he lives.

Sakura: Um no no I don't is that all you have to say Mister.

Nuroton: Yes Good day.

Nuroton soon left the house and contacted Jebbs.

Nuroton: Jebbs. I'm done here the girl gave me little information but I know why he picked hear hows your search.

Jebbs: I have found a banking account from the person who funds Gol team.

Nuroton: Did you find there base.

Jebbs: OH yes they live in some kind of underground bunker under the subway station

Nuroton: Alright I'm heading there.

Nuroton then stop and looked back at the house and smriked

Nuroton: Cute girl reminds me of My niece.

After Nuroton Found there HQ he found a terminal with Mojo journal report on it. Nuroton downloaded that data on got out of there before anyone would find him.

Nuroton then went back to the Hotel. and started play the autojournal.

Mojo voice on journal: Golanger entry June 7th of 2008 me and The other Golanger have finally got incontact with Gol-sama in Hong Kong China. Apparently Gol had a relationship with The Li family to where he tutored the mistess only son Syaoran Li into sword and magical based technique's. Gol had explain to us that He had turned over a new leaf and that The Golanger should decide to fight for the rights for peace instead of petty revenge. We agreed with him because of the fact that not all of us are trully evil Hell I want world peace for god sake.-Changes to next enty- Golanger entry July 6th of 2008 After a long and hard search for Phone Braver 01 USB chip. We had finally located him back in Darkblades world we went there To are old HQ and took every piece of equipment that still worked Durge was upset that the plasma was destroyed. We went in to place Guns Blazing or in our case lazers magic and a demonic hand blazing. after finding his Chip the man responsible has sent to the Police for prosocution. with 01 chip back we rebuild him and were relevied to know we had gained a member again. We then burned the old base down for no one to find and thus we settled in Tomoeda.-skips to next entry- Golanger enrty Augest 19th of 2008 Gol has been MIA for 2 weeks now its not like him to be gone this can only mean that he is lost or something. but me And the others seem to have hold are own until now. -skips to recent entry- Golanger entry October 23 of 2008 with out Rasputans essence Gol is slow dying of His eco cancer Clow reed Had put on him long ago day in he looks more missrable its pains us to look at him like that at this time we have encouter the one responsible for the loss of Rasptan Kamen rider Arc king of Legendora.-end tapes-

Nuroton: Clow reed? Arc? Eco cancer? what happen to you Gol.

To be continued........

Next episode: Gol past: Arc incedent.

Hey there for your information these events take place before during and after the 2nd movie of Cardcaptor Sakura. Nuroton tries to solve the events while Gol tries to help Sakura Confess her feelings For Syaoran. But what of L.O.S.E. and Ohja? Tune in the following episodes.
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Ep 19: Gol's Past the Arc incedent.

Nuroton thoughts: So Gol had stationed himself here because he has a family like relashonship with the Kinimoto family his group have agreed with him to stay and fight for the sake of "justice" more like redemption to me. But who was Arc I've never heard of a rider by that name, And how long has Gol had this "Eco cancer" and what kept it from killing him for so long?

Nuroton: Jebbs look up a guy called Clow Reed

Jebbs: Clow Reed: Original master of the clow cards by far the most powerful scorccer in the world.

Nuroton: Whats his status?

Jebbs: Deceased.....

Nuroton: Bullshit.

Jebbs: That what it says sir.

Nuroton: Yeah well I've died twice yet I'm standing here right now.

Jebbs: Most people aren't lucky as you sir.

Nuroton: Tell that to Superman, Hal Jordan, Kamen rider Ichigo, Spawn, Crypto, & Kratos then.

Jebbs: Thats not fair to compare people who just got lucky.

Nuroton: Then tell me has this man been reincarnated in anyway.

Jebbs: Scaning...... yes by a boy named Eriol Hiiragizawa.

Nuroton: Wheres he located.

Jebbs: Somewhere in England.

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Okay just to let you know what happen since The editing system is being a god damn piece of Shit Nuroton Called up Eriol (the current incarnation of Clow Reed) to know exactly what happen to Gol Eriol explain that he gave Gol eco cancer a cancer that would kill Gol in a number of years and the only way to stop it was to Kill Kamen rider Arc in this verison he Arc was created by the Demon named Pelzuz the same demon that made Nuroton into the man that he is today, and in this version Arc wants to destroy everything in the name of himself he is acompanyed by Kamen rider Rey and a army of legendoras. Gol killed the monster and Rey and killed Arc cureing him of his cancer. Eriol also reveals that Nuroton was a possible canidate for killing Arc but the outcome would turn Nuroton evil and destroy the multiverse. so only one question remains why didn't Gol go back to vengence against Kamen rider King ND. Meanwhile Gol is trying to help Sakura with confessing her feelings to Syaoran as well as figured out that Nuroton had came and questioned her. and finally The Leauge Of Super Evil, and Ohja meet with a mysterious man the Ohja has mentioned before he plains on killing both the rider and the demon with one riot that will shake the earth that is until the Nothing activates. so that raps up what I can tell you the next episode is called face to face.
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Ep 20: Face to Face

Nuroton: It still dosen't add up!?

Jebbs: What the fact that Gol has a somewhat of a close family here.

Nuroton: Not just that but why? Why after so many years of hatered and vendette towards me dose he decide to just give up?

Jebbs: Maybe he let go of the past thought it wasn't a big deal.

Nuroton: Jebbs he threw a planet size meteor in order to kill me. Well where ever he is I need to talk to him it's time we settle this like men.


Voltar: So um this is the place?

?????: Yup now that the Nothing has been activated it's time to unleash hell upon Tomoeda and kill Nuroton and Gol.

Dr. Frogg: But exactly how do you expect us to smash this gate holding every monster in the history of The rider's carrer down huh?

?????: In good time Doctor in good time.

The next day Nuroton takes a walk when he see's something supesious the bridge is missing no way it was cut it just vanished any way Nuroton went to an amusement park where he finds Gol and his friends.

Nuroton: Hello Gol it's been a long time.

Gol: Leave me alone Darkblade I have no fight with you

Nuroton: And I have no fight with you if I did you and me would be bashing each other skulls in like cavemen.

Gol: You know what I would like nothing better then to wipe that smug little grin under that ski mask of yours off your face so leave me and my God daughter alone.

Nuroton: She told you I came to question about you?

Gol: yeah so now you know I'm just like you my real family died and so I was brought in by another.

Nuroton: To be honest with you Gol your God-child reminds me alot of my niece.

Gol: That brat of yours? by the way how does she still have the hots for that dog-friend of yours.

Nuroton: Their married now I couldn't be more proud.

Gol: Look here Darkblade why don't you cut to the chase I know you came here not to talk about family or how I'm still living after a battle with Arc so what is it!?

Nuroton: I just came to ask why? why is it you didn't go back to your revenge agaisnt me after so many years why.

Gol: I promise Sis.

Nuroton: Maya? but she's been dead for years?

Gol: No not Maya. another woman named Sis. When that gernade blew up in my face everything went black then I awoke confused not knowing who I am I was greeted by a old woman named Sis she took care of a bunch of children who lost their parents in war some god-for-saken war with that asshole Hamdo. There was this one guy who always gave me a bad look gave Sis a bad look to I wanted to beat the shit out of him but I couldn't Sis wouldn't let me. Til that day when Hamdo and his army came guns ablazeing I thought to myself this is no war this is a massacre. When one little punk shot me in the head everything came back to me Gol Acheron was born again. when I went on a rampage I heard Sis one last time before she died. She said "Gol promise me, promise me that you will use your power your new life to fight for what is right to protect those I care for not for revenge" and the she died. I thought to myself why I still have a bone to pick with Darkblade. but after the fight with Anubis and the death of Shadow Moon I began to think again. Maybe she is right I've been given a chance to restart my life a chance do undo the mistakes I've done. So I became the devil of Redemption from then on. My teamed followed.

Nuroton: See thats where it throws me off your team comprise of villains.

Gol: we aren't all villains Darkblade Mojo wanted world peace, Durge is a bounty hunter, and Zim to stupid to even know what evil is. Besides I'm not the one who hires a homeless man who can transfrom into a werewolf or a God killing pshyco on my team.

Nuroton: You make a point I'm proud to see you have finally taken responsibillity Gol.

Gol: Yeah well not everything is all peachy after my battle with Arc I've been so goddamn bored no monsters to fight no lashing out orders just playing my sax and helping out Sakura.

Nuroton: Whats going on with her.

Gol: You see the boy she's with his name is Syaoran Li I help train the boy in the ways of the sword. who ever thought he actually fall in love. ever since you and me are going to be buddy buddy now you mind helping me.

Nuroton: WHAT?

Gol: well just the fact that you helped out with couples before I was woundering........

Nuroton: Wish I could but I have more important things to do like find out what Ohja was doing here and what is with this bridge dissapearence.

Gol: well are you going to this festival?

Nuroton: What festival?

Gol: a something the kids wipped up I don't know.

Nuroton: Maybe I wil-

Just then a sence had just struck both of the warriors it only past them for a second but they were concern.

Nuroton: please tell me you felt that.

Gol: I did and I don't like it will finish this meeting later........

for the next few days The Golangers have been helping out the town get ready for the festival while Nuroton trys to figure out what The Nothing is he heard Ouja mutter over there last battle.

Gol:-looks out the curtain- Geez big crowd out there kid you nervous.

Syaoran: No I'm ready for this.

Gol: I'm not talking about the play I'm talking about Sakura.

Syaoran: Sensei do you have to mention this at this time.

Gol: Hey don't worry about it when the time comes the Golangers will be there for you kid.

Syaoran: Thank sensei.

as Gol begins to walk back to the school to figure out about the Nothing as well he is ambushed by a frighting large man with dark skin blonde hair and a pair of bayonets. at the same time Nuroton is blown out of his hotel room by a man in black clothing whering machinery and haveing a deep breath that can wake the dead.

?????: So Nuroton Darkblade we meet at last.

Nuroton: What!? Impossible your dead the archive say you were dead.

?????: Even the force must send one of its best masters into the bowls of hell.

Nuroton: The destroyer of the Jedi Darth Vader!!!

?????: Whats the matter Gol you look like you seen a ghost well this ghost will do the right thing and banished this demon from the earth so says the Lord AMEN!!

Gol: ANDERSON!!!!!!!!!!!

?????: It's begins.

to be continued........

next episode: HELL UNLEASED!!!!!!!!
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