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type in wat kind of super powers do they have
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ok id make a girl with a blue and blk robe wher eu cant see her face and shes very pretty but mysterous she has blk hair with green eyes and she would have 5 awesoem powers she would have 1invisiblity 2 fly 3mind readr4 a gaint blk and blu shield would appear when she yelled force field! and alst but not least 5 can spit out fire,but since most of these powers when r used more then 3 times recently have sideefect she cares around a blk pistol that shoots out diff lesser is there blue its ice if it red its fire if its green its poison and if its purple it knocks them out but there fine ,ok the fire one burns ur skin like a bulit the ice one is like a freezing spear being stabbed into u ,the poison one is like a scratch so u cant see the posion and then when u move it spreads and kills u and the purple is like a foam that flies with a very small needle that when it hits u knocks u out
also i would call this girl , CRYSTAL
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