Ninja's Training
Posted 8/2/08 , edited 8/2/08

welcome to Ninja's Training ^^ My name is mrs. hikira and i'm going to be you teacher xD
Well we will be learning something like trowing spears, weapons aiming, transforming and much more ^^ There will be 20 levs o.o each bit of levs there will be a test and then you will get a badge o.o

Lev 1-5:

Lev 6-10

Lev 11-19 (you get to choose what you want to be)

(A spearmen use spears and a bandit use trowing stars as thier wepon but both can use any trick they want in a battle ^^)
Lev 20 and up

After you reach master you can fight other people xD and you can kill mosters and earn cash to buy new weapons o.o i will open a shop once sumone reach master lev xD

But 1st tell me bout youself ^^
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25 / F / The Netherlands
Posted 8/4/08 , edited 8/5/08
Heeeloooo!! ^^
i'm Summer, nice to meet you sensei
i'm 15 year old and a girl but you could geuss that
what else can i say?
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Posted 8/5/08 , edited 8/5/08
could i be a student in ninja's training?
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Posted 8/6/08 , edited 8/6/08
Hi im Kero ^_^
im 16
nice to meet you sensei *bows*
i hope to learn lots ^_^
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