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Yuuki Cross (黒主優姫, Kurosu Yūki?); later revealed to be Yuuki Kuran (玖蘭優姫, Kuran Yūki?)
Yuuki Kuran, is the adoptive daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy, and is a member of the school's disciplinary committee, which is a Guardian for Cross Academy. Ten years prior to the events of Vampire Knight, the Kuran family was attacked by Rido Kuran, so Yuuki's mother Juuri, wanting Yuuki to live as a normal human, sealed Yuuki's memories, powers and pure vampire blood at the cost of her own life, and Headmaster Cross took her in. She lost all memories of her life before the attack, but since Kaname rescued her when she was attacked by a vampire, she has been harboring deep feelings for him. She admired Kaname since she was small until present time. Yuuki is usually a cheerful and carefree girl. She has also let Zero Kiryuu, a childhood best friend, drink her blood, hoping to save him from insanity. She cares deeply about Zero, and has strongs feelings for him. It was revealed in chapter 35 that she is the hidden daughter of the Kuran family, a family of pureblood-vampires. She and Kaname are engaged; it is normal for pureblood siblings to marry. She does have vampire powers as well, as this was witnessed in chapter 36. As Yuuki was getting over the shock of her parents deaths to save her, she accidentally made cracks in the window.
As it is shown in chapter 37, during a short talk with Zero, Yuuki refers to herself as not being the same as before. Zero can sense that Yuuki is a pureblood and aims "Bloody Rose" at her. Yuuki claims that her vampire side "ate" her human one and the new Yuuki is nothing like the one that Zero knows. Although her declaration could have been because of the pain of having Zero pull out a gun on her.
In Chapter 39, Yuuki's best friend, Yori, finds out about her vampire side, but still hugs her, calling her an idiot for distancing herself from her. Kaname also plans to take Yuuki and leave school.
She's also very sensitive to sunlight, as it was the first time she ever saw sunlight with her vampire eyes. Before her memory loss, her parents kept her confined in a well-furnished undeground chamber, preventing other vampires from finding out about her.

Kaname Kuran (玖蘭枢, Kuran Kaname?)
A pureblood vampire. He saved Yuuki from an attack by another vampire when she was 5 years old. Kaname is the class president of the Night Class, both feared and respected by the other Night Class students.
While he is cold and authoritative towards his contemporaries in the Night Class, he is always kind and sweet to Yuuki. He has shown that he cares for Yuuki in a romantic sense ever since he saved her. He is also Yuuki's fiancee and "so called" brother. Apparently, he allows Zero to live because he knows his death would sadden Yuuki and because when he cannot protect Yuuki, he knows that Zero will be there. However, he has another reason for keeping Zero. Kaname also asked Yuuki to become a vampire and live with him for all eternity by his side, but manages to stop himself from biting her. He is both jealous and angry with Zero for biting Yuuki and endangering her life. Later on, he bit Yuuki in order to awaken her.
He also knows the pureblood who bit Zero, Shizuka Hiou, and later kills her before drinking her blood to gain power with which to protect Yuuki, in spite of it being a terrible taboo. It has been revealed in Chapter 38 that Haruka and Juuri Kuran had a son, but his soul was killed by Rido Kuran and Kaname's soul put into his body. Kaname was the ancestor of the Kuran Family thus resurrected by Rido from the grave, who became his 'master' making him unable to kill Rido. (Compare to the relationship between Shizuka Hiou and Zero). Juuri and Haruka, Yuuki's parents, raised Kaname as Yuuki's brother, although Kaname never fully became 'their son'. Yuuki and Kaname planned to marry as children, following the example of Juuri and Haruka who were also brother and sister and married. At one point, Kaname allowed Zero to drink his blood to stave off insanity, preventing Zero from turning into a Class E for the time being.

Zero Kiryuu (錐生 零, Kiryū Zero?)
Yuuki's childhood best friend. Zero is also a Cross Academy Guardian and likewise on the disciplinary committee. Yuuki has cared about him as a close friend ever since he was brought into their home (the Headmaster's). His family, one of vampire hunters, was murdered by the pureblood vampire Shizuka Hiou when he was young. He harbors a deep hatred for vampires and claims to have taken on the role of Guardian to learn how to hunt them better. In truth, Zero was bitten during the attack on his family and therefore was turned into a vampire, something that has been kept secret even from Yuuki until his vampiric urges began to surface and became uncontrollable. As Zero's body rejects the blood tablets that most vampires take to control their hunger, Yuuki began letting him drink her own blood, which helps his thirst for blood, but he is ultimately to become a Level E vampire. The story implies that Zero harbours romantic feelings for Yuuki. In chapter 35, he discovers Yuuki is a vampire, and in chapter 37 he aims his gun at her, which leads to Yuuki telling him her vampire side "ate" her other side. He almost kissed Yuuki twice showing that he has feelings for her.
Zero is currently being locked up by the Hunters Association. In chapter 39, it is implied that Zero might be a significant person who is crucial to the defeat of Kaname and Yuuki's nemesis. As Kaname said himself, Zero is a vampire hunter with an excellent lineage being at the same time a vampire himself. And thanks to having taken blood of two Kuran purebloods, Yuuki and Kaname, Zero will become the most powerful hunter and the only one capable of killing Rido - the main antagonist of the story.
At the end of chapter 39 his brother Ichiru shoots Zero through the chest with "Bloody Rose," Zero's vampire killing weapon. It is yet to be revealed if he is still alive.
Zero's weapon is the gun "Bloody Rose," given to him by Chairman Cross. He made Yuuki promise that if he becomes a Level E vampire, she will kill him with the "Bloody Rose".
Sayori Wakaba (若葉沙頼, Wakaba Sayori?)
Yuuki's dorm-mate and best friend since junior high, Yuuki often refers to her as Yori-Chan. One of the few girls who is not interested in the night class. She finds them a bit scary and would prefer someone from the day class. Yori is also very observant. She notices a lot of things when Yuuki gets hurt. She helps Yuuki a lot. In the recent chapter 39, Yori finds out that Yuuki is a vampire after Aidou protected her from a Level E vampire, who serves Rido. But she still accepted Yuuki.
Ichiru Kiryuu (錐生壱縷, Kiryū Ichiru?)
Zero's younger twin brother. When they were younger, they were both taught by Toga Yagari to become a vampire hunter. Ichiru however did not seem to share Zero's natural ability and was often ill. Zero and Ichiru were very close as children, although later Ichiru claims to have hated Zero after overhearing that his parents preferred Zero over himself.
Shizuka let Ichiru drink her blood to strengthen him and cure his chronic ill health, although she did not turn him into a vampire and he remains a human. He now attends Cross Academy as a Day Class student by the orders of Shiki's father, Rido Kuran. It appears Rido has promised Ichiru that he will kill those who killed Shizuka Hio, which is probably the main reason why Ichiru is working for Rido Kuran. Now he is after Zero, to see who is the best vampire hunter.
Ichiru has also warned Zero to stay away from Yuuki and stating "Your taste has gone bad".
In the recent chapter 39, Ichiru appears while Zero was being held captive and shoots him with Zero's "Bloody Rose".

Takuma Ichijou (一条拓麻, Ichijō Takuma?)
The vice-president of the Night Class, he is a noble-class vampire nearly as powerful as Kaname, whom he is close to and respects. He seems kind and lacks the dark atmosphere that surrounds most vampires, making him appear more like a human. His favorite reading material is manga; in one chapter, it seems he forced Aido into reading a vampire manga series.
Takuma appears to be aware of Kaname and Yuuki's relationship, and has asked Yuuki why her current relationship with Kaname no longer is the same as the one they had when she was a child. Takuma's grandfather, who is a member of the Senior Council of Vampires and very powerful, educated him and has high expectations of him. The reason Takuma's grandfather allowed him to come to Cross Academy was to spy on Kaname. However, Takuma does not want to hurt Kaname because they are good friends.
Takuma is ordered to bring Senri Shiki (possessed by Rido Kuran) back to the academy where Rido will look for 'that child' (referring to Yuuki). Though Takuma does not want to hurt Kaname by bringing Rido to the academy, he cannot refuse because he has been commanded by his grandfather to do so. He saves Rima Tohya from being killed by Rido when she confronts him to try and free Shiki and stops the fight between Rido and Kaname so that Shiki, whose body was being used by Rido, would not be hurt.

Hanabusa Aidou (藍堂英, Aidō Hanabusa?)
Nicknamed "Idol" by the Day Class girls. Along with his cousin Akatsuki Kain, Hanabusa Aidou is known among the Night Class as "Kaname-sama's right hand," and he has a fierce admiration for Kaname. Aidou is a noble-class vampire and possesses the ability to control ice. Though he appears cheerful and friendly one moment, he can quickly become vindictive and cruel the next. Though loyal to Kaname, he has a tendency to overstep his boundaries, which results in Kaname punishing him if discovered. He has also been aware that Zero is a vampire, though he did not reveal it to anyone else because he felt it would not benefit himself in anyway and because he takes no pleasure in revealing secrets.
At one point, while Yuuki dealt with two day class girls (one of whom was bleeding) who violated the nighttime curfew, he and Kain suddenly appear and Yuuki becomes alert. Yuuki was afraid of what they might do to those girls but Aidou tells her that they came especially to see Yuuki. Yuuki swung down from a tree and scraped open her hands, and the scent of her blood attracted them. Aidou licks the blood off her hand. Luckily, the two girls fainted and were taken to the chairman to have their memories modified.
Aidou is not overtly fond of Yuuki and dislikes the attention that Kaname gives her, but tolerates her presence because Kaname loves her. He has difficulty showing her respect, often calling her "Yuuki Cross" or just "Hey, you", but becomes willing to protect her for Kaname's sake when Kaname announces that she is to be his lover. Aidou eventually develops an understanding for Yuuki when she claims that she will remain loyal to Kaname, regardless of what he says or does. When Yuuki is revealed to be a pureblood vampire of the Kuran line, Aidou has difficulty adjusting himself to referring to her in a formal manner and frequently corrects himself.
While Aidou is the only one to witness Kaname kill Shizuka Hiou, he remains loyal to Kaname and willing to lend Kaname his power in order to help find the killers of Kaname's parents. Though Kaname declines Aidou's help in order to prevent Aidou from putting himself in danger, Aidou continues to investigate behind Kaname's back in order to discover possible enemies of the Kuran family and secrets that Kaname has hidden.
In Chapter 39 he is seen aiding Yuki and follows her under Kaname's orders. He is last seen with Yuki.

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zero is cool1
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My fav. Chara is Shiki Senri!!!!!!!!
He's sooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooool and cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.
I also like Aido cos he's so funny.
And Kaname is also cute.
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