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I Look in the mirror and a see a girl
Crying out in pain because of her is cruel world
She's scared to speak out doesn't wanna Feel sad.
Though when she hides it and gets pushed away she feels mad.
She wants to change time and start all over again
though she can't cause past is past and she can't change it
Her friends don't act like they care can't at least give her a feeling
of calm
She gets home and has to deal the screams of her crazy mom.
She wants to feel appreciative; at least
talk to her for 5 minutes once in while
So that maybe you can be a true friend and make her smile
She wants to be noticed wants to be co0ol and at least get some attention
But no her friends gets it and ignores her.
It's just to much tension.
I look in the mirror and see a girl, that her world has just begun
To be brave and courage and so0on
will be the one to smile and have fun.


Posted 8/2/08 , edited 8/3/08
whoa awesome poem! I love it!
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Kaede917 wrote:

whoa awesome poem! I love it!


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