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Posted 8/2/08 , edited 8/3/08
Twilight Brigade Cafe owner- job is to be the creator of the group and be a big part of the group. To help everyone out when they need help.

chef - have to be in charge of the food decoration and just making the food in general. They are also in charge of helping out the cafe owner with new ideas for new food for the cafe.

cashier - take care of the cash register and also give small food samples on special days. They also are in charge of making sure that everyone is enjoying the group/ cafe. They have to help come up with things to make the group much better.

food tasters - are in charge of tasting the food that is new to the Cafe to make sure that it is good. They are also in charge of helping the chef and the store owner to come up with new food for the cafe.

dancers - are in the entertainment department as well as the singers. They are in charge of being the backup for the singer/bands of the cafe. They dance to the music being played by the band/singers for the customers entertainment.

Singers- sing songs and post up lyrics to songs so that customers in the cafe can enjoy their meal while they listen to music (read music lyrics) can also help us mods figure out what music to post up in the group for the customers enjoyment.

Customers/members- they are in charge of buying meals and participating in the forum topics. They are also in charge of giving up pointers on what you think that we should add or change in the group to make it a better experience for you and others.(can also give us ideas on what to put for music in the cafe!)

Waiters/Waitresses- job is to waiter the customers/members to see what they want to buy. They also get to answer the questions that they have. They also have to talk about the specials that the Cafe is having that day, week, month, or year.

Mods- are in charge of making sure that everything runs safely in the group and also to add up the points for the customers/members.





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