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There might be some close but not touching this one haha!

If you could spend a day with you favorite group or your favorite memeber of your favorite group, what would you do? Write a short story about your day with them/her/him and yes it can go off into night but no further. Fictional stories are encouraged Also, it doesn't matter which format you use

Here's mine:

I head out the door, stumbling over the dog to get out the front lawn.

Mom:Don't mess up those pants girl! They're expensive! Have a good day at school!

Me:I'll try!

I turn and take off down the street on my mo-ped(scooter?). I stop at a stop sign and wait a few minutes. Since I'm almost late anyway, I speed ahead without thinking and almost hit someone.


I slow to a stop, panicing calmly.

Me:Uh oh! I hope today doesn't get any worst ~.~;;

I turn around and ride back up to them. I keep my eyes low.

??:You know how fast you were?

I could tell by their accents they weren't from around here.

Me:No... I'm sorry! Is he okay?
??:Yes. He's okay.

I continue my pathetic apologie, not raising my eyes to look at them.

??:Hey, it's okay. He didn't get hurt and even so we could manage without him.

Their laughs are infectious and I couldn't resist smiling myself. I raise my eyes and my smile stretchs. KAT-TUN?!?! My heart began racing even faster. Ueda stands next to Nakamaru, silent and cool as usual 83.

Maru:Why does this kind of stuff always happen to me?
Junno:You attract bad luck.
Maru:Oi! Not funny!

I suddenly remember school.

Me:Uh oh! Um, I'd love to stay and chat but I'm gonna be late! See ya!

After school...

I'm walking by a Starbucks' outside tables and who else would I happen to run into?

Kame:Hey! Hello?

I look to him, hoping they didn't recognize me.

Kame:You're the girl from before, right?
Me:Uh...yeah. You remembered huh?
Jin:You don't forget almost getting hit by a mo-ped.
Maru:That was me!
Me:So what?
Jin:So we want you to do someting for us.


Go for it!
Posted 8/3/08 , edited 8/3/08
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