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Hot Oil and A Melted Spatula

Chapter 1

“For a seventeen year old you are too messy to live with! Jasmine how could you be so lazy and nasty!”
“But I clean sometimes; I wash the dishes and clean the kitchen and my room and my bathroom.” Jasmine replied in defense.
“Sometimes! Sometimes! I am fifty-four years old and I have to clean up behind the mess that you and your brother and sister make. They’re little so I’m not expecting them to constantly keep the place tidy, but you! A big girl like you! I cant stand the mess anymore it’s driving me crazy.” Shouted Jasmine’s grandmother.
“I’m sorry from now on I’ll clean up the kitchen every night and clean the house every week so you won’t have to do anything.”
“I’m glad that you said that because from now you’ll have to.” Replied her grandmother.
“I will, I will,” said Jasmine.
“You had better or else when I’m gone your gonna live with cock roach and rat and ants!” shouted her grandmother.
“Grandma your not gonna die any time soon. Why are you saying when you’re gone?” Jasmine questioned the context of her grandmother’s words.
“Because I’m leaving you in three days. I’m taking your brother and sister and we’re moving to New Jersey!”
Jasmine thought about this conversation as she sat down on her living room sofa in the newly empty house. Well empty of her all her family members except her tiny white dog. She was dumbfounded; to think that her family would desert her like that because she was lazy and didn’t clean often enough. She suddenly jumped off the couch.
“Well I’ll show them! I’m not gonna be messy or lazy anymore! When they come back this house will be spotless!” She sat back down into the sofa, “If they come back,” she said to herself.
Before her grandmother left she instructed Jasmine on what to do. There was money for bills and food and she would have to get a job for extra cash. Jasmine already had her classes registered for college and has the keys to the car although she doesn’t even have a permit. She’s not allowed to drive the car unless to school, work, grocery or to pay the bills. Not much info I guess. Jasmine said to herself. At least I know how to cook.
That first night in the house was terrifying for Jasmine. She tossed and turned and tried to sleep but couldn’t. The fact that she was dominantly nocturnal wouldn’t help either. As she lay there unable to sleep in her bed she thought something her grandmother had said.
“But I’ll be here all be myself.” Jasmine replied trying to stop her grandmother from leaving.
“If your lonely go get a roommate.” Replied her Grandmother.
Jasmine thought about the prospect of having a roommate. She wouldn’t have to work and could focus on studying for anatomy and microbiology this semester. She would be alone and that person would have a driver’s license, which would mean they should have their own car because no one except her could drive the car in the garage.
In the morning she showered and made breakfast then headed to school to meet up with her friends that were taking summer classes. She made sure to clean the kitchen before she left.
At school her friends we’re of little to no help in finding her a roommate although they didn’t want her to have a roommate in the first place. She’s too young to live with a stranger. What if she ends up with a guy? “Don’t worry,” she said to them, “I’m jail bait no one can touch me.”
“Really now Jazz,” said her friend Freddy, “I had a seventeen and two sixteen year olds. That jail bait thing only works on dumb guys.”
“Wow that really helpful Freddy.” Said Poau.
“Oh well. Well Jazz you know if anything happens we’re here for you. And whoever your roommate will be, if they do anything to you they will never see the light of day.”
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