rank HSJ members as dancers~!
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Posted 8/3/08 , edited 8/3/08
~ne... just wanna know who,for you, are the best dancers in HSJ!

Like this:

1) Yamada Ryosuke- his performance in aLmost everything is astounding~! *hehe*
2) Chinen Yuuri- due to his background that he danced jazz since he was a kid*incLuding his fLips* is amazing..' that's why he's next to Yamada....
3) Takaki Yuuya- he's the onLy Hey!Say!BEST for me that is reaLLy fLexibLe, not onLy in singing but aLso in dancing...
4) Okamoto Keito- I based his position on how other members say on his dance moves... and it does pay off on their videos..! ^o^
5) Nakajima Yuuto- the way he and yamada cooperates on stage is great...
6) Yaotome Hikaru- He's not onLy funny, but he's aLso good in dancing 'ya know...
7) Inoo Kei- he's so cute whenever he dances~! *Like a duck, in a gud way, okei?!*
8) Arioka Daiki- he's "in-presence" with the stage but doesn't amaze me...
9) Morimoto Ryutaro- I can't see him often in dancin' parts...
10) Yabu Kota- same with Ryutaro, it seems they're invisibLe for me...

*that's aLL~!
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Posted 8/8/08 , edited 8/8/08
1. Yamada Ryosuke: i love he's performance.. how he moves his body *blush* he's kool lol
2. Chinen Yuri: i like how he dance to cuz sometimes he jazz dance with flips
3. Takaki Yuya: how he dance and sing at the sametimes, to me his very attractive
4. Nakajima Yuto: the way he and yamada cooperates on stage is great... (the same as shieLdembLem)
5. Okamoto Keito: how he dance is kute
6. Yaotome Hikaru: he can sing plus he's funny
7. Inoo Kei: i wasn't really amaze but he's very kute when he dance
8. Arioka Daiki: he doesn't really amaze me but he sure can sing
9. Morimoto Ryutaro: i don't really see him when he dance
10. Yabu Kota: the same as Ryutaro, don't seems to see him much
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Posted 8/8/08 , edited 8/8/08
1. Yamada Ryosuke - he's so passionate when he's dancing!!..and he's so flexible!!
2. Nakajima Yuto - he's great in break dancing!!
3. Chinen Yuuri - I ranked him third though he's best in acrobatics because he doesn't give the best he could when dancing.. ^-^
4. Yaotome Hikaru - he's simply awesome!!
5. Arioka Daiki - he's shaky and flexible like Yamada!!
6. Inoo Kei - he's smokin' hot when dancing!!
7. Morimoto Ryutaro - he's a great dancer yet exaggerated..he's adorable though!!
8. Okamoto Keito - he's the most inexperienced when it comes to dancing..but he's working hard to improve his dancing skills!! I appreciate it a lot!!
9. Yabu Kota - I don't notice him much when dancing..
10. Takaki Yuya - well..he doesn't like extending his arms and legs so I ranked him last..I also heard that he's slow in following the steps..he's cool though!! xD
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Posted 8/8/08 , edited 10/11/08
They all dance really well xD Go all of them! xP
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24 / F / chillin with yuto...
Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
1. Nakajima Yuto-He has a certain rough charisma about him, like carefree but nevertheless powerful and his abstract expression is on par with his skill and execution, which is pretty rare for a dancer his age i tried get rid of the "favorite" bias
as much as possible ^^;;
2. Yamada Ryosuke-Really smooth and almost fluid yet with an invisible, controlling force that makes the dance snappy and
catchy yet flexible. *perfume was killer xD*
3. Takaki Yuya-a combination of a rocky, seductive and sultry feel, reminiscent of akanishi jin-very hot!!
4. Chinen Yuuri-good dancing on the floor--but the amazing acrobatic get him the spot ^^
5. Yabu Kota-as expected of a leader, adapts well to any mood and is more than adequate in all situations^^
6. Inoo Kei-a good dancer, doesnt get much screen time but when he does, it's good:)_
7. Okamoto Keito-not much screen time, cant tell but is in no way incapable
8. Arioka Daiki-prolly good but you know i cant get the penguin thing out my head---xD
9. Yaotome hikaru-angular movements, adequate but not outstanding ^^;;
10. Morimoto Ryutaro--this is the cameramans fault, i have yet to see this kid dance!!!!
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Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/12/08
1. chinen yuri -the best dancer. he can do bakuten(back flip) better than yamada. and his dance is so graceful
2. yamada ryousuke - also can do bakuten. but he still need to workout on it. as for the rest he's good.
3. yaotome hikaru - the best dancer among HS BEST.
4. yabu kota - 2nd best in HS BEST. He always watch his steps.
5. nakajima yuto - same as ino kei perhaps a bit better.
6. inoo kei - he look ordinary but he's the type that make the group dance look well balanced
7. arioka daiki - he is best when it comes to aggresive moves. his face just perfect for it.
8. morimoto ryutaro - i like to see him more. he's cute when he moves between two person.
9. okamoto keito - he still need a lot of training but not so bad.
10. takaki yuya - worst dancer among all 10. even yamada admit it in MS(Your Seed). "the most yabai(trouble) is takaki-kun. he took a lot of time to learn the choreography". he still can dance but i guess he has the same prob as akanishi jin, 'to get in sync'. but frankly he's way better than akanishi. KAT-TUN 'insychronization' in dancing has been a trademark already.
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Posted 10/12/08 , edited 10/12/08
ilove them hahha that's all
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