can any1 give me a suggestion?
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i would like any1 to name me some good animes :)

it would be good if its about drama / comedy / romance
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go to recommend me an anime!

you should try daa! daa! daa!
LOL xD ( im currently watching it, that's why. )
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try to go to: recommend me an anime..
please read the rules...
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Despite the rules try watching

Tokimoki Memorials ~Only Love~

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Uhmm Well..

Try these animes! There Drama/Romance/Comedy but are also historical :)

Fushigi Yugi - Has hot people, The romance is very good, Very funny and the Drama is very good 2 :)
Saiunkoku Monogatari - The Drama is very good, There are alot of ROFL moments and the romance has alot of depth to it :)

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phoenixxll wrote:

i would like any1 to name me some good animes :)

it would be good if its about drama / comedy / romance

I'll recommend these:

Ah! My goddess
Ai Yori Aoshi (best with its drama and comedy combined with romance)
Angel Tales
Asatte no Hokkou (This is a mild romance but still worth it)

Bokura ga Ita (So tear-jerking)
Boys be

Chocotto Sister
Clannad (I love its MOVIE! *falling tears*)

Da Capo 1 seasons 1 and 2 (I very much love these... A LOT!!! ONE OF THE BEST!!!)
Da Capo 2 seasons 1 and 2
Daa! Daa! Daa! (I very much love this... a LOT!)
Detective Conan
DN Angel (I very much love this! This is good if ya like romance in average level)

Ef~ A tale of Memories (I very much love this a lot! One of the best romance anime so far)
Elfen Lied
Ex Driver (I very much love this... If ya like driving and a little bit of romance, this is it!)

Final Approach (I very much love this... If ya like forced and funny romance)
Fruits basket
Full Metal Panic
Fushigi Yuugi (I very much love this)
Futakoi (I very much love this! What will you do with 6 pairs of twins that really likes you???)

Gift ~Eternal Rainbow (I very much love this... the character settings are basically the same as Da Capo... I prefer Da Capo a lot though... How about you?)
Ginban Kaleidoscope (I very much love this... Good if ya like sports and mild romance)
Girls Bravo
Goshuushosama Ninomiya-kun

H20 ~ Footprints on the Sand (I very much love this! Very touching! Goes well with psychological twists!)
Hanaukyo maid
Hanbun no Tsuki Ga Noboru Sora (Very touching and romantic)
Hand Maid May
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (It has romance in it though...and it got me crazy...)
Higurashi no naku koro ni kai
Honey and Clover (a little bit messed-up romance and comedy and mild drama)
Honey and Clover 2

Ichigo 100%
I'm gonna be an angel
I My ME! Strawberry Eggs (I very much love this... It's basically a school life anime with a cross-dressed Physical Ed teacher...)

Kage Kara Mamoru ( Good if ya like to combine Romance with ninjas...)
Kamisama Kazoku (This is funny!)
Kanon (Great if ya like it a little bit too dramatic and psychological)
Kanokon (kinda ecchi rather than romance)
Karin (GREAT if ya like a girl vampire who produce blood and has "preference" on blood... romance with the "glare" scary-looking, nice guy)
Kasimasi ~ girl meets girl (If ya like a vain love... the guy turned into a girl)
Kimikiss Pure Rouge (One of the best!!!)

Lamune (Kinda happy and sad... but it's great!!)
Lovely Complex (If ya like funny ones, this is the best)

Mahoraba ~Heatfull Days
Midori days / Midori no Hibi (A nice girl in right hand of the "MAD DOG" Sawamura Seiji... Very soothing anime)
Myself ; Yourself
My wife is a high school girl

Nagasarete Airantou (I very much love this... A LOT!!! A single guy in an all-female island... They're always after him and chase him around...)
Natsuiro no Sonadokei
Nodame Cantabile (Music with mild romance!!!)

Otome wa boku ni Koishiteru (I very much love this... Crossdressed beautiful guy in an all-girls academy and some weird chibis... It''ll make you laugh...)
Ouran High school host club (I very much love this)

Please Teacher (One of what I like during earlier times and I still like it)
Please Twins (Related to Please Teacher.. more like a second season...)

Rosario+Vampire (I can't believe it made me laugh... it's cute, funny, dramatic, and romantic with a little bit of monsters interferring...)

Saber Marionette J (one of the oldest anime I've watched... but still, the story is good!)
Saber Marionette J Again
Saber Marionette J to X
School Days
Seto No Hanayome (Gotta love watching funny mermaid and merman GANG... A beautiful mermaid got married to a guy... and the merman (father) is always after the life of the guy who got married with his mermaid daughter...)
Shuffle! (I very much love this... If ya like anime with romance and a very DRAMATIC twists and mild comedy!)
Sister Princess
Sola (I very much love this)
Summer Underbar (I very much love this)

Tenshi na Konamaiki (I also like this... you'll like this too! It's very funny and intertaining! A pretty girl who wants to become a guy again...)
The World of Narue (mild romance...)
To heart 2
Tokimeki Memorial ~ Only Love (I very much love this... A LOT!!! School life with awesome twists on romance and determined feelings... Kinda like a love triangle or square between ONE guy and 3 girls)
To love RU
Tsubasa Chronicles

Ultra Maniac (If ya like a lot of magic interferring the Romance turning it into a comedy show sometimes... This is great!)

W Wish
Wind ~ A breath of Heart (Kinda dramatic...)

Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na ~ Crescent LOVE (I very much love this... A LOT!!!! If ya like romance with a little bit of comedy and drama, this is what you are looking for! This is one of the best romance anime!))

Zero no Tsukaima (I very much love this... with a little bit of drama and messed-up magic, this is good!)
Zero no Tsukaima Futatsuki no Kishi (romantic, funny and dramatic that will even make you cry in the near end...)

....... Either way, I finished these all and liked these but... this is not a complete list of what I liked that I think you might like (Romance ANIME) since I'm not good at enumerating things... and/but also... I will not include those anime that I am still watching and those that are still going to be released like Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Zero no Tsukaima Princess no Rondo, Sekerie, Itazura na kiss, Allison and Lillia, and the likes...

I've been watching anime for several years now and anime is still going on and new anime are constantly being released... just the way I like them...

If you haven't seen SOME of these... I guarantee you're gonna have fun watching all these until your eyes glows red

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theres already a thread that recommends anime =)
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Please use the recommend me an anime thread

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