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Hi guys, both miuanna and I are in the Athrun Zala group. We had participated in a role-play where the writers wrote a story. I am episoding them into parts,and releasing them one by one. I am going to post them here, hope you guys like it. It is about Gundam Seed, as the name suggests.


PLEASE comments after you have read the story... i'll continue posting the story in between the comments.
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Posted 8/3/08 , edited 8/3/08
After some years of peace between the Earth and Plant, the Earth is suddenly shocked by many terrorist attacks. Some old fanatics say its Zaft’s fault, but no one really believes in it. The new chairman and leader of PLANT have been appointed. It is the daughter of Siegel Clyne, Lacus Clyne. What will happen now? How will PLANT, under the new leadership, and Earth Alliance react to these new happenings?
Our situation starts at Zaft's hangar, as.......

Episode 1: Where it all begins

“My first time in space!” Nella cried out in amazement as she followed her commander. She and some other pilots were here for simulation training. Since the terror attacks, the Earth Alliance and Zaft really try to be nice to each other.
"Only coordinators can do something!" she said and watched the techniques being displayed around her.

In another place, at the same moment, another girl was troubled. Rayne deFray was sent by her Professor to the science lab they are using for their major project. It has to be something serious if Prof is asking to meet me only, she thought. What is it? Don't tell me it’s about the recent terrorist attacks? But what had that got to do with me? I'm a normal student... Don’t tell me it’s Leena... or Mother...

And so she ponders as her shoes padded the tiled floor, unconsciously making herself more and more worried. That was when she looked up and notices that she was in an entirely wrong place.

"Man! I'm supposed to be in the Block 9 labs... what am I doing in the Block 3??!!!"

With a shook of her head, she quickly turn a corner, quickening her pace as she realised she is going to be late.


In Orb

Rann is studying about her new GUNDAM models then walked to Cagalli's office.

"Cagalli, Athrun is searching for you... he says he wishes to speak to you about something important...”

Cagalli ignored Rann and kept doing her reports...

"… Don't tell me you have a fight with him or something...” Cagalli still remain silent.

"Wah, looks like I'm talking to a log..." Rann says and leaves Cagalli. She walks to Athrun's office to tell him that Cagalli is too busy.


Back at Plant

A crowd of people are standing in the street; they are looking at a big screen where Lacus Clyne is talking.

A person in the crowd was speaking agitatedly, "Didn't they have enough war in the past? What are they talking about, Zaft attacking Earth?! They must be out of their minds!"

Another one yells back, "I heard the Earth Alliance forces are already placed on standby!"

“What do they mean by that??!! Placing their forces on standby?!!” yet another responded.

At this moment in time, Lacus Clyne’s voice was clear over the crowd of agitated coordinators, "Don't be fooled by what is happening. Please everyone, calm down. There is nothing to be worried about. This evening we'll be meeting with the Earth representatives, who like us believe that this is not the doing of Zaft; we are working hard on resolving this matter and figuring out who is behind all this. We are not new to such strategies, especially during the last war, when Chairman Durandal exposed many of the minds behind such acts. Both Plant and Earth wish for nothing but peace.”

A woman in the crowd, who was holding a baby said, “yes, we've had enough, we've already gone through enough war and pain."

Many people nodded and whispered in approval and continued listening to Lacus Clyne's Speech.

Back at the end of the crowd, a young girl with flaming red-Ruby hair stood by herself, observing and listening, her brilliant green eyes sparkling in the light as a tear slipped down her face.
Suddenly someone bumped into Cecile.

“I am so sorry...really! I was totally fascinated by her speech; she is really an amazing person!” Nella said, pointing to the Lacus in the screen, “Are u ok?"

“Commander we reached point A56w!" a voice said through the radio.
“Excellent!” a man replied with gusto. He was sitting in front of a big window and it was raining outside. The darkness seemed to suit him. He thought about the coming events and grinned. Then he looked at the neon lights on his watch.
"I am going to enjoy this beautiful war!" he grinned


Somewhere else in space

“Have you prepared our army for tomorrow's attack?” A blazing-green-haired man questioned his assistant.

“Yes, Sir! The Army is ready now…” Ralph replied with a tint of fear.

"Good, make sure everything runs smoothly tomorrow, or else..."
'BANG!' goes the revolver, putting a hole through the chair right next to the assistant. "..That’ll be the end of you. A war would be brewing soon...and I believed God is on our side; there is no way Athrun would survive this time...,” the man ended his speech with a long, loud cackle.


"So Rann, how's your new GUNDAM?" Athrun asked, looking over at the girl.

"Everything is okay... Hey, is it true that there will be a war again?"

They were sitting on a branch, each holding onto a cup of tea.

"I don't know Rann. I think it's only a rumour..."

"Rumour? But I really don't want to see another war again," Rann muttered.

"Everything will be fine...I trust Lacus and Kira. If there will be a war again, I know Kira will make a best decision. But still, here in ORB, we don't know anything yet. Still, you have to remember that Cagalli will always try her best to deal with it, so we have to support her and ORB. Is that okay?" Athrun continued and smiled at his upset friend.


"Are you ok?" Nella asks the girl right in front of her.

Before Cecile gets a chance to respond, her beeper rings. She holds it out and read it silently.
"Urm...Sorry, I have to go....." Cecile quickly said after she had finished reading the message, a slightly worried look on her face.

And she runs off to her car and starts driving, all the while thinking, they are calling me in now?!! I wonder what this is all about, but there must be something serious to call everyone in.

The car reaches a military gate; Cecile flashed her ID to one of the guards, who lets her in. As she's driving, she passes over hangers with mobile suits and mobile armours packed in them. There are people in suits hurrying around everywhere.

Cecile looks around confusedly. She parks the car, and hurries out to where she ought to be.


“3 seconds left!” a guy announced and grinned, fingering the button at his right hand as he watched the countdown timer on the screen. 3-2-1- He pushed the button of the radio and said, “fire!"

“Yes, sir!” was the answer received.

At the Plants
Suddenly the earth quake, shaking gently at first, and slowly gaining power as it continued moving.

“What the hell is going on?” People were running around, screaming at the top of their voices.

“Nella, here you are!” a familiar voice said. It was her friend, David, and he was sitting in a car.

“C´mon! They shot at the Plants… we have to leave this place!"

“Who did what?” Nella yelled back, unable to believe her ears in this chaotic ground. Without even answering her question, David pulled her into the car. Minutes later, both reached the Base and saw on the screen what happened. Two sectors were totally destroyed.

“Commander!” she said the man appeared at the room, "What can we do?"

“They don´t let us do something!” the commander said seriously, “We are not... lieutenant SKY!"

Nella was running with all her might to the hanger...

On the other side of PLANTS, Cecile finds herself on the ground. She had tripped while everyone was running and screaming...

"What is going on????" she says to herself.

She gets up, and as soon as she lifts her head up, she sees Yzak moving hurriedly away.

Cecile calls, "Yzak! YZAK!"

Yzak notices Cecile. He came over quickly and demanded, "What the HELL are you doing here?"

Cecile quickly responded, "I was beeped; they called me in, what is going on?"

Yzak looks like he was about to start a fight with Cecile. Cecile quickly cut him off, "Yzak, This is NOT the time and place for this...NOW what is going on?"

Yzak was feeling agitated, and could not keep it from his voice as he said, “there was an attack on Plant, luckily some of our armours blocked most of the attack. But two sectors were completely destroyed"

Someone calls out, "Commander Joule!"

Yzak turns around in the direction of the voice and yelled back, "I'll be right there!” He turns back and faces Cecile once more, "whatever you do....Don't, oh what am I losing my Breath for."
And with that he turns and leaves her.

Cecile calls after him. She then notices that they are at the base and said, "Commander Joule, take care."

Yzak turns his head around with a slight twitched smile shouts: "Shut up!" and with that, he is gone.

"He'll never change," Cecile muttered to herself.

Cecile runs to where she is supposed to report to, and she finds herself in front of Captain Arthur. Arthur had spotted her as well, and commanded, "You are here! Hurry up to the ship, we are about to launch. Quick!"


Editor’s note:
Episode 1 is a success. I can never imagine such a huge success in a day’s time! First, I think the most important thing is to thanks all those who wrote in the story. This is something that we achieved together. Lets gambatte and produce more exciting episodes! As a forenote, this story is a rather late boomer… so please do not give up reading in the middle! I promise you I’ll try to edit the story into something more exciting!
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Credits for this episode:

Editor: Stranger Y

Episode 2: Between Friends and Foes

“They are launching!" Nella cried as she stared at the ZAFT ships. Right after she noticed the movement made by ZAFT, she reached her destination, the Earth Alliance's flag ship, Ikarus. Having to deal with the guards that protected the Ikarus, Nella wasted some time. Finally, she finally reached it. For a second, Nella was quiet, her breath taken away by the enormous Mobile suit right in front of her. The Mobile suit… the majestic new GUNDAM developed by the EAF… the GUNDAM Eclipse.

“Sorry David," she muttered to herself as she climbed into the spacious cockpit and pushed the activation button.

“Requesting Voice Signature," a calm female’s voice said.

“Second lieutenant Nella Sky!" Nella replied as she closed the entrance in which she had entered into the cockpit.

“G.U.N.D.A.M onlin
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Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/15/08

Credits for this episode:

Editor: Stranger Y

Episode 2: Between Friends and Foes

“They are launching!" Nella cried as she stared at the ZAFT ships. Right after she noticed the movement made by ZAFT, she reached her destination, the Earth Alliance's flag ship, Ikarus. Having to deal with the guards that protected the Ikarus, Nella wasted some time. Finally, she finally reached it. For a second, Nella was quiet, her breath taken away by the enormous Mobile suit right in front of her. The Mobile suit… the majestic new GUNDAM developed by the EAF… the GUNDAM Eclipse.

“Sorry David," she muttered to herself as she climbed into the spacious cockpit and pushed the activation button.

“Requesting Voice Signature," a calm female’s voice said.

“Second lieutenant Nella Sky!" Nella replied as she closed the entrance in which she had entered into the cockpit.

“G.U.N.D.A.M online!" the voice immediately responded.

Meanwhile, in a mysterious and unmarked battleship,

“Master we are ready to launch!" a servant’s anxious voice could be heard.

The person who was addressed seemed pleased. He nodded, saying, “Nice!"

Back at PLANTS

Cecile runs to the ship, hurries down and puts on her suit... as the operator announced to all in the battleship, “Condition Red, Condition Red! All hands please report to respective positions! Condition Red!"

After she had changed, Cecile went to the hangar, where her GUNDAM stayed. She stood for some time, facing her GUNDAM. Then, she lifted up by the rope to get inside the cockpit, her mind’s eye going back to the day GUNDAM X-Liberty was assigned to her. It was the privilege of being the best during training courses. She remembered the last time she had mounted it was during her training; she's never used it in real war.

Now, as she sits down on the padded seat, she gulps nervously. The screen open, system all green… and suddenly, like a smoke, all the hesitation and nervousness disappeared. I’m taking you out for the real thing now, Cecile thought while grabbing the handle that will launch the GUNDAM.

When the rail is ready for her to Launch, “Cecile Soli, X-Liberty, I’m launching!"

“Sorry… Commander!” Nella said and shoot at the gate of Ikarus. She flew through the explosion out into the space. On the monitor to her left, she could see some mobile suits fighting.

“Which class are those?” she wondered and typed at the keyboard which she had extended from underneath, where it was stored. The answer she got was, “No data retrieved."

“No data? I guess I’ll just have to fight it out… Let’s see if I’m as good in Space as on Earth,” she said and pushed Eclipse to full speed.


“The condor is now in position!” a commander said.

“Launch our mobile suits. And let them be in standby,” he replied almost instantly, enjoying what is happening at this moment in time.

As soon as Cecile launched, she was targeted. She swerved and missed the shot by an inch; she then pulled the X-Liberty’s side dagger out and launched it at the assaulting ZAKU.

There were a lot of mobile suit on her screen, some of them unknown. As she took on a couple of more offensive suits, she saw something that dragged at her attention. She trusted X-Liberty to its maximum speed and flew right through the chaos, attacking to defense herself from some offensive armours on the way.

While Cecile was fighting against the unknown enemies, Captain Arthur had launched Catalina, the ship in which Cecile is a crew in.

Arthur called out in a voice of authority, “Prepare the Briseis! We’ll shoot through them all!”

One of the Operators replied, "Captain, they have a beam deflector!"

"What is the status of our Mobile Suits??" Arthur demanded after a pause.

"They are engaged with assaulting armors," yet another Operator replied.

Arthur made his decision quickly. "Prepare Achilles for firing," he ordered.

The Operator was stunned, "Captain… are we allowed???"

"At this rate, it’s now or never!" Arthur said, firm in his decision.

Convinced, the Operator replied, "Yes, Sir!"

Back at the mysterious battleship…

“Camouflage modus!” the commander suddenly yelled, “Lets us show them our new technology!"

“Yes, sir!” another servant responded. Seconds after that, the Condor vanished from view.


Nella, who was in the middle of the battle, was confirmed that there were definitely new mobile suits fighting in this battle. Just when she is deeply involved in the battle, the communicator crackled into live with David’s voice.

“What the hell are you doing, Nella!” David yelled through the internal radio. Nella dodged an attack before she answered, “How can I stay still when they are all fighting?!” she yelled back as she shot the next mobile suit down, “They are fighting for their families and I don´t want some bad voice for the Earth Alliance!"

”Your launch makes us bad!” David said angrily, “They didn´t know about Eclipse… how do you think they will react now? What’s more, you have to go and shoot their gates down!”

“Sorry...!” after hearing David’s words, Nella did not know what else to say; she suddenly felt such ashamed of her reckless actions, “Ahh!"

“What happened?” David asked.

“A suddenly vanished....!” was Nella’s shocked reply over the radio.


Cecile was flying upwards when she also noticed that the unidentified battleship has disappeared. “What the..., How could this be, it was just there!!” Cecile cried in alarm. Just then, there was an attack, and in the nick of time, she turns around to dodge a laser beam, shooting the mobile down. “This can't be… the Operating System of X-Liberty has the best configuration; this can't be a malfunction in the system.”

Cecile, confused, connects to Catalina, "Cecile Soli, identification: 001...”

Captain Arthur answered almost immediately, “What is your status?”

Cecile "Did the Catalina’s LPS (laser positioning system) detect a ship at the coordinates I just sent over?”

One of the Operators answered the question, "Yes, and it suddenly disappeared...What can you see up there?"

“Nothing, I thought maybe X-Liberty's OS (operating system) might have experienced some kind of malfunctioning,” Cecile replied.

“No way, X-Liberty's is equipped with a highly integrated LPOS (Laser positioning operating system),” Arthur was quick to defend ZAFT’s technology.

“That's what I thought”

“We were about to shoot it down with Achilles”

“What???” Cecile cried, unwilling to believe her ears.

“We had no other choice...,” Arthur defended his decision.

“It appeared again! Due south… what is that thing??" Cecile was distracted with the new item on her screen.

“We are zooming in right now … we are about to get a visual,” the operator answer, busy typing on the screen to adjust it for maximum visual effects.

“Approach with caution–” Arthur was saying to Cecile, but before he finished his sentence, Cecile had already sped off...

Mysterious Battleship:

“They dare to shoot us down!” he said, “Aim Achilles.....!"

“But.....!" another servant said.

“Do as I have said!” he said with increasing anger, “We will use dädalus...!"

After some minutes the battleship suddenly appeared again, aiming at Achilles.

“Energy level 85 percent. Condor turned 80 degrees!” a commander said.

“Fire!” he said, with conflicting emotions of calmness and hyper at the same time.

Seconds later the Achilles was vanished with no sign of an explosion. It was done by an anti-matter beam...


“Hell....!” David suddenly said, “We detected enormous energy.....!"

“No way!” Nella said as she saw the Achilles suddenly vanishing from sight. She forced Eclipse into its maximum speed and took her laser scythe and hit the back of the mysterious ship. She could see an explosion, but the mysterious ship vanished again.

“Damn...!” Nella yelled in frustration.

“Nella, what is happening?” David yelled again, she has been ignored him.

“The Achilles gone!"


After launching towards the ship that had reappeared, Cecile saw it. It was huge like no other ship she's ever seen, the surface was fluid, as if it was floating mercury. Suddenly, X-Liberty detected a huge amount of energy being dispersed from the ship.

And then she saw it... Catalina's main weapon, Achilles, was destroyed. Although there was no smoke no explosion, it seemed as if the weapon had just melted down.

Cecile, still awed at the sight and not fully comprehending it, detected energy again. This time it was stronger and was all around her. When she next looked down at the screen, she saw nothing on it; the screen was blank.

Catalina shook violently...

“What happened?? Report immediately,” Arthur cried.

The Operator responded immediately, “We were shot by some kind of unknown particles... urm... Captain... Achilles is gone”

“What do you mean it's gone??" Arthur was shocked.

“It was destroyed...” the Operator answered nervously.

“WHAT?????” Arthur yelled, unable to believe his ears.

“Captain,” said the operator, who noticed something on his screen, “X-Liberty has gone missing.”

“MISSING??” Arthur was beginning to wonder what was happening.

“ was right beside that ship...they both Vanished,” the operator answered hesitantly, unsure if the Captain can handle such bad news coming one after another.


Suddenly, Nella got shot own out of nowhere. The computer in the Eclipse made a noise and another mobile suit suddenly appeared on the screen.

"A GUNDAM?” Nella wondered out loud and prepared herself for a fight. The colour of the GUNDAM was silver black, and it had big wings like structures.

"What is happening....?” David asked again, but the communicator broke down. Another message came in, to Eclipse.

"Hey, little earth girl!" a male voice said, "I have to take this GUNDAM... I’ll say sorry in advance, for when I kill u!"

"I´ll never let u touch it!” Nella said and shoot at him, but he dodged it, "Who are you?"

"Ain Mursil, status R3 GUNDAM fallen Angel!” he said in a manic manner and started to attack her.


Suddenly out of nowhere another GUNDAM appeared. It had golden lines and something that looked like a cape. With full speed, that GUNDAM suddenly attacked X-Liberty.

She opened the communication.

"GUNDAM pilot, give up!” a female voice said, sounding bored.

Cecile kept looking at the blank screen. Suddenly the screen detected something, Cecile looked up – it was a golden GUNDAM. Cecile thought, this GUNDAM must be from this ship, they probably detected my presence. Cecile then heard a woman voice, saying, "GUNDAM pilot, give up!”

Cecile replied, "Who are you??? And what are you doing here???"

The woman answered with mocking laughter and launched an attack at Cecile. Cecile dodged it as best as she could, and then set up the Dragoon system on her. But the golden GUNDAM was really fast; it was so fast, it was as if it disappeared and reappeared at another place, but was it really that fast, Cecile wondered as she checked her screen. It was in fact vanishing and reappearing, it's like the ship.

Cecile thought, probably the same technology. Cecile started to type on the keyboard, thinking, if I could just figure out where these energy particles are dispersed, I can shoot it, and blow this ship's cover!

The woman launched yet another attack, this time Cecile was hit, but it was nothing major. The woman laughed again, seeming to enjoy herself a lot. Cecile flew around randomly, trying to detect the source of energy, but still the X-Liberty’s system couldn't sense where the energy was coming from
The woman started teasing Cecile again, taunting, "So pathetic, is this how strong ZAFT pilots are, flying around like cowards?"

It was at this moment, that Cecile found it – where the source the energy was coming from, but first she needed to take care of that GUNDAM, at least for a moment, for her to get the chance to disable the ship's strange energy particles. Cecile shot back hotly, “I promise you this – you won't be the last to laugh!"

The woman replies lazily, "Oh, I don't think so my little girl."

As the GUNDAM launched forward with a saber sword, Cecile dodged it, cut off the golden GUNDAM's hand and then quickly turned to the ship used the Golden GUNDAM's sword and stuck it where the energy particles was coming from...
There was a muted explosion, and before the Golden GUNDAM can make any move, they were all thrown backwards by the effect, and the ship appeared once more.

Mysterious Battleship:

"Two hits!" the servant said monotone.

"I see," he said but it didn´t seem to concern him, "Switch to mission two – target Catalina!"

"Dädalus loading!" the servant said and typed quickly, "2 minutes to go!"

"Say, Irina should finish that damn GUNDAM. And Ain should bring that new model!" he said.

“Yes, Sir!"

The Condor turned 160 degrees again and targeted Catalina.

“Dädalus 100 %. System on!"

"Fire!" he said amused.


Fallen Angel came in from the side, so fast that Nella could only block the attack. The arm of Eclipse was hardly damaged now.

"Do you think a normal girl has a chance against a coordinator?" Ain yelled, laughing crazily.

“You are a coordinator?" she asked and threw the scythe at him. He dodged it and it came back.

All of a sudden, from nowhere, came another GUNDAM and shot directly at Nella..........

With the addition of this new GUNDAM, Nella had to deal with two GUNDAMs. She shoots at the Fallen Angel and then attacked the newcomer.

"How can u guys fight against the same people!" she yelled through the radio broadcast, "How can u fight?"

The new GUNDAM was not replying.... it continued shooting at her..... a bullet hit Nella's gun and it flew away, leaving her defenseless.....


After Cecile targeted the ship's energy particles, the ship appeared once more on Catalina's screen and on X-liberty’s. The Operator informed Arthur, "Captain, we caught their signal again, both the ship and X-Liberty!”

Arthur was quick to reply, "Connect me directly to X-Liberty, and take aim at that DAMN Ship, full power, HURRY"

"Yes!" the operator replied.

Arthur turned his attention back to Cecile, "Cecile, what's your status?"

Cecile answered, "I'm ok, I was caught up in that ship energy particles and thus disappeared with them, and I managed to break it down."

"Get as far away from this ship, we are targeting them right now," Arthur warned.

"Yes!" Cecile replied. As Cecile starts to move away, she sees that golden GUNDAM again, launching after her. "Won't she give it a rest?" Cecile cried out in exasperation. And then something else caught Cecile's attention. There was a mobile suit fighting with 2 other suits, the scene seemed to captivate her; the fight was intense and the suit seemed to be pretty damaged.

The Operator noticed something and informed Arthur immediately, "Captain, that ship is aiming at us; they've locked us...”

"Evade!" Arthur yelled. Catalina shook hard, the beam passed right beside them.

"How long till we can fire???" Arthur asked, anxious.

"We are at 95 %" the operator responded

Catalina turned to face Condor. Arthur shouts, "Fire!!!"

Mysterious Battleship:

"What was that?" he said and stared at the screen.

"It seems the attack of that new Earth Alliance GUNDAM has disturbed our calculations!" the servant reported.

"Damn!" he said, "Lets end mission two here. Withdraw!"

"Yes, sir!" the servant said.

The condor withdrawed.

"Damn it was so funny!" Ain said and turned.

"They are withdrawing!" Nella cried in surprised and turned on the channel through to David.

"Nice that u talk to me again!" he said in a sarcastic manner.

"They are withdrawing!" Nella repeated

The GUNDAM is now withdrawing. After a while, it disappeared without a trace.
Another boring day, was the thought of the silent pilot.

Back at Catalina:

"We missed them, they are backing off," the operator reported.

"Backing off.....” Arthur sounded thoughtful, “I want a full report about the damages, and I want a technical team straight away to see what they can do about Achilles, this is not over, broadcast to all our armors and mobile suit to come back.”

"Yes, I’ll get to it immediately, sir!" the operator said.

As The golden GUNDAM approached Cecile, she heard the woman saying, "It seems this is your lucky day, I'll get you next time." And she coldly laughed and flew away.

"ehwww" Cecile sighed out of relief; it was all over, at least for the time being. She descended back to Catalina, thinking what a rough day it was.


"Girl you have many trouble!" David commented, "But well done.....!"

Nella stared at the screens, watching the enemies leave. Why do they fight against their own people, she thought and turned back the GUNDAM. She couldn´t understand why they did that.

"Damn!" David suddenly said.

"What’s up?"

"Some of the ZAFT Pilots said ‘that’ Ship had the sign of the Earth Alliance!" David said in shock, "they arrested our captain. I am not sure what they are going to do with you......!"

The transmission was suddenly gone. But Nella was on the Hangar now; as she opened the cockpit, some ZAFT soldiers were waiting for her.

"Second lieutenant Nella Sky?" the first guy in red asked.

"Yes!” she answered.

“You are under arrest! Please follow us, and do not resist!" they pointed their guns at Nella.


Editor’s note:
I hope Episode 2 will ride on Episode 1’s success! This episode had taken longer than planned, due to unforeseen circumstances... *oh, what am I crapping there for!! That is the oldest excuse on earth!!*

Anyway, *clears throat*

When the first entry had came for this story, I myself was unable to cope with the huge amount of characters!! And as the story goes on, more and more characters entered the story!! Some became important characters, while others remained as minors. Be it major or minor, all these characters must be toying your mind around with confusion!! Never you mind! The editor comes to the rescue!!! *Aww, you yourself is a writer who creates so many characters!!*

So let’s start with the main characters =) we’ll do this 2 at one go, shall we? So you have a little time to get used to them!

First character, Nella sky! Let’s take a look at her bios stats!
Age: 17
Hair: lilac
Eyes: Brown
Type: recorded as Natural
History: She joined the earth alliance, coz of the fact that her parents died as Stella attacked Berlin. At that point in time, little Nella was stunned, and in her shock, she joined the Alliance.

Next, we have Cecile Soli!
Age: 18
Hair: dark ruby red
Eyes: brilliant green
Type: Coordinator
History: she grew up in PLANT, she is a childhood friend of Yzak Joule. Her father was lost in the bloody Valentine tragedy and ever since her mother has been in a coma. She decided to join the military for revenge.
Side note: Yzak was actually very angry with Cecile for joining the military! He was about to hit her, but was stopped by Athrun and Dearka. No harm there, since he was trying to get her to her senses.

All right! So there you are! Tune up for the next episode!!
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Credits for this episode:

Editor: Stranger Y

Episode 3: Checkered move

As Cecile settles X-Liberty down, she calls the technicians to check and repair X-Liberty. Catalina has also landed for damage assessment and repairs.

"Mobile suit pilots, please come up to level 2 for briefing. Lieutenant Soli your presence is asked at the Bridge."

Captain Arthur must want to brief me on what exactly happened, Cecile thought as she makes her way to the Bridge. As Cecile is going up to the bridge, she heard, "Catalina suddenly shook, but that's all and Achilles has been destroyed it just like melted or something...."

"Captain you asked for me," Cecile said when she reached the Bridge. Arthur put down the papers, "I need to know exactly when the repairs can be finished. And, Lieutenant Soli, I want to know exactly what you saw up there."

"Well that's the thing, I didn't see. They were using some kind of energy particles that I couldn't identify. But anyway X-Liberty collected a lot of information, because it experienced with the ship the process of vanishing if that’s what you want to call it," Cecile replied, “I'll analyze these data right away with my laptop.”

“Yes please, straight away, please pass this data later as soon as you get anything."
Cecile "Yes, I'll start on it right away. My laptop is still in my car, I'll go get it."

On her way back, after she brought the Laptop, Cecile saw a somehow familiar face, a young girl arrested... She recognizes the girl as the civilian at the Lacus Clyne speech she saw early on in the Day. Cecile went to stop them. "Where are you taking this Girl??"

One of the Soldiers replied, "She's Earth Alliance."

"And so???"

"The attacking ships were EARTH Alliance."

"But surely-"

"And she assaulted the guards of Ikarus and was flying this GUNDAM"

"I was only trying to help," Nella put in.
Cecile looks up at the GUNDAM the soldier was pointing at, "I saw that GUNDAM when we were fighting." She turns to Nella and asks, "Were you flying this GUNDAM???"

Nella remembered her pretty well. It was the girl she bumped into earlier.

“Yes it was me!" she answered and watched her, "And I cannot believe that THAT ship was from the Earth Alliance!"

"Neither do I" Cecile now addressed the guards, "I saw that GUNDAM while I was fighting, it was on our side, it's even the reason why that ship backed off anyway."

"These are orders and I must follow them...”

"But, you've got it all wrong!"

"You know how this works, I can't disobey direct Orders," The guard replied, and he started walking away, taking Nella with him. Cecile looked at the little girl, thinking she's such young yet very skillful and brave... She shouts out to the Girl "I'm gonna get you out, what's your name??"

"Hu? … I am Nella, Nella Sky!" she said smiling bravely at Cecile, but then the guard pulled her along. They brought her to a room, where she saw the Captain again.

For some minutes, while the guards left, they stared at each other.

".....Sorry!" she said finally looking at the ground.

"Hmmm, it has no sense!” the man with the white hair and brown tan said, and “All in all they think we attack PLANT! That isn´t good at the moment… Not after all that Terrorist attacks!"

"What do you mean by that sir?” she asked and sat down.

"What do you think the EARTH will do now? PLANT say it our fault....that will make the Blue Cosmos strong again. See....through the terrorist attacks and our arrest, people will now think that PLANTs and ZAFT are working against us!" he said.

"Why would they think that?" Nella said, "The terrorist attacks aren´t ZAFT’s fault... They never...!"

"After two wars people are thinking this, girl! We will have many problems from now on!"

. . .

As Cecile is heading Back to Catalina, she couldn't help but feel angry as thoughts of the events entered her head…

"How could they believe it was the EARTH Alliance? Even if they saw their sign, arresting people like that will only cause more trouble, let alone they are arresting people who are helping us...they are out of their mind"

"Nella… Nella sky, I sure won't forget that name, such a talented girl...."

"But what if it's really the EARTH Alliance, this new technology they possess, I must analyze the matter how I look at it, this won't lead us anywhere peaceful, and it seems war is inevitable."

. . .

"Finally I moved the first chess piece!" he said sitting in front of the window again, "Let’s see how they will react!"

"Scared?” a female voice came from a corner, "They have seen a new weapon, they will sure build up their defensive forces and that also mean that they will become offensive....!"

"As we have planned, huh?" he said smiling, "They will finally destroy each other......!"

. . .

"I only.....they are my cameras....!" a voice yelled outside at the corridor.

"That’s David!” Nella said and listen to that what is going happen next, but nothing was to be heard. Then suddenly the door opened and another guy stood there.

"I am Commander Yamato!" he said and watched both inmates careful, "And this guy wanted to see you!"

David followed him into the room, he was really quiet now.

The Captain and Nella saluted....


Editor’s note:
Unsurprisingly, Episode 2 did not receive as good a response as Episode 1.

Let’s continue with the character introduction. We had Nella and Cecile for the previous episode. This episode shall feature the boys then.

First up, Ralph! (He is the mysterious bad guy, by the way)
Age: 20
Hair: Black and messy
Eyes: Brown
Type: Coordinator
Blood type: B

Next, a preview into a new chara to be coming sometime in the episodes further down!
Name: Vicious
Age: 24
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Type: Coordinator
History: An ex-ZAFT pilot, Vicious broke away due to his disapproval of the way ZAFT works.

All right! So there you are! Tune up for the next episode!!
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