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Choose a Kaitou Kid Character that you want to be and why?

Here is a list of some from Magic Kaitou:

Kuroba Kaito (黒羽 快斗)
Kaito is a smart, quirky, 17-year-old magician. He's childhood friends with Aoko Nakamouri, is good at all sports except for ice skating, and is absolutely deathly afraid of fish. Kaito is also the Kaitou Kid (怪盗キッド, Kaitō Kiddo?), the phantom thief. He gives the police riddles describing when, where, and what he is going to steal in a heist, and returns or throws away everything he steals. Kaito constantly teases Aoko, but he seems to have feelings for her. The name "Kaito" has no special meaning, but is a pun off the word "Kaitou" which means "Phantom thief." "Kuroba" means "Black Feather;" it is also a pun on the English word "clover," which Kid sports on his monocle. Shinichi Kudo from Aoyama's Detective Conan physically resembles Kaito. The only major difference in their appearance are their hairstyles. In the Detective Conan anime Kaito and Shinichi are voiced by the same seiyū. In English, he is known as the Phantom Thief Kid.

Kuroba Toichi (黒羽 盗一)
Kaito's father. Toichi was the previous Kid. He was a famous magician that everyone liked. He taught Kaito many magic tricks and to always use 'Poker Face' when he was little. When he was KID, both he and Booker(Yuusaku) Kudo used to be rivals. Toichi died in an 'accident' while performing a trick, but Kaito finds out later that it was murder.

Note: He has a similar appearance to Kudo Shinichi's father, Kudo Yuusaku in Detective Conan and also taught disguise to both Shinichi's mother, Yukiko, and Vermouth, who are characters of Detective Conan.

Nakamōri Aoko (中森 青子)
Kaito's childhood friend. Kaito often teases her and flips her skirt, driving her to chase him wielding her weapon of choice, a mop, even though she is secretly in love with him. She is the daughter of Inspector Nakamori, so she hates Kaitou KID. Ran Mouri from Aoyama's Detective Conan physically resembles Aoko. Like Kaito and Shinichi, the major difference in their appearances are their hairstyles.

Nakamōri Ginzo (中森 銀三)
Aoko's father. He is the inspector who is head of the Kaito Kid Task force. He is known for his colorful, loud curses. He mistakenly believes that the current Kaitou Kid is the one that he started chasing after more than 20 years ago. Kogoro Mori from Aoyama's Detective Conan physically resembles Nakamori.

Hakuba Saguru (白馬 探)
A teenage detective from the United Kingdom. He is blond and very smart. He gets the closest to catching KID. He is almost certain that his classmate, Kaito, is the phantom thief, he even has DNA from Kaito's hair connecting him to KID, however he doesn't have enough evidence proving that theory.

Koizumi Akako (小泉 紅子)
A girl that goes to Kaito's school. She is actually a witch with real magic, which causes her to be very critical of Kaito's "sleight-of-hand" magic. She knows that he is Kid, but has not told anyone. Akako is very much a seductress, and is "trying to make every man her slave". She is at first angry at Kaito because she cannot "control" him, but then she grows to like him. She seems to be able to summon Lucifer at will.

Ji'i Kōnosuke (寺井 黄之助)
He's an old man who is a side-kick to Toichi. He starts helping Kaito, who he calls "Young Master". For an old man he is very strong and skilled. He seldom appears in the series. It appears that he has a pool bar named Blue Parrot (ブルーパロット, Burū Parotto?).

Momoi Keiko (桃井 恵子)
Aoko's best friend. Keiko is a brunette who wears glasses. She envies Aoko because she has a childhood friend (Kaito) and Hakuba likes her too. She's good at ice-skating, but does not know how to ski.

Chaki Shintarou (中森 銀三)
He is an inspector of the Kaito Kid Task force. He also appeared in Detective Conan

Others from Detective Conan

Shinichi Kudo
17 year old high school detective. Big fan of Sherlock Homes, a suiri otaku (big fan of speculation), and great at soccer. Childhood friend of Ran Mouri. Shinichi has feelings for Ran, but can't be truthful about it. Seiyuu: Kappei Yamaguchi

Conan Edogawa
The child form of Shinichi after being forced to drink a mysterious pill by men in black. Shinichi used the name Conan Edogawa to hid his true identity from the people around him while searching out members of the myterious organization. He lives with Ran Mouri and her dad, Kogoro Mouri. Uses voice changing bowtie and other nifty devices created by Dr. Agasa. Seiyuu: Minami Takayama

Ran Mouri
Classmate and childhood friend of Shinichi Kudo. She secretly likes Shinichi and worries about him during his absence. Ran is very strong willed and a great karate athelete. She can beat the crap out of her opponents if she isn't scared or semi-unconcious. Ran cooks for Conan and her dad and when she's not around they starve or go out for food. She is also the responsible one between her and her dad. Seiyuu: Wakana Yamazaki

Kogoro Mouri
Ran's father and incompetent detective. He hasn't been able to solve a single mystery for himself. Conan secretly solved all his crimes for him. Before he became a private dectective, Kogoro was a detective in the police department, working along side with Inspector Megure. An incident caused him to retire from the force early and do what he does now. Believe it or not, Kogoro was actually kakkoii when he was younger! A.K.A The Sleeping Kogoro. Seiyuu: Akira Kamiya

Detective Boys
- Genta Kojima, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya , Ayumi Yoshida
Classmates of Conan. They like to solve mysteries, but most of the ones that they do solve is mainly solved by Conan. They do however help Conan with ideas. There is a little love triangle going on between the foursome; Ayumi likes Conan, but Mitsuhiko and Genta like Ayumi and, of course, Conan likes Ran. Seiyuu: Wataru Takagi, Ikue Ohtani, Yukiko Iwai

Ai Haibara
She is like Shinichi. Her real name is Shiho Miyano. She was the one who invented the drug that shrunk Shinichi and herself. Her codename was Sherry, but the death of her older sister made her turn away from the Underground Crime Ring. When the Underground decided to kill her, they handcuffed her to a pipe on the wall to await her execution. Since they were going to kill her, she took her own drug, intent on killing herself first. Instead, she was shrunk, and her hand was able to slip out of the handcuffs.

Dr. Agasa
Shinichi's neighbor and Conan's "distant relative". He invented the cool gadgets for Conan (i.e. power-up shoes, voice changing bowtie, stun gun wristwatch, etc...).

Inspector Megure
He is the detective of the police force and relies on Shinichi to solve crimes. But with the disappearance of Shinichi, he comes to rely on Kogoro Mouri, whom he once thought was an idiotic detective.

Heiji Hattori
Being from Osaka, he is the West's version of Shin'ichi (the East's). Hattori has appeared in several cases. He figured out the Conan is really Shinichi.

Sonoko Suzuki
Ran and Shinichi's classmate. Ran's closest girl friend. Sonoko was the one who told Hattori that Ran and Shinichi are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Wataru Takagi
A detective in the Beika City Police Department. His partner is always Detective Satou. There seems to be a love triangle going on between Takagi and Satou.

Miwako Satou
A female detective in the Beika City Police Department. Her partner is always Detective Takagi. She's always oblivious to Takagi's love sick puppy dog reactions around her.

Black Organization (murder of original Kaitou Kid, Kuroba Toichi)

One of the men in black, or part of an Underground Crime Ring, Gin was the one who hit Shinichi in the head and forced a strange drug down his throat.

A member of the "Black Organization" who appears to be Gin's lackey. He calls Gin "Aniki," so I don't think he's a very important member. "Aniki" is used by lower level gangsters to address their higher level "brothers.".

Credit: (http://www.beikacho.com/conan/characters.html)

Operates under the guise of Rena Mizunashi, a TV reporter. Her real name is Hidemi Hondou. Like her deceased father, she is a member of the CIA; Her brother, Eisuke Hondou, was not aware of this since Hidemi pretended not to know him after she went undercover.

Vermouth (Chris Vineyard)
Also known as an American actress named Chris Vineyard. She's the daughter of American actress Sharon Vineyard. Vermouth is a high-ranking member of the Black Organization and a master of disguise. It's implied that she's intimately close with the head of the organization, who has yet to be seen.

(Shiho Miyano / Ai Haibara)
Her real name is Shiho Miyano. She was the young 18-year-old scientist who developed the experimental poison called APTX-4869 for the "Black Organization." Her scientist parents, Atsushi Miyano and Elena, also worked on the drug for the organization, but they died in an accident when she was four. Shiho has been isolated from her family since chilhood and was raised and educated in America, so her manners are very cold and American.
Her older sister Akemi Miyano also worked for the "Black Organization," but was killed by Gin in the "One Billion Yen Robbery" case. After her sister's death, Shiho tried to get out, so she took the drug and shrunk herself to escape. She remains hunted by the organization.
Shiho ends up living with Professor Agasa under the pseudonym "Ai Haibara."

Akemi Miyano
Shiho's older sister. Unlike Shiho, Akemi was raised and educated in Japan and lived a normal Japanese life. However, she was still part of the Black Organization, and was an accomplice in the 1-billion-yen robbery. She tried to use the money to blackmail Gin & Vodka to let Shiho out of the organization, but she failed and was killed by Gin.

A member of the "Black Organization" who appears in the "Gin & Sherry" case. He was a friend of Shiho Miyano's parents, so he was the first member of the organization to realize Ai Haibara's true identity, since he was able to recognize her from her childhood.

A low-ranking member who appears briefly in the "Briefcase Bomb" case. He was head-hunting for experienced video game programmers for the Black Organization. He speaks with an Osaka accent.

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