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Posted 8/4/08 , edited 8/4/08
**Sticky Posts

- only i or moderators can sticky posts, but, we sticky posts with at least 190 replies, or those who request a sticky.

**Game Posts

- is free to be made, as long as its member-friendly and PG-13

**Picture uploads

- pictures must be PG-13, any violation will not be given a second chance.


- topics must be PG-13 too, no mature content, explicit language whatsoever.

**Double Posting

-double posting is not allowed. double posting will result to punishment, violators will not be excused.

**Spam Area

-spam area is a post where you can spam and earn points for 1 hour. After 1 hours, it will be locked.
Spam Area only opens every after 2 months at a random pace of time.


-If you want to request a Timezone and let it be posted in the Group page, please do so.

**Friend Invites

-make sure yoru friends will not cause any trouble to the members, or else

**Religion Posts

-Christianity is allowed, any others isnt.


-english only while your in the group, okay?


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