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(heey, I didn't know Ame's like that!!! XD ~~~ sounds fun!!! is it alright with everyone if I "control" Hiroshi for a while??? not literally control, I just wanna bring out some of his feelings and characteristics!!! ~~~ thanks!!!)

As dusk came, Hiroshi and Kieran stopped in a dark forest miles away from any sign of urbanization. They entered it silently, with Kieran taking the lead. They walked for several minutes until they came to a clearing.

"This is where the girl lives?" Hiroshi asked.

"Nope," Kieran clarified. "I told her to stay here for a while."

"Then, where is she?"

"Don't be so hasty. She'll find us."

Hiroshi looked around. As the stars started to appear in the sky, he wondered how long will it take for the girl to find them at this hour.

He didn't have to wait that long.

From across the clearing, a dark shadow came into view. The girl wore a ragged cloak and dirty clothes. Her fair skin somehow glistened from the moonlight starting to appear between the trees. Her braided, light brown hair was hanging on both sides of her head.

She quietly approached them. Only then did Hiroshi realize that she had sky, blue eyes. However, she had trouble keeping eye contact with them.

"She's blind," Kieran admitted. "I found her just like that when the Corruptors left her."

"Hello..." the girl greeted. "I-I'm... Miyabi..."

"Hi," Hiroshi answered back, pitying Miyabi's state. Another reason why he wanted to find the Corruptors as soon as possible.

"I guess you're wondering why she can find us?" Kieran asked.

"Yeah. She could even walk normally."

"That's what the Corruptors had done to her," Kieran explained. "They took her sight along with her memories and life force, and enhanced her ability to hear."

"I... I can hear anything, even the hums of the bees in this forest," Miyabi said. "And manipulate sound to... to destroy things..."

"Her ears serve as her eyes," Kieran said. "This proves the continuous development of the Corruptors."

"They're getting stronger, aren't they?" Hiroshi grumbled.

"I believe so. We'll be in trouble if we don't act right now."

Hiroshi thought about Ame for a while. He wanted to keep her safe, but instead, he left her. He would just break down if he finds out that the Corruptors would have her as their next target.

As always, Kieran noticed the change in his expression. "Are you sure you're still with us? You've been thinking about that girl back there in that city. Remember that the Corruptors can find weaknesses easily."

"Just... Let's just forget about it." Hiroshi waved his hand away. "There's no way she could find us."

(oh really now, Hiroshi??? ~~~ animexcool, I think it's your cue!!! you understand Ame better!!!)
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(ROFL why thank you. *cough cough* xDDD hmm is this the girl u say you're gonna add? btw...PLEASE DONT BE SCARED TO CONTINUE OFF ME! add to the story! other perspectives of the roles will freshen the story and nothing is wrong. ok ok ok ok ? lol)

(Ame's POV)

"Where could Hiroshi have gone to?" I cursed under my breath. I had thought I might have known but now...I'm not so sure.

Looking around, I tried to spot anything that could bring me closer to where Hiroshi could be. I've been driving for ages, "it's turning dark now.." I muttered.

"That's enough looking for today." I turned a corner, driving into the parking space of a motel, I thought about where I'm going to start looking tomorrow.

I got out of the car and inhaled the fresh breath of air. The motel was slightly hidden, near a forest, just off the highway out of the capital and off to a rural village no one has heard of.

Ring Ring Ring Ring

"Yes?" A petite woman of about forty answered the door.

"I was wondering if you have a room I could rent for the night?"

"Oh how lucky for you love. We have one room left. Come in."

"Your room is 103. Breakfast starts at 7 AM, ends at 10 AM. When are you checking out?" The woman handed to me my keys.

"Umm... about noon." I shifted my eyes around, wondering where exactly my room was located.

"Ah! I'll show you to your room." She looked at me knowingly.

I laughed, "Thank you."

"Up the stairs, and the second door to the left...... Keys? Yes, thank you. Now, here we are!" Unlocking the door expertly, she presented to me the room with a flourish.

It was a mediocre room, with a standard bed and lamp. From the corner of my eyes, I glimpsed a door. Bathroom, I thought. "How wonderful!" I exclaimed out of politeness.

The woman beamed at me. "Would you like to join my family and I for dinner?"

"It will be my pleasure."

"Robin! Rere! Dinnertime!" The woman, 'Call me Mrs. Saxon dear.", called out.

"Aren't any of the other guests coming for dinner?"

"Oh well....the room next to yours have their doors locked, and the other guests are either not going to dinner or going to the city."

"How many rooms are there?"

"We only have five rooms. Three people just came in about 20 minutes before you arrived. Yes....they are staying in the room next to yours. They appear to be about your age, so maybe you can go to town together, seeing as you're alone..." As she ended her sentence, she looked at me rather...pityingly.

"....And also the girl - it was two men and a girl you see - seemed rather lonely. You two could use each other's company I reckon." She laughed. "Be careful of the man with the black arm. I told my children to stay well away from him, rather dangerous-looking. But the other boy is quite dashing." At this, she added another hearty laugh.

"Why, maybe I will." I couldn't see anything bad about meeting up with other people my own age. Perhaps, they could help me look for Hiroshi.

Hiroshi.........where are you?

(LOLLL i thought it would be funny if it turned out that they were both staying at the same motel. Up to the person after to decide if they get to see each other or Ame would have to continue the chase. :D:D:D:D:D)

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( ~~~ I know!!! but I think they should meet later... a bad situation for Ame might turn out cool when Hiroshi arrives!!! please wait!!!)

(***2/13/2009: Alright!!! I'm back!!! ~~~***)

That night, Hiroshi sat beside the window, looking at the silver moon high above the sky. As a victim of the Corruptors, he could never fall asleep.

He sighed as looked down at the parking area. His mind was filled with thoughts about Ame.

"There's a nice car parked outside, eh?" Kieran said. "A Porsche. Must be the latest model."

"What are you doing here?" Hiroshi asked, irritated. "Stop doing that, would you? You're reminding me of them."

Kieran let out a small laugh. He sat beside him. "Did I scare you?"

"No," Hiroshi replied. "I could have attacked you."

"Well, that won't happen. You still have a lot to go before you could even scratch me."

Hiroshi closed his eyes. "How very confident. That's why I never admired you."

"Ah well, you'll see someday..." Kieran's voice trailed off for a while.

"You've changed a lot, you know that?"

Hiroshi didn't say anything. He kept his eyes closed.

"You're not the same Hiroshi that I saved years ago. Your eyes were filled with hatred to the Corruptors back then. You were set on destroying every single one of them to retrieve your memories and heart back. Now, I see weakness."


"You still think of that girl, do you? I tell you, if you keep on thinking of her, the Corruptors would gladly find her for you, and make you watch them as they turn her into a monster."

"That's not going to happen. I'll never let them."

Kieran shrugged. "I just warned you. Whew... One thing that didn't change is your stubbornness."

Someone suddenly knocked at the door. "Kieran? Hiroshi?" Miyabi called out.

Kieran walked across the room, and opened the door. Miyabi entered the room, and walked towards Hiroshi.

"I heard your conversation earlier with Kieran. I'm sorry if I eavesdropped. I can't do anything to shut my ears from any sound, no matter how inaudible it is to you.

"Umm... all I want to say is that Kieran's right. He's concerned for our safety so that we can live a normal life after we take it back it from them."

"Thank you, both of you," Hiroshi said. "However, I'll appreciate it if you could just give me some private time with my self."

"Whatever you say," Kieran replied. "We'll be leaving before noon tomorrow. We'll have to keep up with the trail, or lose it."


(ack... I'm too sleepy to continue... *sigh*... TT^TT ~~~ I'll be waiting for the next entry!!! and don't hesitate to give me suggestions!!!)
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(later it is then! yay! my porsche is mentioned :'D maybe u'd like to save ame in hiroshi's pov?)

(Ame's POV)

I overslept!!!
The sun was shining brightly, as if mocking me. I pushed the blankets aside and stood, dazed and disoriented. I'll just take a shower...I thought. Dinnertime seemed years away. Glancing at my watch, I realized it was 9.45 AM. It took me a few seconds to remember that breakfast ends at 10.00 AM. Forget the shower, I'm eating first!

Downstairs it's already quiet. A couple of guests were still munching away in the small but cosy dining room. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and poured myself a cup of tea. I took a seat in the corner of the room by the window. Flashbacks of Hiroshi kept playing in my head. I shook my head and reminded myself that if I continue to look I will eventually find him. I ate slowly, savoring the sweet taste of the cereal; all the while I studied the other guests. There was a girl that caught my attention. Her eyes were blue, the palest of blue. She was just stirring her cup listlessly staring into space. I watched her for a few minutes. Suddenly, her absent gaze met mine and a surprised look passed her face as she noticed I was looking at her. I dropped my gaze and continued my breakfast. Snatching glances at her, she slowly returned to that blank expression she had earlier.

I eyed her curiously.


(Miyabi's POV)

"Yes, shall we go to the central today?"

"Un~ I really want to visit the park. The tourist guide said it was beautiful."


"Mommy. I want the chocolate muffin."

"After you finish your toast dear."


Scraps of conversations between the guests kept on floating into my thoughts, disturbing me. I tried to block them out, sometimes it worked, sometimes it failed. Hiroshi and Kieran are upstairs, they already finished their breakfast, and I think they are planning our next move. As I was finishing my third cup of tea, I kept thinking about that girl Hiroshi was talking about. Truth be told, I fell for Hiroshi, his voice. It was a beautiful melodic tune in my ears. His voice had this deep and low tone to it, and at times it is very rough but it has a gentle edge to it. A voice that lovely must have a handsome face, so I thought. It didn't really matter, I cannot see his face anyway. This girl, whoever she was, she is very lucky to have Hiroshi care for her so much. Hiroshi's voice always softens whenever that girl is mentioned. A sigh escaped my lips. For a moment I daydreamed about what could be between Hiroshi and I...


I snapped back to reality. Someone in the room had whispered his name, someone in the room knew him. Straining my ears to hear that voice, I found nothing. The voice had disappeared. I recognized the voice belonging to a female, hers was a soprano voice. It was high with a quiet ring to it. As she uttered his name, it had this....longing in it. Then a thought hit me, maybe it was a different Hiroshi. Maybe it's not my Hiroshi. I closed my mouth, surprised, as I thought it. My Hiroshi? I laughed. I'm already using a possessive pronoun on his name. I waved my hand as if to get rid of the thought. But it was still there, in the back of my mind.

(Love triangle!! typical teenage girl mind xDD anyway I wanted to try out Miyabi's POV. so.. four main characters so far with the antagonist being the Corruptors? When they do get to meet the Corruptors i wanna try out the Corruptors' POV!)
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(hey, hey!!! ~~~ not so fast!!! yep, the Corruptors are their enemies!!! oh, and that was a good thing you established the triangle!!! you're very sharp on character descriptions, right down to their voices!!! but I was planning Miyabi-x-Kieran, though... heheh... mind if you make a POV for him??? ~~~)

Hiroshi, Kieran, and Miyabi checked out an hour and half before noon. Curious eyes followed them as they exited the compound. Ame never noticed them for she was taking a shower.

"Everything ready?" Kieran asked. He looked at Miyabi and Hiroshi. They nodded.

"Alright then." He held Miyabi's hand. "Never let go, okay?"

Miyabi looked unsure. "I... Can I try with Hiroshi?"

This surprised both Hiroshi and Kieran. They looked at each other.

"I think not," Hiroshi started. "Please understand that we have no time for this. We need to get closer to the Corruptors before the trail vanishes."

"Did I hurt you the last time I held you?" Kieran asked. "I'm very sorry if I did."

Miyabi checked herself. "Oh... no, no... I shouldn't have brought this up..."

"That's alright," Kieran assured her. "Just tell me if I'm a bit too fast later. I could lessen the speed."

Miyabi's face flushed. "Thank you..."

Kieran looked at her for a while. He then faced northwest. "Let's go."

A moment later, the three of them disappeared.

(oh drat!!! I ran out of time again!!! please wait!!! I'll add more later!!! TT^TT ~~~)
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(thanks im not very gd with boy pov so u should try kieran. or someone else want to? ana? i'll continue the story once u finish your post)
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(alright!!! thanks for waiting!!! about your request for some Corruptor action??? ~~~ I'll be adding some of them in this post, but let's try revealing them one by one when Hiroshi, Kieran, and Miyabi proves to be a threat to them!!! oh, and about writing POVs... I find it hard to be the character... ~~~ sorry!!! maybe we can ask PurpleSkye!!!)

Wind rushed past them as they ran. Kieran kept glancing at Miyabi, waiting for her to say anything. Hiroshi was bringing up the rear, closely following them.


Fire quickly spread through the small house. The two Corruptors watched as the bodies of their dead victims caught fire and burned. The smell didn't bother them at all.

Their faces were hidden beneath dark, metallic masks. They wore black outfits, and had tattoos snaking in every part of their body.

"Shall we leave now?" one of the two asked. His voice was rough.

"How disappointing..." the other said. She followed her partner. "I thought their life forces were strong enough."

"It can't be helped, Mainen. Besides, if we hunt for more, we wouldn't meet the others on time."

"Why the hell do we need to do that? Why do we need to travel all the time? You know something, Armand!"

Armand did not speak. He continued to walk.

Suddenly, a wall of fire appeared in front of him. He stopped, and turned around to face Mainen.

"Control yourself. It won't help if you deplete your energy on me."

"Answer my question first!"

"I do not know a thing about our leader's plans! All I know is that I'm following his orders."

Hey eyed Mainen closely. "Unless... you're planning to leave the group?"

Mainen was enraged. "Like Kieran?! That traitor?! Hell! I wish that mark I left in his arm would remind him of his betrayal!"

"Well said. For if I catch you doing anything suspicious against the group, I won't hesitate to kill you."

Mainen snorted. "That doesn't scare me at all. On the other hand, I'll make sure that you'll yell in pain as I burn you to your death if I catch you too."


Several minutes later, they entered a dark, unknown cave miles away from where they came. They found their way in through huge boulders and narrow passages.

Five Corruptors were already there, waiting for them.

"You're late, both of you," an impatient voice echoed.

"We apologize, leader," Armand replied. "It will never happen again."

"Hmph, it'd better be. But this act of tardiness will not go unpunished."

Their leader paced around them. "I was told that Kieran has left our side."

"Yes," Armand confirmed. "He was last seen by Mainen, running away with one of our victims."

"Damnation." The leader stopped in front of Mainen. "Why did you not finish him off when you had the chance?"

"He was too fast," Mainen explained. "I managed to burn him in his arm, though."

In an instant, the leader grasped Mainen's neck. She choked as the leader raised her a feet away from the ground.

"Managing to burn someone's arm doesn't count as killing him, you understand? Never repeat the same mistake again."

He let go. Mainen dropped to the ground, and gasped. Armand went to her side, and raised her up.

The leader walked away. An eerie silence filled the cave for a while. The other four Corruptors, however, didn't seemed concerned.

"We are being followed by that traitor as we speak." The leader faced the two. "Now, he has come with our most treasured prize from back then.

"Do you remember him? His name is Hiroshi."

Armand and Mainen looked at each other. There was a glint of interest in Mainen's eyes that caught Armand.

"As a punishment, I want the both of you to follow them immediately. Kill the traitor, and bring back the prize. If you fail to do so, there wouldn't be a second chance."


( I apologize if the Corruptors are a bit brutal... but that's the only way I can show their bad character. I want to add more in this post, but I think you can add POVs for the two new characters: Armand and -poor- Mainen. But please remember that Ame's left taking a shower in the inn!!! ~~~)
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(*ehem* I'm surprised to find myself inluded in your conversations.. >.< So...want me to try being Kieran?? Mouu... i'm the traitor!? LoL. As long as it's a good guy, I'd be willing to try his POV... ^^, But I guess we shouldn't exclude Ame in the story!)

(Ame's POV)

I swept my water-drenched hair away from my face, frustrated and annoyed.

Where could Hiroshi be? I asked myself.

He left me no clue as to where he was headed off to. I did not know if he was alone or if he was with someone else. The latter would have been much safer for him. . . .Well, as long as he wasn't with a girl. The thought picked at my impatience to see him again more fiercely than ever before. I tried to let the water drown my jealousy for the nonexistent woman. For all I know he could just be alone and I was being silly thinking he was betraying me.

"Miss? Are you okay in there?" a series of knocks came after the exclamation.

My head snapped up at the noise, for a moment distracting me from my thoughts. I recognized the voice to belong to Mrs. Saxon. I turned to the door, wincing slightly as the water pounded at my back.

"Miss? Don't stay inside the shower too long. It'll make you dizzy!" Mrs. Saxon added.

As a matter of fact, I was feeling light-headed already. The warm water was much too comfortable. I vaguely heard the keys shuffling from seemingly from somewhere afar. The door burst open and suddenly everything went black.

(Kieran's POV)

"Wait a minute." Hiroshi's voice cut through the thick silence between our threesome.

He stopped running, torn between something back to which we came and the revenge he could accomplish going forward. I knew he was still thinking of that girl; even after we've talked to him, he still continued to tie himself with her. We could not afford any distractions. There was something much more important than that human girl he loved so much.

"What's wrong, Hiroshi?"

My eyes turned to Miyabi, who despite her blindness managed to impress me with her strength and courage. That's why I wanted to defeat the corruptors - for her sake. She did not deserve to be one of the d'mned. I had to save her from those filthy monsters. I needed to get back the things they took from her - that was my mission.

Besides, it was the least I could do for her after murdering her family. That bloody night that she could not remember was forever engraved in my memories. It was like a curse, burning itself around my heart every time I stared at her lovely blue eyes. It hurt me to see her more than necessary interest for Hiroshi. It hurt me even more to think she didn't have a chance with him; that he would only break her heart. Would she ever realize that she was better off with me?


What am I thinking?! This is the kind of thing that I should avoid. I shouldn't be feeling this way because I'm only endangering her life even more. I thought angrily.

Once again, I found myself falling for her over again. But how could I allow myself to love her if that was the sole reason as to why she became this way? It was my love that changed her into one of us; it was I who imperiled her. So now it was my job to ensure her safety to somehow atone for all that I've done. Nothing would stop me from doing just that.

Okaaaaaay...I don't think I did so well with this... Sorry!
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(you did great!!! It's every author or writer's standard to know what the characters feel in a scenario or event!!! ~~~ really, this story is turning out to be a romantic/adventure novel when we're finished with it!!!)

Hiroshi stopped dead on his tracks. For the first time since his life force was taken away, he felt his heart beat for a minute or two. Something was definitely wrong. His inner self was screaming for Ame's name.

"We have to go back!" he yelled. "I need to go back!"

"What's gone into you?" Kieran asked. He still held Miyabi.

"My heart... It beat for a while!"

"Are you sure? You could have hit something while you ran."

"Do you think I would lie to you? I felt it for sure!"

Miyabi let go of Kieran's hand. "Why? What could have made it do so?" she asked.

Hiroshi wasn't sure. "I... I don't know... My mind was screaming for Ame's name. Like she needs help."

Miyabi thought for a while. Maybe Ame was the girl he was talking about.

"If we go back, we'll surely lose the trail," Kieran warned him. "And first of all, you don't know where she is."

"She might have been following us," Hiroshi guessed. "She might be in trouble."

"A-Actually..." Miyabi started. She was having second thoughts not to tell them, but she didn't want Hiroshi to worry too much.

"I heard someone whisper your name. In that motel where we stayed. She could be Ame."

"She's there?" Hiroshi asked quickly.

"I-I'm not sure!" Miyabi answered. "I... I didn't know what to say to you!"

She felt guilt surge through her. At that time, she was daydreaming about being with Hiroshi.

"Miyabi..." Hiroshi said. "Thank you for telling me."

Miyabi turned pink. She thought he was going to be angry at her.

"What now?" Kieran asked. "What are we going to do?"

"Let me go back. I need to. She needs help."

"Think this over, will you?" Kieran told him. "We'll be sacrificing a lot of time, and we'll lose the trail if we don't go now."

"Both of you must go ahead. I'll catch up with you, I promise."

Kieran shook his head. "If you go back, we'll be with you. Whatever happens, we must stick together. I'm not even sure if we're followed by other Corruptors."

"I'm sorry. I know you worked hard to find their trail."

"Hey, it's alright. We can still find them, but we'll only consume too much time."

"Thanks, man." Hiroshi clapped his shoulder. "I owe you one."

"Oh well, even if I get angry, there's no way I can stop you from going back there." Kieran grinned.

"Let's go. We do not have enough time."

They headed back to the motel as fast as they can.

(Out of time!!! I'm planning to have a Hiroshi vs Mainen showdown ~~~ I'll be making the scenario, but you can add intervals!!! ~~~ I think it's best if Ame wakes up to find out that it was nighttime already, then drives aimlessly somewhere quiet where the showdown starts... but if you have better ideas, please don't hesitate to neglect my suggestion!!!)
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I'm so annoyed right now! I already typed up a suitable continuation and I had to accidentally press the shortcuts for the back button... So good-bye filler scene! >.< Now I have to do it over... T.T

(Ame's POV)


I turned around at the sound of my name. I recognized that voice. It was him.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

I rushed toward him, unable to stop myself from wrapping him in a tight embrace. I could feel his breath on my hair as he returned my sweet gesture. The excitement pulsed inside my veins powerfully.

"I love you." he whispered softly in my ear.

I was more than happy though I hadn't known I was itching to hear those words from him till I finally heard it for myself. It sounded wonderful. I love you. . . . I love you. I LOVE YOU!

"What was that?" I asked with a smirk plastered on my face.

He laughed at my antics but all the same he repeated his words albeit louder. This was definitely a dream come true even though I couldn't quite believe I was having my own fairytale ending. But I was glad he was my knight in shining armor and in a senseless joke of fate, I was his damsel in distress.

"I love you too." I replied as I drew circles around his neck with my fingers.

It was his turn to be overjoyed. I felt his arms tighten itself around me. I buried my face deeper into his chest, then, feeling his warmth and inhaling his scent. I was content where I was now. I would never ask for anything more if he would remain by my side.



"Can you do me a favor?" he said in a low tone.

"Anything." I answered automatically.

"Take care of yourself. Danger is coming and I want you to be safe." he told me, holding me tighter (if at all possible).

"You're not leaving again, are you?" I questioned, afraid to lose him for a second time.

As soon as the words left my lips, everything started fading into black. I could not hear Hiroshi's voice anymore not even the wind blowing around us. The warmth of his touch was slowly disappearing. I held onto him, not wanting to let go. I couldn't say good-bye. Not now. Not ever.

"Hiroshi, you can't! Please don't leave me!" I begged, desperately trying to hold on.

I was growing numb and the darkness surrounding me was getting intense. I was alone now and that frightened me.


(Narrator's POV)

"Hiroshi! No. . . .please. . . ." Ame mumbled restlessly.

The young girl turned at her patient, surprised to find that she was still in an unconscious state. Rere approached the bed, feeling the other girl's forehead for any sign of a fever. She frowned as she felt her slight warmth.

"I wonder who's Hiroshi." she thought aloud, grabbing the cloth from the bowl of cold water and placing it on the sleeping girl's forehead.

It made her jump when the door suddenly crept open.

"Oh dear, she's still not coming to?" Mrs. Saxon eyed the young teen anxiously.

Rere shook her head and then said, " She developed a slight fever too."

"My, my. It might be dangerous if she doesn't wake up soon." Mrs. Saxon stated, sitting by the bed.

"Do you think we should call a doctor?" Rere asked her mother.


Okay, I leave it to you guys to say who burst through the door here. You can make it Hiroshi if you like but I was thinking someone else (a stalker or a childhood friend maybe)... But really, it's up to you guys. ^^,
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(it's best if we stick to Hiroshi-x-Ame, cuz their love story would complicate more if we add another character in their midst... but we could consider if the story, and the characters, need it!!! ~~~)

Ame stirred. Her eyes tried to focus, but it was no use. Everything was blurred.

"Miss? It's best if you don't try to move for a while..." a girl said beside her.

"Ame? Ame?" a familiar voice panicked. "Look at you! Why did you run away?"

"Auntie?" Ame asked. Her vision cleared for a while. "W-What... happened?"

"I tracked the GPS signal of your car this morning. Your friends came over and told me everything! How could you run away like that? You should have gone home!"

"N-No. That's not what I meant." She tried to sit up, but failed to do so. "Where did he go?"

"Hiroshi?" the girl next to her asked. "You were muttering his name earlier."

"Come to think of it," Mrs. Saxon wondered. "I think I've seen that name in the guest book downstairs."

"I-I have to go..." Ame said weakly. "I need to find him..."

"No!" Ame's aunt objected. "I will not let you out of my sights again! There's no way I'll let you find that boy you're talking about, whoever he is! You're coming home with me."

A sudden burst of strength filled Ame. She stood up and walked towards the door, even though she still had that woozy feeling.

I must see him, she thought. I just have to...

Her aunt tried to block the door, but Ame dodged her. She ran as fast as she can towards the parking area outside.

No one will stop me. I've left my past behind. I must start a new life. To be what I want to be.

She jumped inside her Porsche, and quickly brought the engine to life. She slammed at the accelerator when she saw her aunt running towards her car.

"Ame!!!" her aunt yelled.


Hiroshi, Kieran, and Miyabi were several minutes away from the motel. The sun had gone down an hour ago. Kieran could still clearly see worry in Hiroshi's face. He turned around, and saw Miyabi gasping for air.

"You're tired," he said. "Let me carry you."

"N... No," Miyabi replied. "You... might... slow down..."

"Come on, we're almost there."

Suddenly, Miyabi looked at her right. "Something's... not... right..."

"What is it?" Kieran asked her, noting her tensed tone.

She didn't speak for a while, as if she was trying to hear something. Then...

"Hiroshi!!! Stop!!!" She yelled at the top of her lungs.

Hearing this, Hiroshi stopped. Kieran nearly slammed at him.

A second later, a streak of fire passed closely in front of Hiroshi like a bullet. The intensity was so great that his clothes nearly singed from the heat.

"What was that?!" he asked, surprised.

Kieran was on his battle mode. "It's them! The Corruptors have come!"

"They found us? Damn it!"

From across the forest where they stopped, Miyabi can hear laughter. The sound was frighteningly getting closer and closer at them.

( ~~~ darn it!!! I was nearly getting to the action, but I ran out of time!!! I'll have to continue this!!! please wait!!!)
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(im not doing the saving part =D )

The only thing on my mind as I drove along the highway was Hiroshi. If he had only gone this morning I could still catch up with him.
That familiar drowsy feeling came at me and I lost control of the car. I closed my eyes. It swerved dangerously into the side-road and to the forest. The car jolted and bumped unnervingly making me feel even more queasy.


The airbag opened and hit me in the face. Thus I discovered my car has drove into a tree. My first reaction was confusion.

"Where am I?"

and then..

"MY PORSCHE!" I opened my seatbelt and went outside. A quick survey of my surrounding told me that there was only trees surrounding me. My beloved Porsche was hit very badly in the front. I groaned. I opened the other door and checked the dashboard. A packet of tissue, some money, and a gun. I paused, Why the heck did I put a gun here?'


I assessed my situation. I was in a forest. Without a car. With some money. 50 dollars to be precise. But I've got a gun, for some strange reason. And I'm about 4 miles from the inn. I was only wearing a t-shirt and jeans. It could've been worse. I could have died.

"We've found you at last." A female voice echoed throughout the forest, cackling menacingly.

"Kieran! So you've brought Hiroshi with you. I see Miyabi as well." Now a male voice. Wait a second..Hiroshi? Hiroshi is in this forest? I concentrated on where the voice was and tried to track it down.

Wherever you are I'm coming to get you. And I've got a gun.

(LMAO. I don't know where the gun was from. been watching too many action movies )

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Sweat...I finally finish reading know what purple-chan?? Don't juz post it on the net....When everyone's finished this story....edit it ...put it into chapters and PUBLISH IT!!!....OMG!!! YOU GUYS ARE SO GREAT!! !! I'M ADDICTED!!! GANBATTE!!! I LOVE THE WHOLE PLOT!!!! I seee it's been awhile since someone has updated huh??...well...I might write sumthing...but not now...I have tuition and I need to study TT.TT...cus I have exams TT.TT....wahhh... ....but I really like this story ^^ yeah...

BTW....pyrotechnics17,animexcool and PurpleSkye....ever thought of being writers in the future??? I swear I'll buy's in English ....hehehe....but guys ROCK!!!

and umm...animexcool...I though it was a lil' harsh when you crashed her sad...what a agree right Ame-chan?? (she sounded really desperate there... )...j/k j/k ..lucky it wasn't a guy's car...we know guy's and their cars...
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LOOOOOL! i know i had to crash the porsche somewhere... ~~~ if it advances im going to make her buy a motorcycle coz its so much more practical in an adventure story XD cars are just too damn big :] if someone wants to continue after my post please do coz i dont want to double post >.<
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(Well, I guess I could try... but it's pyro who's good at the fight scenes! >.< LoL. This might just be a filler post. I don't know. I haven't thought of what to write yet. And lucky-chan, I'm so glad you liked this story we've put together. LoL. I agree about the Porsche though. Poor Ame. LoL. Anyway, here goes nothing!

(Ame's POV)

I strained my ears to hear their voices but all I could really hear was a flurry of "Hiyahs" and sharp swishes of wind. Obviously, there was a fight. I couldn't bare to think Hiroshi was involved in such a dangerous thing. He could get hurt and I just couldn't let that happen. Forget that I was a petty little human and that he was a creature more than capable of fighting off any of his enemies. He was - and it didn't matter to me what kind of monster he says he is - alive and I wanted to do all that I can to protect his life. I stumbled around, trying to find them. I tripped and fell a lot - not that I really cared at that moment - but I was beginning to lose hope.

"There you are, Ame!"

I looked up weakly, hoping it was Hirsohi. I was disappointed that it was only my aunt.

"Don't go running off like that!" she scolded as she helped me up.

I allowed this much but when she began pulling me back towards the edge of the forest, I resisted. That would lead me farther from Hiroshi than I already was. I didn't want that. I had to get to him. I had to try. I had to. . . .

I. . . .


I don't really know what that last part is. LoL. I was thinking it's Hiroshi flying and hitting a tree but yeah, I'll stop here anyway. I'll let others continue now. Sorry it's not as long as I usually write for this. . . . LoL.
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