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Posted 2/18/12 , edited 2/18/12
I might go a little of topic about Lettuce, but I want to tell you about Tokyo mew mew so I guess it's okay.

Ichigo means Strawberry and her english name in Mew Mew Power is Zoey, she's in iriomote wild cat!
Mint is Minto in japanese that's why she transforms as mew mew minto, her english name is Corina and she's a blue lorikeet (it's a bird)
Lettuce is Retasu in japanese and her name is english is Bridget, she's a black finless porpois(It's like abig fish, a whale and it's not black at all it's just the name i've seen the pic on how it looks in the anime)
Pudding in japanese is Purin and her english name is Kiki, she's a golden tamarin lion monkey(it's a mokey, it's not smal more like average)
Zakuro is parmagrante in japanese, but she still trnasforms as Zakuro in the anime, her english name is Renee, she's the grey wolf!!

i read in the manga that Mia Ikumi the author originaly joked about the names she has given them which would be the food names, but in the end she decided to keep them and that's why they have food names!!

if you guys want info or pic then feel free to send me a message i wouldn't mind sharing the info or pic's i have!!

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Posted 1/5/13 , edited 1/6/13

kuro_vera wrote:

CallumSanderson wrote:

I'm a guy and I love Tokyo mew mew is that normal;?

Of course :)
I wish more guys liked Tokyo Mew Mew... :/

Actuqlly, i kinda like it too.....
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