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Why do you like TVB?
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Posted 5/2/10 , edited 5/2/10
why i love TVB!?!?

1. I grew up watching it
2. The series are long (not like...urrgh...8 episodes)
3. Mostly star seasoned actors who can actually act (minus some rising stars that are shoved in dramas despite not knowing how to act...)
4. Older TVB (1995-early 2000s) are very good
5. Wuxia is very much love as welll ^^

although i gotta say, these days tvb has lost quality...some of my fave stars are aging but still forced into young roles (of course some actually pass off as 15 yrs younger than their age so.... ^^;)

just coz im on topic, when's raymond making a comeback? i miss him!!! isn't there a series with tavia/ramond?
and when's that charmaine, moses, linda, fala series coming out? the princess one..
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