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31 / F / Konoha Gakure
Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/21/08
Insanes have stolen Shapley's color

Yes, it's true.
After having Pastel Rose pink for 3 WHOLE years the color is no longer Shapley & CSJH The Grace but is now SNSD's & their fan club "Sone".

We have all read about the battle for the balloon color that has been going on in CSJH daum cafe; it looks like SM has finally made a move. They have decided to give the color to SNSD & their fans after their fans whined about it. The situation is that Pastel Rose Pink was given to Shapley when CSJH was still considered a project group but they became official when their name changed to CSJH The Grace; SM then decided to give them Pearl Pink as well. Many Shapley wanted to stick with Pastel Rose Pink since that was the color that they originally had; Pastel Rose Pink is the formal color that was given, while Pearl Pink was considered temporary color, but Shapley embraced both colors.

SM didn't seem to have a problem since CSJH The Grace was currently their only girl group at the moment until SNSD debuted. SM has given SNSD Pastel Rose Pink despite the color already being the formal color for Shapley.

Shapley did not like it because that was their color but Shapley,, being the nice & kind hearted fan club did not make it a big deal until SNSD fans did. They whined about it, you can read more about it here
and so SM has finally decided to assign Pastel Rose Pink to SNSD & their fans as their new official color, while Shapley will be Pearl Pink.

Here are some pictures of Shapley with their balloon color:
This was when CSJH The Grace was only known as CSJH during (2005-2006)

Shapley in 2006-2007

credit: CSJH daum

To add more insult to Shapley & CSJH the grace. Supposedly SM did not sell Shapley balloons at the stadium & SNSD fans were waving both Pastel Rose Pink & Pearl Pink balloons for SNSD

Oh but the insult does not stop there, CSJH The Grace will not be making their comeback anytime soon. Stephanie, the youngest member, announced that CSJH The Grace will be staying in Japan til 2010.

If taking away their color wasn't bad enough, SM has decided to extend their stay in Japan even longer.
Is this the first sign of SM shoving his older artist aside to make room for the newer ones?
Who's next?

snurfyangel has kindly proved me a clip of Sunday crying during the SMTOWN LIVE 08.

You'll see it at 3:35. Of course CSJH The Grace knows whats going on. It explains why Sunday & Dana looked sad during the concert yet they continue to smile for their fans that attended the concert.


credits by marmar & snurfyangel @ STAND forum

PS: =.= these girls sure need to be kick outta this world =.=
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31 / F / Konoha Gakure
Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/22/08
YAHH!! the delusinfuls call themselves SIT

as for me
SIT = Soshit's Incurable (re)Tards


but they say
SIT = Sushi Is Tasty

*rolls eyes*
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32 / F / Suju's Dorm, prec...
Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/24/08
i think SHIT is better for them..
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31 / F / Konoha Gakure
Posted 9/7/08 , edited 9/8/08
SNSD Is Put to Shame at Inkigayo's 500th

You read that correctly, dearies. Last night, our lovely ladies performed the legendary Shinhwa's hit "T.O.P" at Inkigayo's 500th Episode Special. The members looked hilariously smokin' in the single shade of black, trying oh so hard to be taken seriously and perhaps saying goodbye to their "cute" image. Yeah, right. You could feel the intensity in their dance moves, I'm sure, as they decided to ruin yet another Kpop hit.

You can clearly hear the lipsynching goodness oozing from your computer speakers. Why do those cutie pie Soshi fans want us to take their equally cutie pie girls seriously when they can't even sing live? Were Shinhwa's dance moves too "intense" for you ladies to handle?

And where was their darling Yoona in all this? Their center of attention is once again M.I.A. (for the better) and yet there's nothing but dry eyes in this room :D

In addition to rockin' Shinhwa's song last night *gag*, the Wonder Boys totally owned their plastic behinds. The Wonder Boys (consisting of Big Bang's Seungri, Super Junior's Shindong and Sungmin, SHINee's Taemin, and 2AM's Jo Kwon) performed SNSD's "Girls' Generation" the Wonder Girls' "So Hot".

It's kind of funny actually. They didn't even perform "Girls' Generation" too long. "So Hot" was performed in practical entirety whereas "Girls Generation" was played for a verse and chorus. Do you see where I'm going with this?

You know you've lost when guys look better in pink and actually SING better and oh I don't know, LIVE :D
Try harder, ladies. We're waiting.

nice try ladies!! XDXD
keep doing stupid things to entertain us <333

credits by: fuzzywuzzy @STAND
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31 / F / Konoha Gakure
Posted 9/7/08 , edited 9/8/08
SNSD wore curtains?? XD

On the 3rd, the precious 9 girls of SNSD attended the Chungmuro International Film Festival, in what seems like Curtains off their dorms.

It's funny how SHINee get their own Fashion Designer orchestrating every little detail in their outfits while SNSD have to sink to the level of using their own sewing machine. And having to live in a home without curtains.

Yeah we know they don't make these themselves, but it doesn't make it any better for them.

Best thing ever though, Sportsseoul doesn't seem too impressed with their Fashion Choices either.

look at our GRWON UP SOONY:

=.=" second tardfanny anyone??

and the new look of gorilla HYO O.O

=.= i guess she's doing something with her nose or what


credits by: [email protected]
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31 / F / Konoha Gakure
Posted 9/14/08 , edited 9/15/08
SMTown Live in Shanghai (BLACK OCEAN FTW T^T)

Be ready and BE MERRY guys!

SMtown live 2008 in Shanghai last Saturday apparently was a total nightmare for Shitdae.
our lovely RELIABLE sources : mangoiceta, vivid, and crunkypop from STAND kept on sending us live report every hours, from the very beginning to the end of the concert..

check these out!

(these are when the concert wasn't start yet)

As of 10:18 am in Shanghai, Black Ocean Bar front line has reached the stadium and there is no sight of any major SNSD fans, only a few scattered around.

11:20am - Black Ocean is setting up a stand to give out items and information for the black out later on

It has been reported that a Chinese fan had thrown water at Soshit outside their hotel. The same fan also screamed "ANTI"

12 noon - the black ocean stand was extremely popular all black balloons and other items are all give out. There is also a stand selling SNSD items but no one is buying from there

13:19 - heard that there's a SNSD stall, but haven't seen any

13:21 - haven't seen any soshit fans. there was one Insane who went up to the Black Ocean stall and caused trouble and even cussed at the black ocean staff.

(and these are when the concert started)

at the start of the concert, they showed text messages on the screen where fans can send text messages and they'd be shown on the big screen
some fans sent text messages to soshit saying "turn off the light" and "anti you forever"


Black ocean frontline, only saw 2 SNSD banners and it was small, not very big. One is next to JaeJoong's and fans are very unhappy about it.

About the banner ripping, she is not sure because she is not see it, but she did saw a SNSD fan trying to take off one of DBSK's banner and was stopped by some fans.

7:30 - during SNSD's Hey Mickey, Black Ocean successfully appeared
7:33 - took pictures and videos
7:37 - when SNSD came out, the stadium became black, some people used their lightsticks to make and "x" , rhe scene was overwelming SNSD memebers cried (was said to be Taeyeon)
7:42 - they went to the bathroom right after they went on, after SNSD's performance there was booing. As for SNSD fans, there was no pink light seen.
7:43 - JRI came on, lights went back to normal, there is even JRI's own color (I think she was talking about the glowsticks)
7:45 - it was said that other SNSD memebers cried too and DBSK is out ... the crowd is going CRAZY!

8:04 - Taeyeon singing IF, some people closed their light, some people made 'x's but once again the whole stadium is quite

8:10 - when she is sining there is a person holding up a umbrella for her, while JaeJoong and Lina was doing their duet they were just left in the rain

8:57 - rain is too big, little break inbetween, UFOs are showing there was many anti SNSD messages

8:58 - concert is starting again

9:58 SNSD just finish Honey and is singing Kissing You now, as expected completely black, took pictures would upload with in the next 2 days

10:02 - during the 6 songs that was sang the stadium was black, the only lit up glowsticks were crossed into 'x's or forgot to turn it off. SNSD tried very hard to perform, this performance was not bad. Some one fell

10:55 - end of the concert, SNSD finally got the cheer they had been waiting for but how many was really for them ?

and CHINESE ANTIS never let us down...
look at these beautiful pictures

T^T i wish i can join them too!
apparently they make the X sign to show their desperation and hatred toward our fav girls...
serves them rite!

more photos:



and some ANTI fan cams:
^ this is at the PressCon before the concert begin...
one delusionfuls screamed when YURINE introduced herself and the others were laughing at her haha!

^ both are videos from the concert!
see how black was that place? XD

compare that with ZLY's performance:
whhoott!! everyone sang with her!! <333

and from the ADMIN of Black Ocean bar, onlyYJ, we are confirmed that SHITDAE got water splashed on them at the hotel lmao!

the fans splash water on snsd at the hotel~
and shouted "anti"to them~

and sept.14th, the airport~
the fans all shouted "anti & wondergirls "to SNSD~
JC cried~haha

still from onlyYJ, Black Ocean also gave black balloons to the audiences and one of them is a little boy. when he received that balloon, he said," fighting! we all anti snsd!"
good BOY!!


and one big news guys,
SHITDAE fans were trying to mess up with cass and elf (again!)

vivid from STAND says:

Here's a photo of Soshits fan trying to put up the banner.
From what I've understand, that section is where ELF and Cass stand
but this fan insist on putting SNSD's banner there,
even trying to push it towards Jaejoong's banner.
However, one girl tore a part of that banner when she tried to take it down.
Also one of them pushed the Jaejoong banner to cover SNSD's banner.

meanwhile, there's a topic in DAUM talking about why did the black ocean happen again? some delusionfuls say that's because shitdae has offended chinese' people feeling by saying TAIWAN IS A COUNTRY when Chinese think Taiwan is still in their territory , but others say other things.
whatever!! let them fight themselves! hehe


I hope these all satisfied your curiousity about the concert!
shitdae was totally PWNED guys!!
let's celebrate!!!

credits by: mangoicetea, vivid, crunkypop, and onlyYJ @ STAND, black ocean bar, daum, baidu
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31 / F / Konoha Gakure
Posted 10/9/08 , edited 10/10/08
SNSD does "Devil Wears Prada"

Note: Before you start reading, please note that everything in parenthesis is my commentary and it is not part of the literal translation. Thanks and enjoy!

SNSD revealed their personally-made resumes for their new Mnet show "Factory Girls". (They're finally admitting that they're plastic and fake! At least SM is getting honest, right?) As if we didn't know the 9 devils already, they are planning to do a reality show spin-off on the popular US film, "Devil Wears Prada".

SNSD members filled out scribbled with crayons on their resumes and got ready for their upcoming interview for an editorial position on ELLE magazine. (If I ever saw resumes like those above, scrawled and doodled by ditsy girls, I'd crumple it up and make a slam dunk in the trash bin.)

Each member showed off their unique personality stupidity through their response on their resume. In particular, SeoHyun, Sunny, and Jessica had resumes that stood out, with strikingly idiotic, egotistic remarks.

SNSD’s youngest who has always carred a quiet, “gentle” image, Sunny, revealed her real self “Although I am still lacking (in intelligence you mean?), I’ll work hard to become the best editor. I can do it (No you can’t). Please pick me (Hell no!).”

Always making cute sickening poses and adorable burdensome eye smiles, Seo Hyun said, “If you don’t catch me, you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life and you’ll regret it forever”. (The girl should stop making sexual solicitations because she' only a minor.)

Jessica said, “I won’t ever dose off and I’ll try my best”. Keep dreaming girl – you don’t have a chance.

By the way, Tiffany writes Korean like a kindergartener - those are some ugly Korean characters.

The show’s PD said “SNSD members will undergo the same ‘rigorous’ checkpoints in order to become a magazine editor. In contrast to the glamorous surface of the fashion world, they will show how real editors maneuver the world of fashion, style, beauty, trend, shopping, and celebrity in an ever transient fashion world." The first episode will air October 18.

Factory Girl Preview


the first episode has laready being aired in October 8th, 2008 which is on last Tuesday and how was it going?
check out this comment from key @ STAND:

i watched the half of episode 1 and i was LAUGHING OUT LOUD.
They said its a reality show??wow.!!that is so scripted.
I mean they're saying they are fashionable, when they are only switching clothes.
i just really can't wait to share this but i was just LOL.
And the girl that observing them is so fake(maybe she is really in elle girl)but like she's acting so fake.
Hyoyeon and seo-hyun are so not good in acting, they are like so obvious that they are f**ken acting.

I love fashion and i thought im going to be jealous at them for the first time but since now i know im just so laughing at them.

hahahahaha, if you wanna watch, you're just gonna LOL. haha

Plus the rest of episode one, they showed jessica and hyoyeons closet and there's like 5 dress and few shirt then alot of mini shorts and mini skirt. wtf??

Credit: thicindy

Source: Newsen
Credit: Maki @ STAND
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31 / F / Konoha Gakure
Posted 10/9/08 , edited 10/10/08

SNSD are the Smart one? *BARF*

popseoul wrote:With the “comeback” (and I use the term loosely, considering some of the groups never left) of several artists this month (ie; Rain, Wondergirls, DBSK and Big Bang), Girls Generation seems to be the only smart ones, holding out till November.

But they won’t be sitting around waiting till then.

The overly-populated girl group will be starring on M.Net’s new reality TV show entitled, “Factory Girl.” A sort-of reality version of the American book-based film, “The Devil Wears Prada.” The girls will work for Elle Girl Magazine (Korea) as editors.


some comments:

Jen wrote:they are smart… who can compete w/ dbsk.

^ this one is a delusionful anyway

and some antis comments:

Joongie's_lover wrote:@Jen: haha, r u kidding me??? There’s no way SNSD can be compared to DBSK. =)) DBSK is sooooo much better than SNSD though! lol~ seriously laughing at ur comment

boldstripes wrote:lol poor Elle Girl, they’re gonna have a hard time dealing with those 9 cheerleaders…lol and it’s not that they’re smart, it’s another strategy set by the father SM…ah that money minded boss…

hay hay wrote:Girl’s Generation/SNSD and “smart” should never be used in the same sentence. I honestly think Tiffany suffers from cerebral palsy.

hahaha!! nice defend delusionfuls!
but just admit it, LSM is SCARED, your girls are SCARED!!!!
get lost!!
credits: IhateSOSHI @ STAND
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31 / F / Konoha Gakure
Posted 10/9/08 , edited 10/10/08
'Factory Girl' Officially Starts

As you guys know, the SNSD girls are back on TV. As that wasn't an eye sore enough. They will be working as "interns" for Elle Girl. Yes this is The Hills minus the boys. The show this time targets 10 - 20 years old as compared to their original Girls Go To School reality show which just focus on little girls being the audience.
They will be dealing with all things fashion in Korea. The show officially kicks off todday which means for about an hr a week the delusionals will be tamed and not running around acting crazy.

Personally I still don't understand why Yoona is there. She is gonna show up for two episodes and then leave again, her taking up screne time during the intro is just pointless.
Why Elle Girl? If they have real talent they can open their own place, dont mooch off Elle Girl.
Can they really do fashion? these are the same girls who put the fat girl in the shortest skirt, the youngest in the shortest shirts, and walks around in granny panties.

PS: is this what you wear to a fashion magazine? cheap shirts with random legging?Goodwill Rejects


credits: [email protected] STAND
Posted 10/6/10 , edited 10/7/10
Another Black ocean this time 2010 SM town Concert~

They just don't get the message?

After all over the internet SM had said.
" SM town Concert 2010 A SUCCESS!!"
Umm.... What?

There is proof of the black ocean and yet they act like it never happened.
But whats more pathtic is that The sones believed it.... posting


"Power of 9!!!"

Poor sones.... they don't want to hear the truth
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