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Birth name: Choi Dong-Wook (최동욱, Hanja: 崔東昱) (surname, Choi)

Born: November 9, 1984 (1984-11-09) (age 24)

Origin: Seoul, South Korea

Genre(s): K-pop, J-pop, R&B, Pop

Occupation(s): singer, actor, dancer

Years active: 2003–Present

* YG Entertainment (South Korea)
* NEXSTAR Records (Japan)
* Gold Label Records (Hong Kong)
* 21 East Entertainment (China)
* EMI (Taiwan)
* GMMInternational (Thailand)


Se7en (Korean: 세븐, born Choi Dong-Wook, Hangeul: 최동욱, Hanja: 崔東昱, November 9, 1984) is a South Korean pop/R&B singer. He began training under a management agency YG Entertainment at the age of fifteen. After four years of training in voice and dance, he made his debut in 2003 and became successful throughout Asia.


Se7en has worked exclusively under the YG Entertainment label. Much of his career is composed of constant promotions for his songs through live performances on TV, radio shows, and occasionally, concerts. He also began learning Japanese in preparation for his promotional activities for his Japan debut in 2005.

Se7en has traveled throughout Asia, particularly Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and China. He has also performed a few times in the United States, specifically Los Angeles (Grand Olympic and Hollywood Bowl), New York City (Madison Square Garden), and Washington DC (DAR Constitution Hall).

In addition to performing, he has been featured on game shows in South Korea and Japan, and commercials for Samsung's Anycall, Baskin Robbins, Coca Cola, LG Telecom, Sprite (directed by David Fincher) and most recently, K-SWISS and KTF. He has held a total of five concerts in Japan: one held in 2005 at Yokohama, and for the year 2006, two held in Tokyo and two in Osaka. He held a total of three concerts for his "24/SE7EN" album promotion June 2006 in Seoul, South Korea. His popularity has earned him an award for the Most Popular Korean Singer in the MTV Asia Awards 2006 at Bangkok, Thailand, and the MTV Best Buzz Asia Award 2006.

On April 7, 2007, his 747 concert was held at Seoul's Olympic Park Stadium, which marks Se7en's last activity in Korea for 2007. He is currently working on his oversea activities in Japan and the United States. He has held another Japanese tour called '7rhythm' in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya in early July. According to his Japanese label, Nexstar Records, all of the 20,000 tickets for the concerts were sold out in a short amount of time[8]. Se7en is currently preparing for his U.S. debut, which is scheduled soon this year in 2008.

American Debut

Se7en and YG Family (including Big Bang, Jinusean and Gummy) have made an appearance on MTV K, followed by 3 concerts in Washington DC, New York City, and Los Angeles, to celebrate YG Family's 10th Anniversary [9] and to help promote Se7en before his American debut. The MTV K documentary aired on December 11, 2006.

Se7en is a featured guest on Amerie's Take Control on her album, Because I Love It, which was released in May 2007[10]. This remix is available on Asian versions of the album.

Yang Heon Seok, (CEO of YG Entertainment) had announced that Fabolous will be featured in Se7en's first U.S. single. However, due to a leak in March 2007 of his US debut song, "This is My Year" featuring Fabolous, on Myspace and YouTube, this caused some changes in Se7en's U.S. debut.

Se7en has been working with former CEO of LaFace Records, Mark Shimmel and Grammy-winner Rich Harrison on his first American album. A new production team called Noize Trip, who produced The Black Eyed Peas' Disco Club has also contributed some work. It was also reported that Teddy from 1TYM has produced a song for Se7en's American album and possibly will make more songs. Darkchild has also joined the team and produced songs for Se7en. It was also reported from Far East Movement's blog that they, as well as Three 6 Mafia will also participate in Se7en's upcoming English album.

Se7en also took necessary steps to ensure his debut such as trademarking his name in America.

Se7en began promoting his English songs through a U.S. album preview party tour with his first stop at the Hiro Ballroom in New York City on March 14th (produced by Swerve Media and Base NYC). Three of his U.S. album tracks were played at this preview party. He is currently holding other album preview parties across the country, which includes Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago (pending), Houston, and also in Toronto, Canada. Verizon Wireless has been sponsoring his preview parties and autograph signings by Se7en for a charitable cause.

So far the songs that have been revealed and performed is "Them Girls" produced by Darkchild, which will be his debut single, You Got Me Now featuring Three 6 Mafia, "Money Can't Buy Me Love" produced by 1TYM's Teddy Park and "Scandalous". During his preview party in San Francisco, Se7en also performed La La La both in Korean and then in English, giving a possibility that an English version of La La La will be on his debut English album.

Acting career

Se7en accepted the lead role for the Korean drama Goong S, a spinoff of the popular drama Goong. The first episode of Goong S premiered on January 10, 2007 on MBC; the average nationwide rating for the entire series was 9.7%, which was considerably lower than the ratings of its predecessor, Goong.

Despite the low ratings, Goong S was the most searched and rewatched drama online; it ranked higher than its competition: KBS2 Dal Ja's Spring and SBS Surgeon Bong Dal Hee. The drama has also gained a wide variety of support from international fans in the U.S., Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia, and Singapore.

Although he is aware that criticisms still remain, Se7en has taken note of those criticisms and is determined to continue acting in the near future. Se7en had said that even though the drama was not of much of a success, he does not ever regret accepting the role of his character in the drama. It even helped Se7en to sing with more emotion during performances. He also mentioned that he was thankful to have a chance to work with the drama crew and take his career to a new level by acting.


Se7en's vocal range can be classified in the tenor range. His voice can be described as smooth, mellow, and sometimes mildly abrasive (see vocal belting) when songs, such as "Crazy," "La La La," and "I Know," call for it. He often sings with a vibrato in his voice that American R&B singers are known for, and also incorporates beatboxing into many of his songs such as "Passion." Se7en maintains an adamant belief that he should not lipsync during his live performances.


Additionally, Se7en is known for his dance moves. His dance style, like his vocals, can also be described as "leaning more towards freestyle" rather than heavy choreography. Some dance techniques he sports during live performances are gliding, popping of the chest, various one-handed handstands, swipe, and kicks. His signature handstand, which he executes during his "Come Back to Me" performances, is the Nike. Most recently, he has been executing the gainer and the pike (see breakdance) during his "I Know" performances.


Main article: Se7en discography

Korean Albums

Just Listen (Volume 1) (1st full-length Korean album)

* Released: March 8, 2003
* Producer: YG
* Chart position: #4 KOR Monthly, #10 KOR Year-End (2003)
* Sales: KOR: 212,317
* Singles: 와줘.. (Come Back To Me), 한번 단 한번 (Once, Just Once), Baby I Like You Like That

Must Listen (Volume 2) (2nd full-length Korean album)

* Released: July 13, 2004
* Producer: YG
* Chart position: #1 KOR Monthly, #16 Year-End (2004)
* Sales: KOR: 161,880
* Singles: 열정 (Passion), 문신 (Tattoo)

24/Se7en (3rd full-length Korean album)

* Released: March 8, 2006
* Producer: YG
* Chart position: #1 KOR Monthly, #8 KOR Year-End (2006)
* Sales: KOR: 108,381
* Singles: 난 알아요 (I Know), 와줘 Part 2 (Come Back To Me Part 2), 밤새도록 (All Night)

Se7olution (4th full-length Korean album)

* Released: November 1, 2006
* Producer: YG
* Chart position: #10 KOR Monthly, #23 KOR Year-End (2006)
* Sales: KOR: 52,362
* Singles: 라라라 (La La La), 잘할게 (I Will Do Well)

Korean Singles

* Crazy - (2004.12.01) - 1st Commercial Korean digital single
* 747 - (2007.6.29) - digital single

Japanese Albums

* First SE7EN (2006.03.08) #15 Oricon Weekly Chart (Total sales: 18,710)

Japanese Singles

* Hikari (光) (2005.02.23) #28 Oricon Weekly Chart (Total sales: 16,412)
* Style (2005.05.18) #10 Oricon Weekly Chart (Total sales: 16,426)
* Start Line (スタートライン) / Forever (double A-side single) (2005.10.19 )
* I Wanna... (2006.09.13) #10 Oricon Weekly Chart (First week sales: 9,265)
* Aitai (会いたい) (2007.03.28) #10 Oricon Daily Chart, #17 Oricon Weekly Chart (Total sales: 8,039)
* Ari no Mama (ありのまま) (2007.07.04) #5 Oricon Daily Chart, #11 Oricon Weekly Chart (Total sales: 11,284)
* Kimi Dake ni (君だけに) (2008.01.23) First Japanese Digital Single


* 2003 November 27 : Music Video Festival - New male Artist Music Video Award
* 2003 December 5 : SBS The 18th Golden Disc - New Artist Award
* 2003 December 10 : KMTV Korean Music Awards - New Male Vocalist Award
* 2003 December 12 : MTV Korea Seoul Music Awards - New Artist Award
* 2003 December 29 : SBS Popular Song Awards - New Singer Award
* 2003 December 29 : MBC Entertainment Awards - Pop Singer Section - Special Award
* 2003 December 31 : MBC Top Ten Vocalist Awards - New Vocalist Award
* 2004 December 2 : SBS The 19th Golden Disc - Main Award + Popular Music Video Award
* 2004 December 4 : & KM Music Video Festival - Male Solo Vocalist Award
* 2004 December 30 : KBS Korea Pop Award - Main Award
* 2004 December 31 : MBC Top Ten Vocalist Award - Main Award
* 2005 May 28 : Channel V Thailand Awards - Asian Sensation Award
* 2006 January 14 : China Original Music Ranking Chart SPRITE Awards - Best Artist in Asia
* 2006 March 9 : Japan Golden Disc - Special Award
* 2006 May 6 : MTV Asia Awards - Favorite Artist Korea
* 2006 May 27 : MTV Video Music Awards Japan - Best Buzz Asia from Korea
* 2006 December 1: MTV Korea 16th Seoul Music Awards - Best Video Award - 난 알아요
* 2006 December 29: SBS Gayo Daejun - Top Artist Award (Bonsang)
* 2007 August 21: Summer Break 20's Choice - Best Male Artist Award

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Yang Hyun Seok, “We are not trying to rake up issue on news of Se7en’s advance into America”,
Tuesday July 29, 2008 Korea

representative of YG Entertainment announced on 29th July that news of Se7en’s advance into the American market is not just for the sake of raking up news and issue.

The representative explained, “From our previous announcement regarding Se7en’s news, fans have started to complain and protest. There was also internal conflict within YG.”

Yang Hyun Seok said, “We hope that everyone will not believe that we have intentionally leaked out the news to the press. The thing is Se7en has already ended his activities in Korea and Japan, and these activities will help him in his advance into the American market. We are not trying to make up some issue through here.”

He also added, “Se7en is advancing humbly into the the American market. Do understand this.”

Se7en just had his preview party and showcase in Los Angeles not long ago, and will be concentrating in his activities in America. News on his return to Korea are not confirmed at the moment

source: kbites
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"Se7en speaks out!"
Monday August 5, 2008 Korea

Se7en finally spoke out after he and YG Ent. were bombarded by accusations from fans and netizens saying that Se7en's venture into the U.S. was all just for show....or a poor bluff. He chronicles his life from a young boy to a famous Asian artist who has finally come to the States to fulfill his dream. The lengthy autobiographical promo clip brings greater admiration for Se7en and a wistful hope that he may reach the elusive American Dream. Good luck and don't give up, Se7en!

Released 05.08.08 @ RQM (OfficialSe7en): Se7en Promo Video & English Message:

source: shenyuepop
credit: [email protected]
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KPOP Star Se7en came out of hiding recently and posted up a new promotional video where he speaks in english. His english pronunciation was surprisingly pretty good, and it seems he's improving in that area rapidly.

The video doesn't give you much, Se7en just basically talks about his ventures into America thus far and how when he was young Michael Jackson was... "wow." I hope he doesn't feel that same way about Michael Jackson now.

Earlier this week, Se7en was also on BET J (BET Jazz) briefly talking with Brian Mcknight about Se7en covering Mcknight's songs at one of his concerts. It's too bad that only a handful of people have BET J or even know that channel exists, but it's better than nothing.

source: allkpop
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Duplicate Thread

[Kpop] Se7en

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"YG Message (29 Jul 2008) - Taeyang, Big Bang and Se7en"

Message from YG [2008.07.29]

Hello. Bows. This is Yang Hyun Suk.

Today, i'll be talking about bigbang's album in detail
and other news i haven't been able to share with you.

Taeyang's solo activity has ended last week.
I'm sorry for disappointing the fans who were waiting for his second-title song.
I've learned a lot through Taeyang's solo activitiy and earned a lot of experience
so i'm hopeing that we can do it again next year.

Since Taeyang's solo was such an amazing stage,
we feel burdened to make Bigbang's comeback even better.

Manias...Hyung's, nuna's... fans... artists.... even yg family members...
why is it that we all admire taeyang?
his dancing, his singing, his performance, his body, his eyes??? haha

I believe that there is no one reason
but there is a special feeling about taeyang that is hard to express in words.

While watching Taeyang's solo concert,
it also felt as if I was watching a world wide singer perform.

Taeyang or Dong Young-Bae has improved so much as he became 21...
Like how he always wanted...
I hope he can become successful and go world wide.
Of course, I'll always support Taeyang.

I felt so bad that Taeyang didn't get to do a second-title song
so i've edited two clips from taeyang's concert
one is [MY STORY] and the other is [PRAYER] performance
(continuing on with Yang ssa's amateur editing skills from taeyang's practice clip)
Enjoy ^^

Taeyang's concert was filmed with a HD camera and will be made into a DVD. ^^
(release date not available yet)

3rd mini album STAND UP

Bigbang's mini album [Stand Up] release date has been moved back
from Aug. 1, to Aug 8. T T

This was not intended
but it'll come out same day as the first day of Olymics (08.08.08).
another funny fact is that Bigbang's leader G-Dragon
was born when 88 Olympic started Aug 18, 1988.
There are too many eights to say that it was not intended, right? haha

It was hard to make this album because of the love bigbang received before.
Bigbang's [LIE] and [LAST FAREWELL] has topped the charts for six months
so we were burden to make this album even better.
But through the efforts of all the Bigbang members and the 'alien' producer G-Dragon,
we are very happy with the results.

Even though it was a big hit,
there were a lot of talks about the song [LIE] T T
so we thought 'If that kind of rumor is going to spread, why not just work with the person who they thought we copied'
so we produced with (DAISH DANCE)
and as a result, we produced a song called [HARU HARU].

[HARU HARU] is a 'shibuyakay' genre produced by 'DAISH DANCE',
and melody, rap, and lyrics written by G-Dragon.
The fast rhythm of the piano is really addicting
and it feels continued from the song [LIE]
but since the lyrics and the melody gives the song a sad mood, it gives more of a sensuous impression.

For the title song [HARU HARU] music video, producer Cha Eun-Tek who produced [LIE] will be doing it...
and the music video for [OH MY FRIEND] contributed by 'NO BRAIN'
will be done by producer Suh Hyun-Sung who produced Taeyang's [PRAYER].
Both music videos will be released Aug. 8th.

It was a different experience
working with 'DAISH DANCE' and 'NO BRAIN'
Bigbang's not a group who goes with one genre
so we are planning to work with other singers of various genre
in the future.

Other than the title song [HARU HARU] and [OH MY FRIEND],
i believe that [HEAVEN] will be a hit too, also produced with DAISH DANCE.

We are debating on whether or not to have [HEAVEN] as second title song
or to release another mini album around october.
I'll have to think this over.

Bigbang's first performance will be Aug. 10th at ' SBS INKIGAYO'.
(since MBC music core on the 9th is a filmed beforehand stage, we're not able comeback then)

bangee's~ let's do it again~!! ^^

Track list
2. HARU HARU ( title song )
3. HEAVEN ( possible second-title song )

Since I forgot to leave a news about SE7EN last time,
SE7EN fans have been upset
and an article about YG favoring was posted T T ^^

As the fans always say...
YG is weak when it comes to dealing with the press/ media...
but i hope you guys realize that sometimes, we do what we do knowingly.

SE7EN's album in America...
I just wanted to clerify that we are not doing this
just so that it will help SE7EN as a singer in Korea...
We are taking every step carefully so please be patient.

There are many artists coming back so I feel that the music industry will have a good year.

Today (29th) my best friend Seo Taeiji is making a comback ^^
Even after being in the same group as him,
he's a friend who I helped promote his last album album too
so i'm excited about what new type of music and style he will bring this time.
I'll for sure visit his first performance on-air
because I know he will be very unfamiliar with broadcasting places.

I'll have to go now. I'll come back next time with other info i did not cover today.
Until then, Goood Byeee~~ Bows!

2008. 07. 29.
Yang Hyun Suk
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