Initial D Extreme Stage
Posted 8/6/08 , edited 8/6/08
Booyah anyone? Delete this if its a copy, but i saw nothing on it... So either the hidden topic is hiding from me, or noone knows. Initial D Extreme stage is going to be released for the PS3 sometimes soon, I think japanese release is already official, but western will probly half to wait. The games pretty much a port of arcade stage 4 which if you want to buy the actual arcade version, you will half to fork up around 100 grand. So anyone who loves wasting away there hard earned cash at the arcade, will now be able to do it for one PS3 payment, and using the PS3's power, it looks just as nice as the arcade version. PROOF ---- --- You might want to check the high quality option. Anyways like I said, if there is a thread about this, im tragicly sorry, as i couldnt find one, if not, CHEERS to all you fans, I know i am buying a PS3 practically just for this. Oh yeah, there 1 video on this game on CR that I saw, but this is more of a direct source for finding out about it if you dont know
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