Post Reply V-Day Duet March 08 (it's late, just want to share.. ignore this if you already read it..^^)
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Posted 8/6/08 , edited 8/7/08
credits to~> smalltownsburns @ LJ

Yamada Ryosuke x Chinen Yuri = LOVE experience

Yamada: There’s always a whole another mood on Valentines days.
Chinen: Yeah. When I arrive at the school in the morning everyone is all restless and not settled down. Also, many people stay after school even though they don’t have anything to stay in the class room for.
Yamada: I didn’t like such a vibe so I usually went home right away. I just think, you can confess to someone on other days, too.
Chinen: Wait. Didn’t you say you wanted a proper anniversary days?
Yamada: Like coming-of-age day, I want to do a proper anniversary for something I did for myself. But, on Valentines Day, you are the one waiting and you can’t do anything.
Chinen: Boys can confess, too.
Yamada: No way. Actually, I don’t have anyone I like. First of all, Valentines Day for people who doesn’t have anyone crushing on is a rather a sad day. It’s a day I quietly eat chocolates I get from my mother and my older sister.
Chinen: What? You can get chocolates from the family?! I’ve only gotten from friends from school and my neighbors.
Yamada: We both don’t enjoy Valentines Day…
Chinen: If you were to get a real chocolate, how would you want to be received?
Yamada: By hands. I want it in a way she can send her true feelings. I think I’ll be happier if there was a letter or something.
Chinen: A letter? Why not through mail?
Yamada: No, her true feelings won’t be sent. Like a letter of appreciation, if you want to send your true feelings, it’s definitely through letters.
Chinen: I only thought just receiving them was good enough… Thanks, I learned something!
Yamada: By the way, did you know today’s theme was “Our homemade date”?
Chinen: What? Date? Then, why are we wearing camouflage?
Yamada: I was questioning that myself but while talking to you, I think I’m starting to understand why. Isn’t it because we have no experience in love, right?
Chinen: ?
Yamada: As long as we can make progress, I think it means “nothing ventured, nothing gained” (laughs).
Chinen: Wha~t! I don’t want to venture.
Yamada: Can you think of a date plan that will actually work?
Chinen: Yeah. Going out somewhere.
Yamada: Where?
Chinen: …. Where ever she wants to go.
Yamada: You aren’t thinking about it by yourself (laughs)
Chinen: Fine, what about you?
Yamada: If it was the girl I like then, I think just being with her is fun.
Chinen: Is that how it is?
Yamada: I suppose (laughs). I think going somewhere we can both enjoy is my ideal date.
Chinen: Where exactly is that?
Yamada: I want to play outside. Like an amusement park or a park. What we do doesn’t matter.
Chinen: Then, I’ll show her acrobatics that I’m good at and she’ll be in charge of being my assistant!
Yamada: That’s…. I think it’ll be great at first but as time passes, I think it’ll be tough for both of you guys~ because it’ll be cold out (laughs).
Chinen: Fine, we’ll go see Ohno kun’s one man show.
Yamada: Oh, me too. I want to go see (Domoto) Koichi kun’s stage show. Wait, that’s more of where we want to go rather than dates. You have to plan something that’s considerate of the other person, too.
Chinen: What about going to whomever’s house and play with toys?
Yamada: Wow, you just stepped up a notch all a sudden. There’s many kinds of toys, what kind of toy is Chinen going to play with?
Chinen: Air gun ♪
Yamada: Yeah, and her heart is the target… Wait a minute! There’s no use shooting at each other!
Chinen: It doesn’t hurt because it’s an air gun.
Yamada: I don’t think that’s the problem… Are you sadistic by any chance?
Chinen: What? (smiley)
Yamada: Oh well. I want to invite her to my room. If I go to her house, I’ll be nervous and I don’t think I’ll enjoy the time there.
Chinen: But, wouldn’t you want to play games you usually play if it was in your room?
Yamada: Not at all. A girl came over just to see me. We’ll watch TV or DVDs or talk on and on. As we do all that, it’ll be like “Oh, it’s already 8 o’clock?!”
Chinen: Being alone without games or toys… I think I’ll be silent because it’ll be really awkward.
Yamada: In the end, we couldn’t even make a date plan or anything… But, there’s nothing we can do about it. We are inexperienced about everything when it comes to love.
Chinen: Then, shall we ask BEST?
Yamada: Hmm, I don’t know about that. I’m afraid they’ll come up with childish plans.
Chinen: Yeah, you’re right.

*whuah! yamada invite me in your room! *evil laughs*

credits to~> smalltownsburns @ LJ

anyways, if you want to read other's parts.. just clickkie this linkie~> :
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Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/7/08
lool! chii's like a kid!!! kyaa~! haha! thanks for sharing, jinel-san! XD
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Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/7/08
jinel-nee-chan's the one doing all the posting works while we're away, naa~

arigatou gozaimasu!
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Posted 8/8/08 , edited 8/8/08
waheeh~!! you're welcome jally-san and welle-nee-chan!!^__________^
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Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/13/08
heehee u can invite me to ur room ><3333
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