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Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/7/08
If you're wondering what happened to the old services, they replaced it with a new one just about expensive :X

Now, Premium Package is 9,900 a month with many changes.

Features on this New Package.

1) 2x Bank Inventory

2) Bank sharing between Characters

3) Personal Shop

4) Use of Bags

5) Guild Creation and Management

6) Use of Housing

7) Nao's B-day Gift

8) Nao's 20 B-day Gift

9) Use of Various Gestures

10) 10% exp boost (as if cutting exp needed to level by 2.5 is not enough)

11) No Camping Penalty

12) Revive in Town with no exp loss

13) Daily Advanced Items

So if you don't have this Premium Package, above benefits are not applied to you.

-As of August 1st, KR Mabinogi has changed it's Terms of Use

So that 'every items within Mabinogi are property of Nexon'.

This basically means (in theory) Nexon can delete any user's item and that user cannot say anything.

Nexon does not have any responsibility to recover user's item under any condition.

I'll post the cash shop thing later
I lost the stuff i was about post because i clicked the back button o_o
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