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Post Reply What is the most EVIL thing you have ever done?
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Posted 9/21/08 , edited 9/21/08
well...the evilest thing i did was when we went camping i noticed there was an ant hill close to where we were...and my older brother pissed me off a few times while we were driving over to the camp site thingy and so i put a half way melted chocolate under my brothers pillow at night.....

.lol in the morning i woke up to my brothers scearms!!!!!
the ants were all over his sleeping bag biting him!!!!
the awsome part of it is no one knew it was me until now!!!
Posted 10/22/08 , edited 10/22/08
I bite someone and they were bleeding...
Posted 11/29/08 , edited 11/30/08
ii told the teacher that today we had a quiz while i had to sign out for a meeting XD ahahahaa~~ the class took it X3
Posted 2/10/10 , edited 2/10/10
i pushed my sister from a high place and she couldn't walk 4 a week ...

Posted 2/10/10 , edited 2/11/10
Ah well the most evil thing i've done well hmm there is alot but a particular one is when i was played for a guy. i thought of only but vengence and decided to have fun. i took away my bf's fone and sent everyone from my contacts and everyone from his a nude pic of him. and the forwarding message says "fuck me, i'll be waiting at my house for you" i gave everyone the address and well the funny part is that some ppl actually showed up *smiles*
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