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Posted 11/24/07 , edited 11/24/07
This is just a random topic where people boast about how much they know about a character.

I'll started with..... Hmmmm.... Hayama Akito

He always hated his life. He hated it because he killed his mother. His sister is like a retard and always kick him out of the house before he met Karata Sana, a girl in his school. Akito was so powerful, he can knock out anybody with a punch. He used boys as objects and used them in class time so they don't have to do any work.

Well I hope there aint any spoilers. ^^

Now people... BOAST AWAY!
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Posted 11/26/07 , edited 11/27/07
well akito didnt really kill his mother she new she would die if she had him!! but she did it anyway!! thats real love!! willing to give your life for that person means you truly love them!!
Posted 11/29/07 , edited 11/30/07
hmmmmmmmm.......Sana? lol. she had like a very weird life...can put it that way bc i dont wanna spoil she has her own Tv show. she has her mom...a book writer..and i dunno cant think of what to put lol sooo haha
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Posted 12/6/07 , edited 12/6/07
Um......Naozumi Kamura
he is same as kurata sana is orphan , child actor and in ♥ wit sana.....

and also hayama akito sis
hayama natsumi
she alway call akito devil bcuz when their mother give birth to akito she dead even she noe but sana has a show tat has a same bg story and she show it to the family due to tat natsumi stop calling akito devill and being nice to her
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Posted 5/2/08 , edited 5/3/08
Sana Kurata!

She's adopted by Misako Kurata, her dad was actually an actor she worked with, though both never knew they were father and daughter. Her real dad's name was Takeshi Gojo, He had Sana with Sana's real mom, Keiko Sekai. Sana has a younger sister, Keiko's daughter, named Mariko. Mariko never knew that Sana was her sister. Sana later falls in love with Akito (duh) but gets depressed when she finds out that he was dating Fuka. Sana's birthday is on March 7, best known for her work on Child's Toy,
Posted 5/8/08 , edited 5/8/08
hayama akito...
he's misunderstood for a bad person...he cant tell people how he feel but hes still cool!!!
Posted 4/30/09 , edited 4/30/09
Sana Kurata!

Shes about 11 years old in the beggining of the series ^^ Adopted by Misako Kurata. But she does know her real mom. She is Very energetic and outgoing girl who doesnt think before she acts A very dense person who doesnt understand 'somebody's' feelings for her, untill near the end In season two she gets a lot of mixed feelings about others :]

and im to lazy to say more
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