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Note : krub is the ending phrase, used by polite guys.

When talking about summer, what do you think of ?

G : “Sunglasses krub. I usually like to wear sunglasses 'cause they protect my eyes from sunlights and flashes. And another thing is the Sunblock cream.”

M : “Nam-Kang Sai (grinded ice with Hales Blueboy). It can relieve me from the hot weather. I also like red beans with red Hales Blueboy. It can also be the lemon flavoured icecream.”

How do you get relieved in the hot weather?

G : “Go swimming krub. I'm pretty good at the free-style. I also like to do snorkelling."

M : “To tell you the truth, I like to stay home, turn on the air-conditioner and eat Nam-Kang Sai krub. (haha) But sometime I go swimming too.”

What style of cloth you like to wear in the summer?

G : “T-shirt and big shorts. I need a sweater too 'cause it's rather cold in the record company's building. And I usually add a necklace.”

M : “A tank top with trousors or short. I don't fussy about branding. I like to shop at MBK krub.”

Have you ever read Cawaii! before ? What do you think ?

G : “I've seen the Thai edition. Lots of cute girls.. hehe...I like to see pretty things krub.”

M : “I've seen both the Thai and Japanese edition. It's very saucy and trendy.”

You've been to Japan. What do you impress ?

G : “I'm impressed with fashions, technology and food krub. I like the tonkatsu curry & ramen. I still go eating that a lot while here in Bangkok. My choreonographing coach who is Japanese often brings me to Japanese restaurant. I also like Harajuku and Shibuya which are where teens hang out. But I didn't shop much. A normal T-shirt at thousands baht, I didn't think I could buy it so I just took a look. (haha).

Translator's note : Wow...these are good boys indeed. Mind you...Golf & Mike come from a very rich family in Thailand. But as long as I've come to know them, they're both very down to earth. ^^

M : “I like Japanese food very much krub. I can eat anything!! I especially like puddings. And if I've got a chance, I'd like to go to the onsen (taking hot bath) but definitely not the mix onsen (several people in the same onsen.) I rather go to the separated room. Hot-bathing with P'Golf ? No way. (Ha ha).^^

If you were to take a girl to the beach, you would you say to her ?

G : “Go to the beach with me.”

M : “Let's go to the beach. You can take some friends to go together 'cause it will be fun.”

What is your mobile's wallpaper and your ringtone ?

G : “A pic of me taken with fanclubs. It was taken when I was doing promotions in the south. At that time, I was in a van and lots of fans cheered outside so I took a picture of myself and fans. My ringtone is the song, "Ya Len Bab Nee" krub.

M : “Mine is a pic of lights that I took while in the van. I think it looks like a toad so I took a picture. As for my ringtone, it's just a normal ringing sound krub.”

Favourite dishes while taking lunch at school ?

G : “I like rice stuffs such as beefed on rice.”

M : “I like stuffs that are easy to eat such as burgers, chicken or fish steaks krub.”

What do you think you were reincarnated from ?

G : “Don't know... But I must had done a lot of good things 'cause I've got a lot of lucks in this life (haha)

M : “Cat krub....'cause I like cats... hehe

People often say your face look like what ?

G : “frog"

M : “girl”

Between Golf & Mike, who do you think is more good-looking ?

G : “Mike krub 'cause fans call for Mike all the time. I'm a bit sad though but I couldn't say it. (h h h T_T)"

M : “P'Golf krub 'cause he's more popular among fanclubs. Anyway, it depends on people's own tastes. I'm not sad about that at all..(h h h...T_T) “

If you were to learn a martial art, what would you like to learn ?

G : “Something that can break arms and legs like Kapoela (sp?). I think mixing the dancing with martial art is kinda cool."

M : “I like to learn any martial arts at all krub. I'd like to learn a lot since I've got a lot enemies (haha)."

Translated by chihiro.
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Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/8/08
haha kinda funny n I like it cuz I can find out more about them!!
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