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Which one do u like the best
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Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/11/08
ok, so it's about time we had a new avatar for the group.So i got to work and i made 2.(possible) new avatars for the group. I need your help in choosing which one will be the months new avatar.
This will go on for a max of 2 weeks--- date will change ---- So remember to get ur votes in!!!

The examples:

This is the first one.
It's Lelouch and he's finally the king!! All hail Lelouch!!!
oh wait that's only a dream!!
Oh well,!!

It's lulu again, but this time with his Zero outfit on!!!
With a quote that will take his plan of action into full swing!

and while ur at it tell me what i think of this banner

well i hope you liked the aviis
if you would like to give some feedback i would love to hear from you. If you think i should go back and re- edit some of em then just tell me , I'm more then willing to make some changes!
and if u didn't like any of the picture upload ur own and i'll make an avatar out of it!!! Thanks for ur time!!

The contest is over and we have a winner!!!
Thanks for all the ppl who voted!!!!!
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26 / F / beside your heart
Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/8/08
I like the banner and the second avii!
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Home of Northern...
Posted 8/8/08 , edited 8/8/08
Me too! I like the second avii. The banner looks so good!
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26 / F / to a place you ca...
Posted 8/8/08 , edited 8/8/08
The second looks so cool, and the banner look great as well
Black Knight
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26 / M / a.t.b. 2010 time...
Posted 8/8/08 , edited 8/9/08
i agree wif everyone else..the second one PWNS!!!
Posted 8/9/08 , edited 8/9/08
i like secound avi and the banner they both really good
Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
HELLO there ^^ me the new mod . .so heres my suggest for the avi group ^^ ~

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