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Posted 8/8/08 , edited 8/8/08
Render Placement Tutorial
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1. First of all we need a background. I decided to use this one:

2. Now open a render you want to use (File > Open). Because I got a abstract background (bg) I need an image that fits well. First thing we need to do is place it in the right spot on the bg. Not to small, not to bir either. Here an example of a good placed render.

3. If you place the render on the top of the bg like above it will look good. It's googd space filling and clearly the headtheme of the entire signature you are making. The result will be something like this:

4. Now we need to maki it one with the background and get rid of the hard outlines of the render. There are different ways to do this. Let's start with a simple one.

5. Motion blur blending:

Copy the Render layer (Ctrl + J). If you did this right you got 2 of the same layers now. Select the first one (Below the copied render layer) and go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Use the following settings:

Angle: 0
Distance: 40-50 pixels

In my example I used an Angle of -45 because I have some 45 lines in my bg. This wil make it look more nicely. After we did this set the 2nd render layer (top layer) to overlay. Hit ctrl + U and set the saturation untill you got a nice color. The result will be something like this:

6. Gaussian blur blending:

In this 2nd example we make a gaussian blur. We also need a 2nd copy of the render, so select the render layer again and hit ctrl + J. Select the bottom render layer and go to FIlter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Set radius to: 2.0 pixels

Again set the top render to overlay. This time we also gonna change the layer opacity to 80% and the fill to 60%. Hit ctrl + U to change the saturation.
Your image should look like this now:

8. Now go to Select > Feather (Alt + Ctrl + D) and set the Feather radius to 15 pixels. You notice a slight change of your selection. Now hit Del 1 or 2 times. Now you got a very nice blended image like the one below:

9. All we need to do is get a nice fiting background color, some text and your sig is finished.

10. Here is a sample of the final result (I used the Motion Blur Technique):

Good luck trying and I hope I made a usefull tutorial with this one.

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