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Posted 8/8/08 , edited 8/8/08

fringyfern wrote:

(c) fringyfern

nya..first we need to make a new image window

the size is up to you :3

now,make a new layer

then fill it with color using paint bucket

make another layer for the brush X3

now choose the brush that you want
me got lots of brusheys and I choose floral by summerAIR

now pick a color that would stand out from the background

make sure that the brush layer is selected

nya..then make your design

you may make another brush layer :3

now lock the transparent pixels of the brush layers

choose the gradient tool and pick the two color you want to use

then just drag the mouse in the direction you want ;3

it will turn out like this:

do the same to the other one

then there you have it nyaa..

you can use other bg too X3

nyaaa..gomene for the ugleh pics..I think you can produce better pics than these X3

ps i didn't make this hope it helps
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