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What Character Are You?

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Posted 12/18/08 , edited 12/19/08
Here's my first test:

You are Louise
you are incredibly noble and a bit of a hot head you may yell and become violent from time to time but you are truly kind inside

"This is a first, my test result and my fave character... the same"

The second test is kinda confussing!?:

Your Result

apparently you are doing up her buttons, you are Saito! You are a living weapon in love with Louise and like girls with big boobs!
Louise:Stupid dog! Pervert!

"This is kinda... fun, Taking the test again in different combos"
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Posted 7/28/09 , edited 7/29/09

You are Tabitha
you are a bit quiet but you are incredibly brave and strong...
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