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Posted 8/8/08 , edited 8/9/08

Episode 01: Superior Smile * Twin Princesses
Episode 02: Flame Kingdom * Prominence On An Empty Stomach
Episode 03: Dragon Extermination * It's Impossible?
Episode 04: Wonderful Decor * Do Your Best
Episode 05: This Time's a Victory * Princess Party
Episode 06: We Want to Know By Fortune Telling * Eclipse's Secret
Episode 07: Return to the Castle! * Dig Here, Rabirabi
Episode 08: Gorgeous Deciding Factor * Decor Fight
Episode 09: Jewelry Kingdom * Smells of Toy Town
Episode 10: Let's Make Sweets * Princess Party
Episode 11: Magical Training * Becoming More Wonderful Princesses
Episode 12: Seed Kingdom * Small Trouble
Episode 13: Sca~ry Forest * Heart-throbbing Experience
Episode 14: Poomo's Training * Quarreling Twins
Episode 15: Moon Kingdom * Mysterious Invitation
Episode 16: Milky's Big Pinch * Eclipse's True Character
Episode 17: Burning Sports! * Princess Party
Episode 18: Windmill Kingdom VS Jewelry Kingdom * Balloon Battle
Episode 19: Water Drop Kingdom * Milro's Getting Married!?
Episode 20: Sea of the Shooting Stars * The Kingdom No One Knew About
Episode 21: Haunted House * Scream Prominence
Episode 22: Conceited Altessa * No, a Crisis

Episode 23: Seed of Fate * Friendly Princesses!?
Episode 24: Windmill Kingdom * Taking the Luces is No Good

Episode 25: Locust Surprise * Princess Party
Episode 26: Trouble, Trouble * We Can't Use Prominence

Episode 27: Black Poomo * Fortune Princess

Episode 28: Current Fortune * It's So Amazing

Episode 29: Cheer Up * Altessa

Episode 30: Water Drop Kingdom * Fake Twin Princesses!?

Episode 31: Treasure Map * Dig, Dig, and Roll it Up

Episode 32: Do Your Best, Tio * Flame Kingdom Samba Festival

Episode 33: Boomo Boomo Boomo * Poomo Poomo Poomo
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Posted 8/8/08 , edited 8/9/08
Episode 34: Shine! Rainbow Springs * Milro's Wish

Episode 35: Close Call! * Princess Summit

Episode 36: Dark Bright * Stormy Princess Party

Episode 37: Search for the Seven Treasures * Secret of the Grace Stones

Episode 38: Secret of the Windy Valley * Sophie's Treasure
Episode 39: Pearl-chan's Prayer * Christmas Miracle
Episode 40: First Smile * Flaming Performance
Episode 41: Exploding Baby * Child Care Diary
Episode 42: Get the Full Moon Herb! * Save Moon Maria
Episode 43: Miracle Circus * Fly! Nacchi
Episode 44: Aim for the Victory * Shall We Dance?
Episode 45: You Can't Come to the Party!? * Maze with a Puzzling Refusal
Episode 46: To Go or Not to Go? * An Invitation From Bright
Episode 47: Sudden Change * Prince of Darkness
Episode 48: The End of the Story * Boomo Falls In Love!?
Episode 49: Everyone's Hearts * Reach Bright!
Episode 50: Great Extremity * Black Crystal
Episode 51: Final Prominence * Princesses Never Give Up!
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Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/20/08
Episode 51: fine and rein cry with pumo and princess grace says good bye. then they have a princess party which is the last one . the princes and princess are talking blah blah. fine and rein are late. they come barging in the room and fine trips on her dress hem and pulls rein down with her. bright and shade walk up and stick up their hands. and fine and rein accepts them, then everybody claps and pumo" they both found good princes.''REIN AND BRIGHT DANCE AND TALK, shade and fine dances but then fine runs off for cake. then she finds out that the people from the ocean are here too. she and rein make everybody hold hands and spin around.
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