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Posted 8/8/08 , edited 8/9/08
Most of the choices sucked. I hated that Call of duty 4 won best shooter, TF2 was clearly the best Shooter of 08 because of it's great balance and never ending playability. sigh
Im glad that Mass Effect won best RPG but it wasnt really the best RPG of 08. I mean it had MAYOR flaws like the Shepard's inability to display human emotion and the fact that the dialog was not really good, I played through the game and I came across this scene where I had the option to say "You son of a (you know what)" but when I picked it, he said something completely different and polite, Because the dialog was so broken and the main character dint show any emotion, it felt like playing with the same character through out your second play. I dont even feel like getting the achievement for that; witch leads me to my second rant about the fact that you cant change the race of your main character, I wanted to create an asari Living in thessia then gets recruited by shepard or something; or a krogan living on the citadel but no, that was really disappointing. Enough of mass effect, I hated that Halo3 won best game of the year because it was not, The game is very popular but it was not the best game of the year, specially because of it's 30 minutes play through. I know what you might be thinking, The multilayer is where the fun is at and it makes up for the short campaign mode but a game that's to be considered the best game of the year doesnt need any additional thing to back up it's "greatness" I thought Patapon was best RTS but so little people played it I don't think I'd even see a sequel (I want one, please!); The same goes for best rhythm game but The guitar hero franchise really did well so I cant argue. The only thing that I can remember being really pleased about was that the 360 won best console, I agree 100 percent, as long as the wii has friend codes and the PS3 has... wait, I'll get back to you on that one. as long as it stays like that, then the 360 will be victorious no matter what the charts sais, I think the wii can be the best if it stopped putting so much consideration on people's safety, I mean every 13 year olds that play SSBB also play halo3 and a chat room in halo3 is not the prettiest thing to listen to. What would make me suck nintendo's balls would be a legend of zelda MMO on the wii, That would be the most amazing thing ever, it would make sales go through the roof like there's no freaking tomorrow! and for the PS3... well, I'll wait for GOW3 to tell you if I care about it or not. anyway, that's me but what about you?

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