Can anyone send me these songs?
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Posted 8/9/08 , edited 8/9/08
To those who have any of these songs below in mp3 format, please send it to this email add: [email protected]

Reminder: Please send in the FULL version of it, and not the shortened one (those used for opening/ending songs and such)

>>Kekkaishi OP : ShaLaLa-Ayakashi Night
ED: Sekaijyuu Doko wo Sagashitemo
>>Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, A's, and StrikerS OP: Secret Ambition
Massive Wonders
Eternal Blaze
>>Shakugan no Shana OP: Hishoku no Sora

Posted 8/9/08 , edited 8/9/08
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