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Posted 8/9/08 , edited 8/9/08
Woot, today is Singapore's birthday. But I'm not patriotic, so that's the end of that commentary. Here're the picks:

- The Art of Seduction - Movie (K)
- Two Faces of my Girlfriend (K)
- Pretty In-Soon (K)
- Infinity Challenge (K)
- The Devil (K)
- Liar Game (J)
- G.P. 506 - Movie (K) (Horror)
- Booth - movie (J) (Horror)
- Kairo - movie (J) (Horror)
- Yaiji and Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims - Movie (J)
- Someone behind you - Movie (K) (Horror)
- University of laughs - Movie (J)
- Powerful Opponents (K)

It's longer than usual because I did leave this group unattended for a while haha. If you haven't noticed, I'm on a Korean 'spree' here. Special mentions of great shows are 'Kairo, University of Laughs, Powerful Opponents', 'Pretty In Soon'.

Kairo is the original of the American remake called Pulse, which totally hollywoodified the original, changing 70% of the aesthetic feel that the Japanese director wanted to portray.

You should be aware of the previous Y2K issue and the fears of the internet, being unknown and vast in nature. What lies behind the net, where anonymity is preserved, can we be sure of who we communicate with? With these in mind, the storyline is deep, and depending on how observant you are during the watching of this film, you can derive a satisfaction and it leaves a strong impression.

If you loved Pulse, you're a sucker for those loud, in your face, CG scares, bad and obvious soundtracks, storylines that leave nothing to the imagination, even if watch the last 10 minutes. Kairo needs time to chew on the details behind the film, uses minimalistic but deliberate camera work and plot twists. If you're looking for something that ends spectacularly with fireworks or boom, Kairo is not it. I suggest watching Kairo first, then Pulse.

University of Laughs is set in the 1940, which is approximately 5 years before the second world war that marked the end of the series of wars, and especially Japan's winning streak of conquering. During this particular period, Japan was importing Western elements into their culture, that started from Commodore Perry's arrival in Japan in 1853, breaking Japan's 200 year isolation on her own. Threatened by Western powers and the weapons, Japan finally opened her doors to outside influence. However, this period is definitely not a happy affair, since the conservative Japanese believe that their culture are superior and should not be forgotten.

This film kicks off with these circumstances. The opening shows a censorship board head quietly but firmly banning materials that are sensitive to the on going strife, rivalry and geopolitics, within and outside Japan. The movie actually talks deeper than simple humour, as is easily portrayed by the small cast of actors. Through excellent acting, and ingenious scripting by the film's scriptwriter and director, University of Laughs play out the exact two roles aforementioned, by a struggling comedy theatre scriptwriter and the censor officer, whose picky actions later resemble that of a director.

It succeeds without using conventional comedy tactics, which the film also makes special mention, such as 'word play' or 'puns'. Rather, the experience of watching humour being created is a special feeling, that can be enjoyed by serious or casual audience.

Pretty In Soon is a pretty different kdrama, compared to its predecessors of sob stories one after another. In Soon is a emotionally strong woman, who is released from prison for an accident that happened when she was in high school. This marked her as a murderer for life, and beginning of the drama, one can witness the indiscreet discriminating behaviour of employers.

In Soon works hard, really hard, and this strength does make one admire her for her determination. But even the toughest of man breaks down sometimes. What in soon goes after, is simply happiness. Her definition of happiness isn't difficult either. So why is her life so difficult? There is some elements to this drama, which is a little far fetched for reality, but at the end of it all, while it is a roller coaster ride for our heroine, at the root of it, she is still the simple woman searching for happiness. I loved one of the songs in the OST, which is very beautiful, sung by Chae Dong Ha (SG wannabe) - Uhn je gga ji na.

Previews (in order) below:
Those with links mean that the videos are not yet hosted here, but you can find other resources. Don't ask me. Use google.

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Posted 8/19/08 , edited 8/20/08
Ah, I'm glad your on a korean spree since I am too^^ I
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